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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am Cammy, yes I am of a more female shape and form, yet I enjoy being a male character more than a female.
    I am also in my mid thirties and have a few years of role play behind me, when I create a persona they tend to be middle aged or older because I like them to have some experience to fall back on during role play.

    I am comfortable with role play in chat or forum, often I will co-op write with a friend so we can flesh out our role play to make a wonderful long history. This is done via online media in real time so we can see what the other person is writing as they write it, and it makes for a very fast paced role play style.

    I have spent a lot of my time with a regular role play buddy who has taught me a great deal about the written word, not to mention character image lol. I have also had a number of different role play buddies over the years and find I am more drawn to one on one role play rather than crowds. This is only because I can sometimes lose myself in the crowd role play and forget I need to be active too!

    In role play I enjoy throwing a curve ball at my partners to see how they react to them, this often takes place in a way that fits with my characters personality. I like to set traps and see if the other role players character will wander into the trap and snare themselves, if they do my character will be delighted that they managed to pull it off, so beware there is always a delightful link lurking in the background!

    So hearty and well met traveler, let us journey forth to adventure!

  2. Hi there Cammy! :D We have a Cammy here too! Welcome to the community! <3
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  3. Hello and nice to meet you. I better change it to Cam then, or confusion may the order of the day lol.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Carameo!
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  5. Thank you Seth! Lovely to be here, also you have the cutest avatar ever ^^
  6. Welcome, welcome! I do hope you enjoy your stay here. It really is a wonderful community.
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  7. Thank you, and another stunning avatar. So much eyes, so much awesome! Incredibly beautiful.
  8. The avatar is of the cat who was my buddy for 17 years, I miss that scruffy bastard!
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  9. Awww poor little fellow, RIP pretty kitteh.
  10. Hi Carameo! Welcome to Iwaaaaaku. You've already found the Cbox and you seem pretty darn rad! :D

    May the Muse be with you!
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  11. Awww don't make me blush lol.

    Thank you for the welcomes, the cbox is an awesome place! Having so much fun in here.
  12. Welcome to Iwaku you lover of long stories and schemes^^
    Enjoy your stay, and beware of the cbox at Iwaku-generals sleepy time...

    We like to go wierd xD
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  13. Windstormugly I think the cbox needs a public warning label, it should go like this. Beware the Carameo! because I can get a bit weird even when its not late at night. lol
    Its awesome to meet you, I hope I catch you in the cbox soon, ok that sounded a little weird even to me. I mean I hope I make your acquaintance in the cbox at some point in time, soon.
  14. When I and the other Iwaku-day sleepers get out to play, we chase we catch, and you may latch ;)
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