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Hope Falls, U.S.A.
October 16, Present.

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The moon hung low in the sky over a small town called Hope falls, located north of the rockies. It sat just at the entrance of a huge valley surrounded by long, rolling hills and distant mountains. Hope falls is a very picturesque place, the kind of little town you might see on the back of a post card. It's not an overly large town, about 5 miles from one end to the other, but it is moderately populated with several thriving businesses and many new homes. In the far east corner of town there is a large victorian style church with a giant bell and high spires that curve up around it. Green grass grows throughout Hopefalls, but this time of year it turns a faded brown. Lining the many houses and small dwellings are white picket fences that seem to be connected entirely from one end of the town to the other. In the center is a park and a large lake with ducks and geese. It appears to be a very beautiful place to live…on the surface, but beneath the fresh coats of paint and spotless pavement lurked something dark and menacing.

At the west end of town is a cemetery, and behind it, the rural cemetery. This part of the cemetery has graves dating as far back as the mid 1700s. Most of the names on the oldest ones had word completely worn off, forgotten by time. No one visited that particular part of the cemetery. All the path ways through it had been over grown with vines and weeds. The grave keeper no longer maintains it and in all honesty, he is frightened to go back there. He feels the hair stand up on the back of his neck whenever he has to cross through it. It has an evil presents living within its ancient graves and crumbling crypts. Constant shadows are cast on even the sunniest days there, and any god fearing man -or women- would think twice before entering through its gates.

A wrath named Seth has made his home here, in the grave yard that time forgot, as it is the only place he can escape the populous. The only time he leaves is when he needs to feed or fulfill his other carnal needs. It has become a sanctuary for him. A place to hide from those that wish to bring his bloodlust to an end. For the past several years he has terrorized the small town of Hope falls, however he isn't the only one. There are many other beings that stake claim to this town. Often times, when they are not hunting the living, they are at war with each other; Fighting to gain complete control over the area.


As the moon peeked out behind some low lying clouds on this cold October night, The Wraith, Seth, sits a top an old tombstone. His hair hangs about his face in thick strands, almost completely covering his eyes. His skin is pale in complexion, but small peaks of red are visible just above his cheeks. He is dressed, as usual, in dark pants, a long black coat and a black scarf made of tightly woven fabric. He stars off into the night, he is hungry and needs to feed. It is almost midnight and the moment to strike will be soon. Seth could smell the weak and vulnerable miles away, and tonight the scent was strong. He slid his hand into is coat pocket and brought out a silver case containing some cigarillos. He took one out and placed it between his lips, biting the end slightly before striking a match. He pulled deeply and slowly, then inhaled, closing his eyes for just a moment before letting the smoke drift out if his mouth. It was a good night, and soon, Seth would have another Victim for his sick and twisted needs. Lately it seemed like a dam had broke, letting a rushing stream of dark thoughts fill his head. His time awake, from dusk till dawn, was more haunted than usual and his need to inflict pain was great. His last few victims were so torn up that the police had to turn to dental record to reveal their identities. Things were definitely getting more and more demented for an already demented mind.
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Werewolves. Filthy, slobbering, flesh-noming creatures that were sometimes more damned than vampires. Helaine hated them with a bad chip on her shoulder. Why couldn't there be -more- people and less supernatural scum? It was obviously a sign that there was something wrong on this Earth. As Helaine decapitated four beasties with one swipe of her silver-bladed sword, she ended up catching a nasty nail of one wolf who had been enraged at her assault of his clan. She hadn't seen him behind her, but she'd sensed him. The small 23 year old girl with long blonde hair usually kept in a pony tail and rather dark green eyes-, snarled in pain, but used it to her advantage. She kicked the werewolf who'd scratched her in the gut, using his stomach to back flip, just before letting her sword slice off yet another head for the night. Finally, after all the monsters were slain, she set a controlled fire to their remains and walked towards her own home.

