Cards Against Humanity: Best Plays

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  1. what are the best cards you've seen played in this off-colour word game?

    My fave is from my friend:

    In a world filled with JEWS , our only hope is AUSCHWITZ
  2. @Brovo, @Jorick, @Seba

    "Primetime presents: "Living in the Fast Lane" The Life of Princess Diana"
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  3. I think my favorite I ever managed was for the black card "_____: kid tested, mother-approved."

    An Oedipus complex: kid tested, mother-approved. :D
    Yeah, you son of a bitch, that was a great one.

  4. Omg
  5. My favorite goes to also a blank card for this white card " But before I kill you, Mr. Bond, I must show you my evil plan, it's in the script and all."

    The bold text is my answer, btw.
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  6. "I didn't know what consensual sex was until I encountered doin' it in the butt

    (I suddenly forgot all the kickass combos I made in CaH ;-;)
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    I have a bunch I saved as screenshots from my games (I think some of them are inside jokes though, so...).

    Two I don't have images for:

    "My secret superpower is seppuku."
    "We airdropped Former President George W. Bush to the starving children of Africa."
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