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  1. I've been tossing ideas back in forth for a few days now, trying to come up with a plot so I can get back into writing. I really haven't gotten anywhere, but I just finished watching RWBY so I want to make a sort of academy focused on training students to be fighters/mages/whatever. Obviously it'll be in a modern setting, but there will be multiple races and magic elements, as well as othe possibility for otherworldly locations and organisms. I was thinking of having the world in a state of political turmoil with the treat of war looming just overhead. other than that I don't really have anything so I was hoping someone would help me pop out some finer details so I can get this on the road. Feel free to just post here :)
  2. Hi Codaster

    Unsure whether you've found someone to brainstorm with, but since there are no replies here I thought I'd try to help out.

    Since you already have a bit of an idea of what should happen, I believe you should start setting things in stone. You already chose an Academy/School type RP so now you should be certain of what will be taught there. You could make classes specified for each person, as you say "fighters/mages", or just pick one or the other. The biggest problem with having multiple Character Roles is keeping track of classes for each group, especially with a large amount of characters. You should also decide if they will be taught on a general level or in their separate abilities, since mages are generally very varied.

    Also if mages are chosen, what powers would you deem acceptable? A lot of people enjoy doing elemental powers, i.e. water, fire, earth and air. Others like a more Skyrimesque type of mage, generally destructive, illusions, necromancy, etc. There is also the Harry Potter style of magic, which gives you a sort of more structured form of magic learning.

    Fighters on the other hand could be put into various classes as well. Since this is a modern RP you might have to decide what is appropriate. You get hand-to-hand combat, swords and knives. There are staffs, clubs and even bows and arrows. Modern might include guns of various types and even explosives.

    As you can see, there are dozens of possibilities and this is only the tip of the ice berg, which is why it is a good idea to specify.

    Also, if magic is an option, how do people get this ability? How do other, normal, humans feel about this? Is it a new ability or have humans always had it? Is it reserved for a specific race and their offspring and what races are there?

    The political turmoil part? What caused this? The fact that there is magic or is it between the races? Perhaps something not at all related to the school. Perhaps it is just countries at war or some kind of fanatic like Hitler?

    Sorry if this is was a bit of a long bombardment of questions.
Thread Status:
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