Care for dinner? (mxm dominant sought)

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  1. (Sort of a spin off on Hannibal with some differences)

    Character A is a well respected man who works as a psychiatrist and consults with the FBI, while on a college campus he meets a sweet young lady... Although, it's not a lady. It's a young man. A cross dresser. Disgusted, deceived, and hiding his anger, he offers dinner at his own home. Character A is a rather... Sick person despite his profession. A plan is made to collect Character B, see what makes him tick and soon - have him for dinner, not an invitation, no, he'll be the main course.

    This will include:
    ▲ MxM
    ▲ Kidnapping
    ▲ Non-consensual acts
    ▲ Cannibalism
    ▲ Abuse
    ▲ Gore, graphic violence, explicit language.
    ▲ Stockholm Syndrome
    ▲ BDSM
    ▲ Age difference
    ▲ Mpreg (optional)
    ▲ Cross dressing

    PM or message below! c:
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.