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  1. Welcome to my request thread!! I am new to the site, and needing to plant my feet and get started somewhere! I am open to many ideas as well as having some of my own.


    Some Pairings I like
    Human/Mythical Creature (any of them really)
    Human Male/Human Woman
    Human Male/Mermaid
    ((The list can go on forever!))

    Some scenarios I'd like to do! I am always open to your ideas as well.

    1.My Protector
    A young vampire princess, (though not your typical princess as she's a stubborn girl who only wishes to be free from the confines of being royal,) meets her protector as she becomes of age. (he can be human or supernatural) Obviously, she makes things rather difficult for him. What sort of trouble will they find? Will they find love or hatred for one another? Will she ever accept her status?

    2. The Mysterious West
    Taking place in the earlier days of the wild west, a sweet young southern bell lived a peaceful life with her mother. However, things quickly change when an outlaw moves into town, taking up an interest in the young woman. (Outlaw can be human or a supernatural being) His name has been whispered in many saloons around the west, and he's known to be dangerous and deadly, and never taking no for an answer.

    3.Long live the King
    In ancient times, a medieval kingdom is in grave danger. Only the best have been sent to lead troops into battle, and find victory for the King. Within this group, there's quarrels, fights, love, and lust. Will their personal emotions affect the outcome of war? Can they remain focused to defeat their enemy?

    4.To love or hate?
    It had been years since humans discovered the existence of werewolves. Hunting parties were working to kill off the last of the species, causing werewolves to go into hiding. A young werewolf girl was out searching for food one day when she was captured by the humans. Since she was female, they decided to keep her as a "pet." The group was made up of all men, and didn't treat her well. She was treated like a dog, and a toy when in human form. There was one, however, who showed her compassion. Does he set her free? Run away with her? Do they fall in love? Does she resent him at all because of what his group has done to her?

    5. Guardian Angel
    An angel from above has been watching a girl since her birth, there to guide and protect her throughout life. She wasn't able to see him, but he was always there, even growing enamored with her beauty as she came of age. Her life has taken a turn for the worst, completely overcome by sadness and anger. In order to save her, her angel falls from grace to be by her side where she can see him.

    6. Arranged Marriage
    (the title is a bit self explanatory! But this can be played with supernatural creatures or human. I just happen to really like supernatural and fantasy themes!)
    -A prince and princess from two different worlds, one having a deep dark secret. They've never met, and the union is to ensure peace between the two lands.
    Always welcoming new ideas as well!

    7. Under the Sea
    A mermaid with a hole in her heart has been granted her wish to travel upon land and find her true love. However, there's a catch. The spell only works for 24 hours at a time, and her legs will vanish and be replaced with a tail, whether she's reached the water or not. The spell requires a magical herb only found on the bottom of the sea, and she only has enough to cast it 7 times. It gives her only 7 days total to find love, and in order to keep her legs, has to find her true love and wed him. What happens when she meets the man of her dreams, but constantly has to disappear before he finds out her secret? Can love happen in just 7 days? Can a man love a mermaid?

    8.A whole new world
    After the third world war, nothing was the same. All cities were destroyed, the world in ruins. People were now living in factions, and there weren't many left. Women were quickly losing all their rights as men worked to rebuild. Their main goals were to rebuild the cities and population. Women were becoming prisoners, forced to breed and take care of the children. There was one man who took pity on the women, and cared for them more than the other men felt they deserved. He started to become attached to one in particular. How does he handle it??
  2. I'd be willing to rp with you! And I love your guardian angel scenario!
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