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  1. So I want to host an RP that's based off of Yugioh and other such anime where the charaters all play really overdramatic versions of children's card games. It would be an original game (I've been brainstorming the rules for awhile now, and will certainly post what I have if anyone's interested), and would actually be played as part of the RP.
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  2. What card game would it be exaggerating?
  3. As I said, an original game. That's purely so we don't have to deal with the meta of a real-world game, so people aren't bending over backwards to explain why people are, say, running Qliphoths in a Yugioh game (or whatever's in meta right now, I don't even know), or changing their deck to something totally different when some new set powercreeps everything.
  4. Ah. Seems cool, count me in!..Maybe, I mean I'm really slow at replying.
  5. I actually enjoy card games, yugioh and hearstones most specifically. Count me interested.
  6. Cool. I'm gonna dump the rules I have. Input greatly appreciated.

    You and all other players have access to a special kind of magic, manifesting from your very soul. You duel with other users of the magic to destroy theirs, summoning creatures and casting spells using that energy to break through their defenses, and eventually defeat them. There's a mythological theme, but I'm taking that to include more "modern" mythologies, such as cryptids and conspiracy theories.

    You have a deck of (40-60?) cards, one Heart card, and 100 Soul. You play cards other than your Heart by paying Soul for them, and Soul is also your life. To stop spam of high-cost cards being all that matters, you also have a Siphon value. Every card has a Siphon value, and the Siphon of all your current cards combined is the most you can spend in a round. Your Heart card starts in play, giving you a minor ability (for instance: "Pay 5 Soul to draw a card" or "You can pay 2 more soul when casting a spell to deal 2 to target creature" and so on) and your starting Siphon value (3?).

    Cards are generally split into four factions:

    After World: These are your death gods, spirits, undead, and similar creatures of the night. They drain life and power from your opponents, crippling them to prevent a solid offense. However, they are fragile and a good hit will give them a black eye they won't easily recover from.

    High World: The mighty gods, angels, and other such holy creatures have come to purge the land. They hit hard and fast, with lots of destruction effects and high power. They lack staying power, and weathering their assault can leave them open for a finishing blow.

    Natural World: Humans and creatures of earth dwell here. They create, buff, and heal, generating more easily than destroying in order to outlast your opponent. They're slow to start up, and if they're blindsided by the opponent, they can fall before they have the chance to lay a foundation.

    Hidden World: Aliens, Illuminati and Replicants, all the shadow puppeteers of the world. They employ weird effects to control the board, preventing, obscuring, and complicating your opponent's way to victory. Shadow Puppeteers work in the shadows as their name would suggest, and so are bad at direct combat if the opponent can get through their tricks.

    A deck can only have one faction in it, as the soul identifies with one faction only.
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  7. Ok here is my critic:

    - I must say i really like this idea, in fact just when you mentioned the souls i could picture what you were going to do with the gamble factor of rationaly spending souls because besides being the fuel of your deck speed and all is also your life points. The concept looks solid, but i can feel it may have somethings to fix in the future that might be confirmed upon participating in matches. It´s because of that that i recommend that rules and mechanics are updated as the roleplay progresses to sharpen the balance.

    -A thought that came to me was that maybe the starting siphon could be linked to the heart card. And a way to make it work would be to have HC with higher siphon get less meaningfull effects, while those with lower siphon have more meaningfull effects. (Just an opinion.)

    -The four factions are ok, they are nothing surprising in concept but they work simply because it is a formula most card games have adjusted.

    - I feel like adding more worlds would make the game more colorfull or having some of the worlds capable to intertwine to have more advanced decks in the future.(Just an opinion.)

    - I feel like Natural world is going to be punished quite alot unless it has a proper way to defend. Time has proven that in a normal situation faster decks have an advantage over decks which take extensive time preparing. However in Yu-gi-oh there are exceptions like "Gladiator Beasts" and "Ritual Beasts" archetypes whose decks ,while not insane fast like other decks, allows in each turn to have a proper counter and offensive which cripples the oponents deck slowly till victory. (Just an opinion.)

    - The whole soul aspect kept me wondering as to how it would apply in the context outside of combat. Does the fact the player wagers their soul or a soul means that their defeat will end in Death? Are the effects of getting once soul destroyed progressively negative?
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  9. Thanks for answering all of that i guess i got most of my doubts cleared.

    Changing the subject how does this work? :"I actually do have in my world notes (read: A couple pages in a notebook)". Actually a few days ago another person used this "(Read:x)" thing which i assume they want me to look for something under a certain title. But since I am new and all to Iwaku, i am having trouble trying to find this archives or pieces of writing that may contain resourcefull information.
  10. Nah. It more meant "here is the way you should interpret that". Like, my world notes aren't some huge list of stuff, they're just a couple pages.
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  11. Bumping this thread for more interest. A few notes on the game itself:

    • 90% of the cards will be custom cards, but all cards are subject to aproval and, as I said, can be tweaked to make up for balance issues.
    • When you run out of cards in the deck and try to draw from the empty deck, you lose. Your soul is out of resources and you can't continue the fight. However, this is the easy way out. A person cannot die from running out of deck, so it may be in your best interset to let it happen if you would otherwise die.
    • Still debating on fifth world, and what their gameplay niche would even be.
  12. what about a mechanic/robotic world. The niche could be around equipables and their effects giving a single monster a variaty of uses. As for the downside i am blank.
  13. I thought about robots as well, but aliens and superscience is already kind of taken by Hidden World. Also, man, what would being the robot world (Mainframe World? Server World? Hello World?) say about someone's personality
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  14. if you ever do a yu-gi-oh rp keep in mind to invite me.
  15. Well i figured that maybe people from the robot world/techno world would tell about people who are deeply involved in science and mechanics, people who enjoy creating or figuring easyer and more versatile forms to deal with a same problem. Also people who are very mathematical or who try to apply logic and patterns to their daily life. As for aliens and superscience. I didn´t picture it more on the side of robots who are being made and used but more like a machine society mostly governed by Artificial Intelligence.
  16. This seems very interesting, but I am horrid at world crafting like this lol. Good luck in search of rpers though! -Bumps the thread up!-
  17. Well the world is mostly modern, and I'm doing the framework of the game. I'll have a rough Mana-to-Abilities thing soon.
  18. Bumping this up. No progress on the actual game, but I've been thinking about a fifth world. I'm either thinking Elementals, for a "core of the world" feel or something more like superheroes, for a "paragons of morality" feel.
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