PORTRAIT REQUEST Care to draw these?

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  1. Name: Callus Grimdark

    Sex: male

    Age: Let's say... 39

    Appearance: Callus is a tall, boney man with ghost-pale skin. He has no arms, just cut off stumps a little off his shoulders with metallic arms that look like this
    This here (open)
    image.jpg without the sleeve and his fingers are more talon-like. (You can draw them however you want this is just the general idea)

    coming out. His face is thin and his chin pointed. Messy jet black hair that goes a little past his neck and the shadow of his hat (which we will discuss soon) cover where his eyes should be. If you were stupid enough to expose his eyes you would find them to be missing, only empty sockets. (no one knows how he sees but he does, and far too well.) His teeth are pointed but few notice this because he never smiles.

    Clothes: Callus wears the same thing every day, because he lives in a mystical wonderland of fantasy where you can do that. A black cloak with dark crimson flames around the tattered ends and his top hat. The man's top hat is ancient, so old that the color has faded to a slightly dark grey, it's dotted with several rips and stitches, and the top is hanging outward. He keeps it tilted forward so it's shadow can cover his 'eyes'.

    Personality: Completely heartless, that's what defines Callus best. As said before he never smiles, some wonder if he has no emotion at all. Always with a grim look on his face. He has no sympathy, no mercy, and can not love. He will kill without reason if he feels like it, which is most of the time, and always travels solo. The only time shows to be capable of emotion is when he remembers his deceased wife, then he lets just one tear fall.

    Plus: Both of his arms can be replaced with scythes with silver blades and black handles.


    Name: Crono Killemall

    Gender: Male

    Age: Looks like he's in his later twenties.

    Facial Features: Greenish yellow unkept hair going down to his neck, pale blue eyes, ghost white skin.

    The Capt'ns jacket (open)
    View attachment 62976 (Cuffs unfolded please.)

    White button up collared shirt, Black pants, black belt with golden scull buckle, black pirate boots, (IMPORTANT) black and white striped bandana slanted to cover his right eye.

    Body structure: Tall, lean but not muscular.

    Expression: Friendly, closed mouthed smile. Waving with one hand while the other his behind his back.
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