Carnival of Myths and Make Believe

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  1. It was a warm summer evening. A crowd of people swarming about food booths, games and rides. You could hear music playing on speakers located perfectly through the carnival. Huge tents blowing around in the wind. Angie stood on the side, giving autographs and snapping photos with costumers. After a while it became second nature to Angie, her signature perfected.
  2. Kyoto was warming up, doing that basic mime trick-- pretending to be stuck in a tight sealed box. He had already painted his face white, along with striped clothing. He basically thought he looked like an idiot walking around with white paint on his face and stiped clothing in front of everyone, but he soon got used to it.
  3. Angie decided to walk around a bit, if she stayed in one stop she wouldn't be doing her job. She needed to tempt people into playing more games or trying out other rides. Maybe even coax them into going through one of their tents; you never knew what was in there until you came up. It was a mystery of what creatures you might meet. She waved to people as she saw them, giving them a big smile. "Welcome." She would say to some of them or "Hope you are having fun." Sometimes she would even dance around for them.
  4. "Jesus Christ.." He mumbled to himself, beginning to frown. He knew mimes weren't supposed to talk or speak, obviously. But he was practicing doing this all day long like he used to at home all the time. If he mimed for too long, it would eventually get boring for him. If he mimed for a short amount of time, he'd fear he wouldn't get any better at it. He sat to the side, trying to stall himself for a moment. He enjoyed miming, but it was rare to see him take breaks from it.
  5. Vergil was standing outside his tent sinking his teeth into an apple, his top hat was covering his eyes as he did not want to make eye contact with anyone he hated small talk.
  6. Angie was being followed by two guys. They were starting to get on her nerves but there was nothing she could do about it. If she did it would look bad on the carnival itself. She made a sigh and continued on with her job. The two guys seemed to be getting closer every time she stopped for another autograph.
  7. Vergil watched the two Angies father had paided him to watch over her in the carnival and if they laid a finger on her he was going to kill them
  8. Angie had stopped to take another picture, one for a young girl. When she had finished the two guys finally came up to her. "Hey." One of them said. Angie had to keep a smile on her face, although she really wanted to step on their feet and run away. "Hello." She said back cheerfully, "Would you like a picture or autograph maybe." She finished her sentence. The other guy smiled, "How about a date?" He said. Keeping the smile on her face, "No thanks." She said, "I don't date sane people." She turned to walk away. It was then that one of them put his hand on her shoulder.
  9. Kyoto looked up at the two guys. "Such idiots." He thought to himself, shaking his head. Then he spotted Vergil, clearing his throat, attempting to get his attention. He pointed to Angie and those two idiots.
  10. Vergil nodded seeing kyoto and followed the pair wondering what they were going to do.
  11. One of the guys pulled Angie back into his arms. Angie was shocked, she has had problems before but none have ever actually grabbed her. She tried to break free but the man's grip was too strong. "Who said you could say no." He said, the other guy just standing and laughing about everything. Her hat fell off her head and hit the ground, making a puff of dirt. "My hat!" Angie cried out, she loved her hat. She tried to reach for it but failed.
  12. Vergil leaped at the guy standing doing nothing and put a small but sharp knife to his throat "Leave her alone and i wont gut your friend"he said a snger flared up in his eyes
  13. The guy let Angie go. "Geez man." The guy said, he then ran away. The guy that Vergil had the knife to his throat gulped "Sorry man." He said and then slowly stepped away. He followed his friend after he was far enough away from Vergil. Angie looked at Vergil with a smile, "Thanks, Vergil." She said. She bent down and pick up her hat. She brushed it off and placed it back on her head. "There, that's better." She winked.
  14. "My pleasure i dont think they will be coming back any time soon" vergil said slipping the knife into his pocket and ajusting hsi bowler hat
  15. Anita strode from behind one of the tents, licking the last bead of blood from her bottom lip before coming into the throng of humans. She;s woken not long ago and the first thing she had done was procure breakfast for herself. The nice young gentlemen now sleeping behind the tent was kind enough to volunteer. The undead woman began to prowl towards the cages where the animals were kept. She was supposed to be playing with Simba tonight, if she remembered the schedule correctly. Red eyes fastened on the two guys scampering away from Angie and Vergil and snorted some. Humans the woman rolled her eyes before altering her route to make a wide loop around the event. It looked like the situation was handled anyways.
  16. Kyoto stood to his feet, once the two guys fled away in fear, then he chuckled some. "The talkative players usually chicken out, like those two. Tsk, tsk, tsk." He thought to himself, soon crossing his arms and shaking his head in complete disappointment.
  17. "Oh god really" vergil said looking up at the sky with a moaning tone in his voice, he gaze turned to Anita he nodded his head slightly as if to say morning but she was to far away.
  18. "Stupids." Angie began to say, "Why did they have to be so annoying, couldn't they have just left me alone?" She pouted a bit, she hated when she was disturb, she saw it as messing up her job. "And they're such babies. They fled fast."
  19. "Well they know better than to do that again" he said his eyes looking a wolfy yellow as the sun hit them
  20. "Yup!" Angie said happily. She waved to Anita as she went around. She then sighed, "Don't you have a show coming up some?"