Care to Roleplay?

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  1. Finally have free time again and so looking to get back into roleplaying here~​
    Rarely do I ever double when it comes to roleplays, but I am willing to give it a shot if I must, otherwise I prefer to play the female role. Can be either one x one or group RPs. I'm also open to almost any kind of suggestion, just ask and we'll see. H​
    ere are a few things that I am more than willing to do:​
    ~Gifted Boarding School​
    ~Non Gifted Boarding School/High School​
    ~Gifteds on the Run​
    ~Rosario + Vampire​
    ~Any thing with Vampires, Demons, Angels, Werewolves​

    If anyone is interested, feel free to send over a PM.​
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  2. *Sees date of thread* XD You still interested? Jester's a demon, I pretty much shift him into RP's if I can adapt him. (Some stuff I can't, so I stick to fantasy basically.) I generally do OnexOne RP's, but I'll do up to groups of 3 if only because I type really really fast, and I get sad when I gotta wait a long while to post. XD XD

    Also, what do you mean by double? O.o Do you mean play two characters at once?
  3. Yeah, I'm still looking xD We can do it as a one x one if you'd like. And with doubling, does mean 2 chars but like, one male and one female.
  4. Awesome. XD Hang on I'll go check out your RP resume here in a minute to see what your dos and don'ts are, and then we can figure out a plot or something. Unless you're like InnocentAlice and you like Improv. XD (We type off the top of our heads for shits n giggles just to see where an idea goes.)
  5. Sometimes I use plots, and sometimes I just wing it xD Doesn't matter to me.
  6. Awesome, I checked your page out. XD Simple enough. Do you have anything in particular you want to try? If not, we can Improv like me and my friend are doing.
  7. Not as far as a plot goes. But for a pairing, since you're going to play a demon I kinda of want to do a Demon x Fairy type of Rp if that's alright.
  8. Interesting. O.o I don't think I've ever played with a fairy character before, that'll be fun. Any genre you want to do in particular?
  9. Aside from the fantasy part of it, don't have any specific preference.
  10. Cool. You can start the thread if you want, I'll join in after you post your OP. .D