Carnal Captivation

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  1. As a means of creating a safe heaven in which peace and justice are upheld through combined effort and unwavering belief, where magical beings could walk around without being discriminated, a seperate state called Eden was realized in the year 2014.

    Those who had become sick with the putrid world of capatalism, egocentrism, individualism, wars for the sake of finance and power sought to start a new life in the state of Eden. Soon it had become one of the world's most technologically advanced nations and by the year 2020 it was leader in technological development and magical science.. Yet despite everyone's bravest efforts, the citizens of Eden were in no way capable of preventing parts of the state to regress into decadent cesspits of carnal behavior, slums of sin... The most vile of humans, creatures and demons run rampant in the sinful slums of Eden, spreading sin and decadence, illicit and heinous acts..

    The male lead (my character) is a former child-soldier suffering from symptoms of PTSD. He engages in self-destructive behavior and shows signs of hypervigilantism. In his daily life he is a king, caring and compassionate high-school teacher but despite therapy and medications he was never able to let go of the war; at this day he is still perfectly capable of taking out opponents with ease.. To ease his internal suffering he begins frequenting a brothel, slowly becoming acquainted with one of the women there..

    What I'm requesting for is a female lead, a succubus who works at the brothel who is the male lead's frequent sex partner. Though their relationship is based on sex and is no more than a typical seller - customer relationship, they slowly begin to grow towards each other. However, both of them are somewhat jaded and cynical, considering themselves incapable of truly experiencing the full extent of love and thus they are incapable of comprehending and acknowledging their feelings. Only through a strings of unfortunate events that'll test them will they grow to understand and explicit their feelings..

    I prefer to keep it 50/50 in terms of sex/plot and I like to get explicit when it gets steamy. I'll only RP the male lead and perhaps the neccesary NPC's - concerning the NPC's I expect my partner to do the same.
  2. So I might be interested in this (very much so) if you could remind me what a succubus is. I'm sure I know it, but my brain is at its capacity for things that I need to remember and this one sits back there along with lots of other things. Haha.
  3. A succubus is a female demon in human form that feeds on men through sexual intercourse.
  4. Got it. I knew I was close. Okay this sounds like it could be interesting. I'll shoot you a PM. :)