She literally felt her feet -dragging- as she headed home. Helaine had one of those lives full of more activity than unwind time. She lived on energy drinks, no-doze pills and if she remembered, one meal a day. Dressed in all black, she blended in with the shadows easily enough, though any vampire near by could probably smell her 10 miles away. She didn't understand why, but for some reason, in spite of being a slayer, she had the blood that attracted lots of nasties. It was a catch-22. On the days she wanted to be left alone the most, she ended up having to fight for her life. But on the other hand, she was almost like the world's tastiest 'bait' known to man. Right now, she simply thought about bandaging -possibly stitching- her injured arm and making it home in mostly one piece. There was absolutely nothing glamorous about being a slayer. You got kicked around, hired assassins sent after you almost nightly, anyone close to you related or friends were guaranteed to be murdered (her family had died at the hands of vampires when she was young), and sleep was almost a joke. She sighed warily. On the other hand, she was a smarter slayer than most. In her own house she had an underground laboratory full of technology and all the tools she could ever want for every specific monster she'd possibly encounter. Staying a few steps ahead in this job was key to survival. Finally Helaine rounded another corner, almost two blocks away from her own home. She kept alert, just in case anymore surprises hit her that evening. She really hoped the rest of the night would be uneventful..... but knowing her luck? Not a chance.
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As the night swept across Hope falls, Seth moved with inhuman speed across the sky. Buildings and houses flew past below him at blurred speed. When Seth was airborne he felt, free, unleashed and powerful. Suddenly something stopped him dead in his tracks. In a split second he was on the ground, crouched and alert. He had caught a smell of something, something sweet and delicious. It was different than anything else within the vicinity of the city. It made his urge for blood rise to an uncontrollable level.

He started shaking slightly as he moved along the empty streets. He needed to find this person and feast. However, lately it had become more to Seth than just feasting. It had become something darker, an act of punishment on his victims. A brutal display of hate, violence and anger. He took pride in his work, the way he would sometimes leave those he fed from almost dead, writhing within inches of their lives. As the smell got closer, Seth blended into the shadows, hearing as the footsteps approached, and then struck, bringing his right hand down around his female victims neck and the other around her mouth as he drug her off into the shadows.
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Well Damn. Helaine certainly hadn't expected this surprise attack. She should have yes, but being this tired it was easier to catch her off guard. Not a good thing. But just as the vampire started dragging her away, she managed to pull out a sharp, elegant looking black-wooden stake. She caught the monster right under his chin in a very threatening manner. "Let go of me and back off and I might not kill you tonight." She said with an eerie glow in her eyes. She was never one for backing down in a fight. Or anything else for that matter. This vampire would soon realize she wasn't an easy target.
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Seth was caught off guard as he felt the blow to his chin. Whoever this chick was she definitely was tough, a fighter. This only made Seth want her more, not just for the blood that was flowing through her veins, but also as a play-thing. He wanted to beat the fight right out of her. In recent years, Seth's sadistic traits were definitely becoming more prominent in recent years.

Seth backed off for a moment, eying this women with a vicious intent. In her hand she held a stake.

"You crazy Bitch. That move might have just cost you more than you can afford to give." With a movement, almost unable to be seen, Seth Grabbed at her wrist twisting her arm around her back. If he pushed any harder it would no doubt snap.

