Care to Fill My Cravings?

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  1. Hi everyone- I tend to prefer 1x1 roleplays over groups, so I figured I'd best start looking for some now. I've been craving some roleplays for a while recently.

    Let's see...I'm looking for as many as I can get (and handle), so currently, even if you see posts in here, don't be afraid to respond as well! I tend to vary when it comes to what I will play, so throw any idea you have at me and I'll tell you what I feel in regards to it. If it doesn't interest me, I'll tell you- and it only doesn't interest me due to certain parts, I'll give you ideas on how we can tweak it, and we can continue that discussion until we're happy! If you want to ask me for ideas, that's fine too...I likely have a few at least- I can always jump off the general ideas of my own personal writing, or if we have a general pairing concept, I can make a general meeting plan for that as well. So really, don't be afraid to ask me about anything in terms of plots. I'm sure we can come up with something!

    In terms of characters, while I prefer to play female, I will play male depending on the plot and the general situation. I'm also fine doubling up (or more), so don't be afraid to ask! You can play what gender you would like, normally. My main issues will be if we're doing a mature role-play. If that's what you're looking for, ask me for details on my boundaries.

    In terms of my general cravings and likes and dislikes...I'm gonna make lists and put them in the nifty spoiler tags. :D Complete cravings are in their own list though. Because they're epic and unlikely xD

    First off...Original!
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    I like modern, fantasy and sci-fi, or a mix of them. I'm fine with humans or not human characters. Random pairing ideas include....
    Human x Supernatural (vampire, werewolf, ghost, neko, etc.) Depending on the supernatural decides my preference as to which I play.
    Supernatural x Supernatural
    Human x Android
    Human x Alien
    Alien x Alien
    Popular Kid x Not-So-Popular Kid
    Fan x Celebrity
    Non-Fan x Celebrity
    Customer x Worker
    ...And I could name about a billion more! Just ask me and we'll see~

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    I only play OCs- no canons, okay? Well, you can play what you want, but...I only play OCs. :c
    -Phi Brain
    -Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?/Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?
    -Harvest Moon/Rune Factory
    -Eden of the East
    -Harry Potter (not as big for me, but it works okay)
    -Naruto (again, not as big...)
    ...Name more and if I know it, I may do it.

    SERIOUS CRAVING (but seriously unlikely to find xD)
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    <3 Phi Brain based.
    <3 -Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?/Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?
    ...And maybe some Pokemon~?

    I do have some plots available that are just based off of stories I write and such, that I'm always happy to do. So...You can ask if you want. I'll tell you the genre at that point. Oh, and if you want to do more than one with me...I'm all for it! So...ASK AWAY
  2. I just joined and i've been trying to get into RP-ing again for quite some time. I have my own personal character I've used many times and although she is a vampire she is nothing like the cullens, to say the least. If you were still up for maybe having a non fan based vampire related RP I'm up for the challenge of working my imagination :)
  3. That would be perfectly fine! As I said, as long as it's not one of those sparkly ones, I'm okay with it. Nothing against them, I just couldn't get into that. :/ You are welcome to use that character if you'd like. Going off that, would you prefer I played a human, vampire, mix-breed, or something totally separate? Also, would you prefer I played male or female? That will ultimately help me choose my character. Also, if you can tell me at least enough about her for us to come up with a plot (or if you have a basic plot yourself- I don't until I know our preferred character ideas), that'll be helpful. Though I'm fine with a very simple plot-base, a simple one is still useful.
  4. As for your character I would love a challenge. Last time i played with Jovana (my character) she was falling in love with a demi god who thought nothing of her. Jovana is a lost soul. she remembers nothing of her mother but how harsh her father was with her 'training' He wanted her to protect herself when the time came when she would be found alone. She been sort of a vagabond since then and is hard on herself to continue bettering her skills. She has a thirst that is quite unquenchable and has a weakness for bad boys, she likes the way they taste. (MY GOSH that sounded dirty lol) Pretty much all i have on her right now i haven't RP'd in about five years so any plot would help to start me up again :)
  5. Hrm...Bad boys, huh? Most of my guys are pretty good...Well, Conan has a sharp tongue, but his heart's in the right place. I think the only one who's at all evil is Razen, but he didn't go quackers until after his kids were born, so that'd sorta fail. Before that he's a jolly idiot. Hrm...So she's a vampire, right (just clearing things up because I've got some memory loss at this point from being a bit sleepy again...I get sleepy randomly)? Well...Random idea:

    She's the type that has an unquenchable thirst and is always trying to better her skills to protect herself. So...uh...I have a character who's used to being beat on by girls and has a slight fear of girls in most RPs I use him in (and in general) because of it. But he's also strong and would be a good sparring partner. So uh...Yeah, I don't know where I'm going with this. But we can think of something for sure for her.
  6. Yes :3 she's brash and a bit cold but she knows what's worth fighting for so just a question since i literally have NO idea how to work this site would we just RP right here or where or how i'm a bit lost O_O
  7. Basically...We decide what we want to do here, then we make an actual RP thread in the general One[x]One RP forum...Well, depending on the content rating. If you're wanting anything rated T or above, it goes in another section. If not, it just goes in the general. I can make a thread for us, if we have an idea of where to start off.

    For that, though, I'd need to know who I'm playing still xD And I have no bad boys really. No really bad ones anyway. As I said, Conan's a rough cookie, but he's not bad. He just speaks harshly instead of politely, even if he means well. For vampires, I usually like Joe or Sayaku as guys go...Joe's an overly curious guy who always has his head in books and is always overworking. Sayaku's a music lover who, as I said earlier, has a tendency to be a girl's punching bag without meaning to be and is well muscled from farm work in the past and stuff. So...Not sure xD We need a general idea still, I think.
  8. Allrighty hmmm. I could always make a character to go with a plot. I haven't had much time to rethink my old characters or make new ones. Jovana and Zairee is all i have and am okay with going off a story line and making a character to grow with the plot. If you want to use another character i could build as I go we would need to set an era sort of a time line thing and whereabouts of the story. Building a new character will help me work on my strengths and weaknesses any way :)
  9. Hrm...I don't really mind who you use or who I use. I'm just trying to figure out what suits your needs. For me, the best era would probably be near modern, but I can do a futuristic or more past-based era as well, so long as I don't have to match the speech pattern of that time.
  10. More modern it is since although i love older eras i would rather not have to break out the old english either haha. Are you interested in mythical/fantasy or more realistic because a human is just a good to me as an elf. Never thought the hardest part would be finding a plot XD
  11. I'm fine with both fantasy and realistic...For all that matters we can mix the two somehow. I can't play an elf, mind you...But I mean, I have a girl who lives in the woods with these plant creatures who are basically plants that walk and talk (and they raised her). But I have regular people, vampires, etc. as well. So really, I'm fine with anything in that general realm~
  12. I sent you a message wondering if you think anything of that plot line O.o
  13. Alrighty, we can continue that topic there then~
  14. Ello, I'd like to place an order for a HumanxSupernatural or a SupernaturalxSupernatural rp. Care to oblige?
  15. I think I can very well oblige with that one, Gicofokami! Did you have a general type of supernatural you were leaning towards? Or any gender preferences I should know if? I know I can look at the nifty resume, but I like getting answers direct as well. So I'll look while I wait.
  16. Well my character preference is generally male and i has 2: Johnathan Kusanagi(who's a spiritual being) and Allen Seiei(who be a gifted human). Speaking of that resume, I might want to update that thing soon...
  17. I looked at it, be assured. That will help my general character choosing, depending on your preference related to my character. I'm fine with playing with either of yours though. They're both surely interesting, I believe. Ah...An age range would help me choose as well, if you happen to have a preference.
  18. Well Johnathan be a spirit so age isnt much of a deal to him, if it helps, he looks like he be 21, and Allen could be 18 or older depending on the rp.
  19. I more meant an age-range for my character that you'd prefer ^^;
  20. Woops. Well i guess i don't really have one, I usually let the person decide.