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  1. ~Welcome to Seamore~
    This is a bus tiling city, full of opportunities, sky scrapers, good, and bad places to be.
    Here there lies a university, called Jasper University. This is where almost all the local college students go. Here, a
    you will find a lot of the 18 to 20 year old demographic.
    This is a local coffee shop, which is where the adventure starts.

    "One caramel frappichino coming up!" The cute waitress standing behind the counter yelled, looking up at the packed restaurant in front of her. Amber was more than excited to finish her day of work, she had a new character design she had been working on for the past few months and she was excited to finish it tonight. Besides, she needed to get home to take care of Firecracker, her tiny little tortishell kitten. Smiling, Amber threw a strand of her orange hair back as she waited to serve the next customer.​
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    Sam strolled into the cafe, dark circles under his eyes. He seemed remarkably cheerful, despite his obvious lack of sleep. His hair was messy, yet still aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical. He walked up to the counter, smiling from under his hair at the girl at the counter. "Hey, could I get an espresso?" He asked, still smiling pleasantly. He subconciously gave away his fatigue by leaning on the counter and yawning.
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  3. Amber looked over as someone approached and she smiled thankfully. "Rough night huh? Well an expresso it is. I will add an extra shot just for you" She smiled, patting his hand with a smile before starting his coffee. "Those college classes can be pretty rough sometimes." She said, focusing on the cup as she made the coffee, but listening to his reply.
  4. Sam chuckled and swept his hair out of his eyes. "Yeah college classes," he winked at her mischeviously, and cleared his throat casually. "You seem awfully cheerful, is that your thing, or is something happening today?" He asked, blinking away sleep from his eyes.
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  5. Amber half ignored the wink that the man had given her, being used to customers hitting on her already. It was norm around here for boys to come in and order "A side of cute barista" with their coffee. She smiled and passed the drink across the counter, smiling. "Well I am almost always happy, so yeah, its kind of my thing. That and I have a project I am almost done with."
  6. Sam thanked her with a smile and took the coffee. "See you around," he said as he took a seat near the window. Not too long after he had finished his drink, he had fallen asleep at his table, slumped against the window. His small figure rose and fell slowly, and he occasionally moved slowly in his sleep shifting positions.
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  7. Amber was continuing on with her job when she noticed one of the customers, the guy from earlier, still sleeping in the corner. Going over, Amber tapped his shoulder gently. "Hey, you should really sleep at home, it would be much comfier than a coffee table." She suggested, looking at him.
  8. Sam jumped awake, startled. He calmed down again quickly though, and smiled gratefully at the the woman. "Yeah, thanks, I think I've given myself a crook back already," he chuckled, stretching out his back. "I'll be going then. By the way, my name's Sam," he said, rubbing his eyes.
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  9. Amber smiled at Sam as he woke up, tapping his head lightly. "Sleep child, and I will see you around Sam." She said, waving to him as he left before returning to her spot at the counter, bored as there where little customers inside the shop.
  10. Sam chuckled and started slowly strolling out of the shop. "Sure thing, see you..." He said as he walked out, whistling.
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    Ebony sighed as she gently pushed the door open. She was tired of studying, tired of thinking, and even tired of talking. Adjusting her glasses and slipping her delicate hands into her pocket, she walked over to the counter.
    "Do you serve crossaunts," Ebony said promptly, keeping her head down to make it politely clear sh wanted to avoid conversation.
  12. Stretching and yawning softly, Uriel looked around wondering what he could find to eat. Maybe... A chocolate cupcake.... maybe double choc chip...? Tilting his head to the side he looked down at his younger sister standing beside him who was rubbing her eyes sleepily looking like a tiny little ten year old.
    "What do you want?"
    "..... Milk....."
    Nodding his head Uriel looked at the lady in front of them and wondered how long it would be until her order was settled.

    Looking down at his sibling yet again Uriel looked into her sleepy eyes and nodded.
    "Yes Elina?"
    "..... Can we sit down... My legs won't stay up much longer...."
    Bending down he urged her to hop on his back and she did. In the middle of the cafe. In front of everyone around them.
  13. Amber was utterly bored until three more people came into the cafe. Smiling, she looked at the girl in front of her, who seemed determined just to look like she was having a bad day. It was enough for her to know to back off a bit. "Yep, what flavor?" She asked, giving a smile but not saying anything else to the woman.
  14. Crossaunts come in flavours? Ebony thought, Jeez, I'm behind the times.
    "Uh... Plain?" she guessed, nervously twirling her fingers inside her jumper. She hated being embarrassed. "Could I get a capuccino too?" Ebony forced herself to look up.
  15. Amber smiled at the girl, who looked bashful. "Sure." she said sweetly, grabbing a plain croissant, and then working on her coffee. Smiling, she motioned for the next customer, a man and his daughter, or at the least that is what it looked like to her. "What can I get for you sweetie?" She asked the little girl, smiling.
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  16. Ebony swiftly side stepped to allow the others to pass, patiently waiting for her coffee, and unfortunately began to daydream. She was running admist wildlife and tree's, beautiful birds chirping. But then a leviathon, clamorous machine burst in front of her, slicing up trees as she stood in horror, the wood being turned into paper, being turned into tests, and they flew at her. Ebony struggled to breathe under the pile, and began to panic -
  17. Looking up at the female who had spoken to her, Elina yawned softly and then spoke quietly.
    "Milk please..."
    "If you don't have milk then a hot chocolate for her, and I would also like to have a chocolate chip muffin."
    Hoisting up the sleepy twin on his back Uriel nodded at the girl and shuffled his arms to hold his sisters weight and to grab his wallet. He looked rather young to be honest he looked the age he was suppose to be 21, but his twin of course didn't look anything like that. Most of the time people mistook her for being his niece or daughter or some other relative.
  18. Amber smiled at the girl, and then at the man, laughing a bit. "All right, coming right up." she said, smiling and grabbing a cup, and starting to fill it with milk, and warmed it up. "Seems like you guys got hit by the college train too." She said to him, before grabbing a chocolate muffin and passing it too him, before rubbing her eyes a bit.
  19. Sam was walking down the street, past the cafe, after he had got some sleep. He walked past an alleyway directly across from the cafe, and something in the alley made him poke his head through. As soon as he did, five guys in dark hoodies jumped out from behind the trash cans and dumpsters and started attacking Sam. Sam, startled, got hit straight in the stomach, full force. He bent down, but quickly recovered and managed a right hook on one of the guys, before he was pinned to the wall by two of the goons, while the other two laid into Sam. He tried to kick out, but the guy he punched kicked him visciously in the knee, dislocating it in one blow. Sam screamed in pain, and before someone took notice, the goons grabbed Sam's wallet and phone, before ripping off his shoes and sprinting away. Sam slid slowly down the wall, and passed out, his face bruised and covered with blood.
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  20. Ebony startled, flashed back awake, looking around in pure fear. 'Where is it- Oh. Oh.' She cursed violently under breath and her cheeks grew red. She snatched her meal, and skidded over to the furthest table, flipping her hood up. She could never stop it either, she had started the endless cycle. Ebony would become embarrassed. She would be shamed for that. Then should would become even more shamed because she felt bad so easily over a little thing. The cycle continued. But she froze, and she heard a scream from outside...
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