"Are you gonna drop that, or am I going to have to get rough with you?"
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Ow. Well this wasn't any good at all! Helaine scowled darkly. Broken bones at this point wouldn't be pleasant. All she'd wanted was to go home, not deal with this psychopath vampire. She tightened her grip on the stake for a moment, refusing to be anything less than defiant. With her free arm, she swung up fast to catch Seth in the nose with her rather sharply pointed elbow. She planned on throwing him off balance first then taking him out. He was too dangerous to let him live. The world could deal with one less evil villain, and that was her job anyway- to keep the dark creatures' numbers down. So why did she have the unsettling feeling that she was just moments away from losing?
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The moon was high in the sky and casting a bluish-white glow on the streets. As Seth struggled for control he was jarred roughly by a elbow to the noes. His eyes watered up for a moment and he felt tingly in his face. He was thrown off balance for a moment, but quickly regained his composure. Seth was filled witha rage that was close to boiling over. He was done playing with this bitch, it was time to get serious. He made a fist and cocked it back, swinging hard across her face. He wanted her to bleed. As he struck his face contorted into a truly evil glare and his eyes went solid black.
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Down for the count. Helaine felt herself falling even before unconsciousness hit her in a rush. She bled severely from her forehead where he'd struck with enough force to equal a hammer through a nail in the wall. Before she lost consciousness entirely, she tried desperately to see if there was anyway out of this situation. Nope. not much even a slayer could do while in la-la land. She'd failed just once, and it cost her everything. She could only pray this beast would save her -some- dignity and drain her and leave her to die on the sidewalk. Then, moments later, she couldn't think at all.
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Besides the fact that she was unconscience, Seth noticed one other thing, she was also a slayer. He had to smile at this, as odd as it felt to him to actually smile at anything -THIS was worth the effort. Not only had he captured a beautiful victim, but she would suffer extra for the fact that she was a slayer as well. Seth kicked the stake she had away, mocking her efforts with another sharp kick to her ribs. Then he reached down and picked her up, within seconds they were air born, flying high above the town of Hope-Falls. Main street was directly below them, and to the north, the tallest building in town. It was an old clock tower, and the perfect place for Seth to begin 'playing with' his new toy.
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If Helaine hadn't already been so tired from such a long day and hunting previously, none of this might have happened to her. As it was, she didn't even feel herself being carried into the air, or taken to the tower. She didn't wake up at all for at least two hours. But when she did, she had to wipe blood from her eyes and her head throbbed madly. She sat up very slowly, trying to gather her thoughts and reflexes in case she had to fight for her life soon, or just plain run like hell. From the looks of things, she was beginning to wonder if she even -could- run. Where the hell was she? And the scarier question: What was going to happen to her?
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Despite carrying the girl in his arms, Seth made it across town to the tower with blinding speed. He touched down and dropped her to the hard concrete roof like a piece of meat. He looked down on her body, relishing the moment as he was about to strike. He lifted her head, by grabbing a fist full of her hair and stared onto her face. She was still out cold. He wanted her to be awake for this. He wanted her to taste every ounce of pain he was going to deliver to her. Something in him wanted this girl - this hunter to experience what he was going to do to her while awake. Seth would take more pleasure in that. So he dropped her head, and waited.

When she awoke, at least an hour later. Seth had taken off his jacket and was waiting , crouched down and watching with a sinful eye. In his hand was his belt, but this was not you average belt. It was thick leather and studded with sharp, steel spikes every four inches. In between the spikes were solid steel plates, they caught the moon light and reflected it like a mirror.

He approached her and again picked her up by her hair. Pulling it tight as he spoke.

"I do not care for hunters. As you can tell I am a creature of the night. So naturally, we are sworn enemies."

With that he unleashed his fury, swinging with force, watching as the belt slashed across her body. Over and over he struck her, until blood was flying away with the belt. Then he wrapped it around her neck, bringing his face close to hers. Staring into her eyes...and laughing.
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Helaine screamed in agony at the first blow of the spiked belt across her back. But she bit her lip hard, and refused to give that damnable vampire any glory of her suffering. She'd learned ages ago to bottle everything- even the most excruciating pain. Her body shuddered after the blows stopped, shocked by the agony it hadn't felt this badly in a long time. Worse, her injured arm throbbed, and she was on the verge of losing consciousness again. More than anything, she wanted a way out of this situation- even if it meant throwing herself off this building to her death!
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Over and over the belt fell against this girls skin. Seth began putting his full weight into each blow, giver her only a few seconds between strikes to recover. He lashed at her in a fury, one that was definitely compelled by the fact that he needed to feed. Seth continued beating his new plaything. Taking particular joy n the fact that she was a slayer. He was feeding on her helplessness, literally feeling glee at the fact that she was powerless, at the moment, to do anything. He cringed at the sight of her blood, he wanted it.

Seth growled and let out a deep laugh. "How tough are you now slayer?"

HE let the belt fly again, this time brutally hard, right across her face. A small splatter of blood hit his face. He licked a few drops off with his tongue and nearly lost control. He took a step back, he needed to pace himself.

This ordeal was far from over.
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Definitely not tough enough to deal with that-! She couldn't remember being beaten -this- badly before. Normally, she took out her enemies before they had the upper hand. But now, thanks to one mistake from her part tonight, she was actually going to be beaten to death by a spiked belt. The last blow across her face rendered her unconscious again. This time she made no effort to wake up. She didn't even want to see what would happen to her next. All she could do was silently hope he'd wear out of steam... he wouldn't beat her even unconscious, would he? Wait. Of course he would. Ah hell, she was probably going to be killed soon anyway!
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Seth watched as his victim lost consciousness again. He stopped for a moment to pull a black cloth handkerchief from his pocket. With it he wiped the blood that had splashed on his face. Before putting it back in his pocket he put it to his nose and inhaled deeply. A tingle ran through his body. Her blood had such an alluring sent, it was almost euphoric to Seth. At this point he decided to again start working her over, this time with the heel of his heavy boots. He stepped back and delivered a well placed kick to her midsection, feeling the air impact as his foot met with her stomach. Again and again he kicked, increasing his force until he had to step back and catch his breath. His mouth was parted slightly and a slight sweat had broken out above his brow.

