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  1. We all love those overly dramatic card game anime, like Yugioh or Cardfight Vanguard. I'd like to make a game in one of those universes, probably with an original card game so we don't have the baggage of a real card game's changing meta. Probably, I'd like to work together with you guys to make a card game that we can all use to do this with.
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  2. Sounds quite a bit complex, but I'm certainly up for it! I've actually recently gotten back into watching cardfight vanguard, so guilty pleasures ahoy ovo
  3. Okay. I think we should start by building the world the game is based off of. Obviously, it needs a good variety of things in it, so that people can have a variety of theming to their decks.
  4. Hmm, well most card game worlds tend to be set either in modern Japan, or a future-esque Japanese setting that still has influence from other parts of the world.

    In addition, most card game worlds also have a "secondary setting" that the characters may or may not directly visit, but offhandedly interact with. Be it planet Cray or ancient Egypt, cards usually derive their relevance or "power" from this secondary setting.
  5. I dont mean the setting of our RP, I mean the setting of our card game itself. That said, the reason most card game anime take place in japan is simply because of where makes them. If Wizards of the Coast made a series about Magic, I can almost guarantee you it would take place in America.
  6. Ah, I see. Well, the typical route of a card game would be fantasy based. Or we could go for a more modern cyber approach to it. Or both. Encompassing just a number of themes in a grand scale is also an option.
  7. A lot of card games have a lot of themes, such as Vanguard or Yugioh, and even Magic manages to get the occasional robot and supertech along with its usual magic and dragons setting. The way I see it, we have to at least make it fit a variety of types while making them all fit together.
  8. I would be interested in this. Developing our own card game might complicate things such as what the cards are and what they can do, and gameplay rulewise. I always love the idea of science and magic colliding, so... yes.
  9. Well what we make doesn't need to be of sellable quality, just fun and engaging with a semblance of balance.

    Let's start here: is this going to be a game of "Don't lose" like Magic, YGO or Vanguard where victory is achieved by reducing the other person to nothing, or a "Do Win" where players acquire some sort of Victory Points to win? Examples of those include most Deckbuilders, or the old game Humaliens where your goal was to get a certain number of your units to max power, at which point they would leave the game and become a victory point
  10. I like the Do Win concept, but Don't Lose is pretty archetypical of card games (excluding standard 52-count decks). Could be a combo thing, though, like, multiple ways to win. MTG has their black poison counters and there were other Tap/Spend-to-win effects and stuff, so something like that could be fun.

    I still have trouble imagining the gameplay without agreed upon cards, as part of what makes cardgames the way they are is you have to build a deck based on what the manufacturers have made, and it would be super easy for someone to be like "Now I pull out Penultimate, Epic, Something-or-Other the Unbeatable! who has the ability to void all other effects on the field - monster, magic, or otherwise - and takes it's total attack from the number of cards in all decks combined ever with equal defense and quadruple the health (oh, and not to mention, he's so big he has his own force of gravity so you can't hit anything else, not even the player's HP directly, and all the gold and objective materials and stuff fly into his field to be added to his horde)." lol. I think the Win concept and having character's describe their deck in their character sheet will help, and so will some strict guidelines, but that's my concern.
  11. Well yeah, actual decklists will be important. But we've secured that at least one main method of victory being a Victory Points style system is a good idea. Let's come up with a core conceit to guide it from there. For instance, Magic's core conceit is "players are planeswalkers, dueling to see who is the strongest", while Netrunner has "one player is a runner, trying to get the files of the other player, who is a corporation trying to protect them", while Yugioh's is ""
  12. Ooo... never heard of Netrunner, that sounds cool. I'll have to check it out!

    Well, like @Sairoh pointed out, setting will be important. I am actually not involved in any Sci-Fi RPs at the moment and could see a lot of avenues for a cardgame that way, but always down for fantasy/summoning style as well - what's the plan there, or preference overall?
  13. I'm leaning to a mix of Fantasy and Sci-fi. First of all I Can't name a single card game anime that doesn't use a mixed game, plus I feel like it would make for more possible character concepts if there was a mixture.
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