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  1. We've all enjoyed Yugioh, Cardfight Vanguard, or Duel Masters in our youth, might even still enjoy those shows or shows like them. I'm proposing an RP in a world much like those overly dramatic card game anime we all know and love.

    This is a world where everyone plays this one particular card game. Frendships are forged, enemies are made, and worlds are held in the balance by this children's card game. I'd most like for it to be an original game, mostly so we can ignore the baggage of a real life metagame (For example, imagine everyone in a YGO RP trying to keep up with a guy running Qliphoths after the meta shifts in their favor), and so we can create the flavor we want to see.
  2. Did someone mention cardgames?
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  3. interesting~! though how we play/duel the card game with other people once it settled/done 0__0?
  4. I'm still figuring it out. Programs exist to allow for games, such as Vassal.
  5. Ahh kay"~ I've got some idea though it's random =3=~
  6. Go ahead and post it, any idea helps build it.
  7. interested.
  8. I'm thinking some sort of Battle game, one v one or team v team, so that it's easier to get drama out of. Let me dig up some notes, and I'll edit this post with my ideas for something.


    You and all other players have access to a special kind of magic, manifesting from your very soul. You duel with other users of the magic to destroy theirs, summoning creatures and casting spells using that energy to break through their defenses, and eventually defeat them. There's a mythological theme, but I'm taking that to include more "modern" mythologies, such as cryptids and conspiracy theories.

    You have a deck of (40-60?) cards, one Heart card, and 100 Soul. You play cards other than your Heart by paying Soul for them, and Soul is also your life. To stop spam of high-cost cards being all that matters, you also have a Siphon value. Every card has a Siphon value, and the Siphon of all your current cards combined is the most you can spend in a round. Your Heart card starts in play, giving you a minor ability (for instance: "Pay 5 Soul to draw a card" or "You can pay 2 more soul when casting a spell to deal 2 to target creature" and so on) and your starting Siphon value (3?).

    Cards are generally split into four factions:

    After World: These are your death gods, spirits, undead, and similar creatures of the night. They drain life and power from your opponents, crippling them to prevent a solid offense. However, they are fragile and a good hit will give them a black eye they won't easily recover from.

    High World: The mighty gods, angels, and other such holy creatures have come to purge the land. They hit hard and fast, with lots of destruction effects and high power. They lack staying power, and weathering their assault can leave them open for a finishing blow.

    Natural World: Humans and creatures of earth dwell here. They create, buff, and heal, generating more easily than destroying in order to outlast your opponent. They're slow to start up, and if they're blindsided by the opponent, they can fall before they have the chance to lay a foundation. They're not helpless in the early game, with some cards for stalling and defense, but still are weak to the fastest decks.

    Hidden World: Aliens, Illuminati and Replicants, all the shadow puppeteers of the world. They employ weird effects to control the board, preventing, obscuring, and complicating your opponent's way to victory. Shadow Puppeteers work in the shadows as their name would suggest, and so are bad at direct combat if the opponent can get through their tricks.

    A deck can only have one faction in it, as the soul identifies with one faction only.
  9. CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES! I'd be up for this. I've made 4 card games in my earlier years, so I can help you with some of the workings. Not sure how we'd actually play against one another though.
  10. Based on the vague explanation you have there so far, I've been coming up with some ideas. I made a piratepad to list the rules, so feel free to join if anyone feels like taking a look. The longest part of this will be designing cards and testing balance, so I suggest each player creates their own deck of cards using a card template.

    These are all simply ideas I had myself. If they're not what you were looking for, feel free to violently erase them and write new ones. I like coming up with games, so it's no skin off my back.

    I've taken a look at Vassal, but I don't think it's going to work well using that. The max image size per card is a mere 50x50 pixels.

    Also, I don't agree with the one faction only per deck thing. One of the things I love about card games is trying to find fun ways to make a deck with multiple archetypes but that still works.
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  11. Well, the "one faction per deck" was a way to deal with the lack of colors of mana, and I'm up for tons of suggestions
  12. Oh so factions more reflect MTG-style colour than Yugioh-style Archetype? That probably works. With having definitive playstyles for each faction though, like all the Dark faction are fragile and drain health, it'll lead to really quick developing of Meta. The same kind of thing happened in my friendship group when we took up one of the newer card games... what was it called? I forgot. Basically, it was a cross between Yugioh and MTG. Each of the 5 colours had very specific common traits, such as nearly every black creature cost HP to summon but had more powerful attacks. They were doing a starting up pack giveaway so we all had the same cards, and Black cards were great for rush, so within a week we were all playing black. The only reason I was beating them is because the guy at the card shop we go to gave me a pre-release event promo card.
  13. I'm thinking of having a special Champion card system: Like the Heart Card, the Champion card is put into play before the game starts. The Champion has it's own Champion zone next to the Heart Card zone. The Champion may be "cast" as if it were in your hand by paying it's Soul Cost, at which point it becomes a creature on the battlefield. The Champion is essentially the leading or most important unit of the deck. If a Champion creature dies, instead of going to the grave, it returns to the Champion zone and may be cast again. Each time you cast it beyond the first, it costs a certain amount more, so like 5 the first time, then 8, then 11...
  14. Here's my idea, just throwing in things, hope it helps~

    -LP: Also known as Life Point. The main objective of the game is to make the opponent's LP to 0.