For a moment he stepped away, looking out over the edge of the building, savoring the moment. He was about to feed, but first he would watch the nights sky for a while. Sometimes the moments leading up to drinking blood was almost as good as the actual act.

He was feeling a little weak, the time would come soon.
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Helaine gasped for breath after receiving so many violent kicks to her stomach and ribs. She heard a bone snap, and woke instantly, trying to pull herself up right. Seth had stepped outside- she needed to get out, but how was she even going to -crawl?- Pain sprung at her from almost every nerve in her body, and she was losing so much blood at an alarming rate. Trying to be quiet, she pulled herself to her feet, looking around for a door to run through. Even if there were countless stairs, she'd slide her way down each step if she had to! She had to get out of here and fast. Where she went after that was uncertain: She couldn't lead him back to her own house, and she didn't want to risk any of her co-workers or friends just to try this escape attempt. Still, she knew she needed a hospital, and badly. Finally, she found a door that led to a winding stair case inside the clock tower, and bolted right for the handle, knowing her life depended on getting the hell out of here first; before killing Seth after she recovered.
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Seth stared into the night. His vision began to get a little hazy and distorted. He needed blood, but making himself wait had always made the feeding that much better. He could still smell and taste the hunters blood on his lips from where it splattered. She was the sweetest he had ever tasted. Again the tingle hit his body and he knew it was time. When he turned to Attack his victim again however, she was gone! Nowhere to be seen. It infuriated the Vampire. He let out a vicious howl and began to trace the smell, but it was hard in his weakened state. Whatever he was to do he must do it fast as it would no doubt be dawn soon.
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Hell no, she wasn't stopping or slowing for anything. The fact it was almost dawn gave Helaine some hope. There wouldn't be anyone to help her but herself, and she had to get home. She ran faster, inspired by the thought of escaping one truly insane vampire. Soon enough she was at the bottom of the stairs, and while that howl she heard even from all the way above her sent chills down her spine, she knew not to pause even for a second. He would probably be furious enough to kill her just for escaping his torture. Clutching her throbbing arm, she plunged out of the clock tower and onto the pavement. She could find her way home from here, but it was all the way on the other side of town. Would she be able to run that long distance without passing out? She decided she had to and didn't think about how far she ran, only how long she could keep up her desperate speed.
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Seth stumbled, breathing heavily in the early morning air. She was close, he could almost -taste her. As he made his way onto the street a searing pain shot into his stomach, he looked up at sky and say the first tiny rays of sun creeping across the sky. Dawn was coming, and with it the power to kill Seth where he stood. He let out another blood chilling scream, letting out all his rage and frustration with it. For tonight the chase was over. The only thing that kept him going for the time being was the fact that he KNEW he would get her, not tonight, but tomorrow. For tonight he would fly back to the part of the rural cemetery where he lived, there he would find an empty casket and sleep.

He made it back just before dawn, hungry but smiling at the damage he had done to his victim. Tomorrow...he would drink her blood, she was not safe.
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Helaine knew she had to kill Seth tomorrow night if he went after her. There wouldn't be any second chances. She didn't remember too much how she made it home, but when she did, she turned her cell phone of, shut the curtains in all the windows, locked everything up inside the house, and collapsed on her living room couch after a painful shower. The wounds were still bad enough to cause infection later on, but she couldn't exactly reach her own back- and she didn't have anyone she trusted enough to take care of the lacerated whip marks, or her scratched arm. It hurt to breathe, and her head throbbed from the concussion. She'd taken way too many blows in one night. It felt unbelievably nice to just relax in her own home even for just a few hours before having to face the working world again in the late morning. Work. Thank god she had that to think about, maybe keeping her injured body busy for a while would block out the events of her worst-evening ever and stay focused on only killing Seth when she would see him again. She already knew he would hunt her down first. But for right now... all she wanted was a few hours of rest..... her alarm clock would wake her up in time.