    -MP:Also known as Mana Point. Mana serve as the medium to summon monster card or Equip Card. To add Mana Point, player can discard cards on the hand to the Graveyard.

    -Monster Card: A card which possess attack level, Mana, power, defense, and health. Some monster card possess effect which could change the tide of games.

    -Spell Card: A one time used card which activate it's spell as soon as it got call.

    -Continuos Spell Card: Spell card with continues effect meaning it doesn't go to graveyard once it got revealed.

    -Trap Card: Spell card which usually have the effect of negate or counter attack other cards.

    -Continuos Trap Card: Trap card with continuos effect meaning it doesn't go to graveyard once it got revealed.

    -Equip Card: Cards with an effect of empowering the defense or attack power of a Monster. Usually stays in the map until the card send to the graveyard.

    -Faction: Classification of cards to determine their type, usually faction can give some boost to it's card.

    -Level: Is a value which determine the power of your monster, the higher the level, the rarer and stronger the monster is.

    -Mana: the number that is require or it gives when it got summon or discarded.

    -Power: Also refer as the attack force of the monster.

    -Defense: The defensive power of monster. It deduct the power when an apposing monster attack to the monster directed.

    -Health: The number of hits or attack power that the monster can endure.

    -Core: usually represented by a red chip which can be used for level 5 monster card to unleash their extra effect. Core are immortal and can be used countless time but one monster per turn.

    -Deck: The collection of card that was chosen by the player to play. (min 40 and max 50)

    -Hands: The total number of card in your hands.

    -Black Hole: Unlike Graveyard card that can be back using spells and traps, cards in the black hole can't be back to the game.

    -Graveyard: Place where "dead" and used cards are being hold.

    -Vanguard: Place where you get to put your monster card. (6 slot)

    -Rear Place: Place where you summon or set your Magic, Trap, and Equip Card. (6 slot)

    Explanation of playing the game/How it works:

    1. Just like how other card game works, shuffle your own deck but preferably to avoid cheating, shuffle your opponent's deck.

    2.Each player take 5 cards on the very top of the deck.

    3. Flip on a coin on who decided the first move.

    4.Next will be the Initial Phase, where the player need to draw a card from the deck.

    5.After Initial Phase would be the Discard Phase, where player discard cards that the player want to gain mana or keep it.

    6.Summon Phase, Player can set or summon cards, with a minimum of 3 monster card and 3 Rear place cards.

    7.Battle Phase, on the first turn, the player aren't allowed to direct attack the opponent.

    8. End Phase.
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  15. I liked the idea of paying health to cast rather than having a mana system. Also, there's a key flaw in that suggested set - requiring that you discard to gain mana. If each player is only drawing one card and has to discard one to gain mana, then the game will stagnate very quickly as it just cycles between both players drawing until they find a card they dont want. The meta will instantly become low mana burn / rush.
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  16. Ahh Discarding the cards can be in any range of number cards in your hand~ and thanks for the feedback~! ^o^ hope it helps~
  17. I think so far, the only original idea we've got is paying Life Points instead of mana. At the moment everyones ideas are just a mashup of pre-existing card games. I think we ought to try and come up with some other original ideas. Perhaps a pseudo-tactical system where you play your cards onto a game board, and each card has a certain movement range and has to be within a certain range to attack?
  18. They're more like Vanguard clans than Magic colors really, and they have their own thing because otherwise they'd all be samey. Sure, Underworld has tanks. They're just not as good and costlier than a Natural World tank. And a tactical map could work but what if instead of moving, everyone had abilities used in the different zones? Like, Skeleton Shieldman might have to be the target of attacks if he's in front row, but Jackal Archer can hit a whole collumn if he's in back. Just a thought.
  19. Yeah, I was thinking of incorporating zones into that, like, you can't attack through an enemy to the one behind, so you'd have to attack that Shieldman, unless you had an archer that could attack over him.
  20. Well in my example, Skeleton Shieldman would make the archer attack him, but the example's Jackal Archer would attack the whole column anyway. An Elven Archer, who can heal in the midrow or something, would still have to attack the skeleton. But, both could shoot someone other than the Dwarf Shieldbearer, who takes less damage from melee attacks, just fine.
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