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  1. Wanting to do an rp involving two rival, could be, creatures/tribes/people/etc. in a war, then one night something goes wrong and one of the enemies gets captured. Through being capture a spark occurs and romance happens but if you don't like romance then something else can be arranged. I'm open to discussing changes and character ideas. I only ask that there be no god modding. Thanks. :)
  2. I like the idea of this. Are there any character species you want me to stay away from?
  3. Mm... Maybe vampire because I've done it a bit too much, other than that I'm open to doing any kind you'd like to try out. :)
  4. I just got finished watching the History Channel premiere of Vikings, so I am feeling my Norse roots running strong >:D Course... I also feel my Celtic roots running as well... Choices, choices.
  5. lol I've never done either before but I know a bit more about the Celtic history than Norse.
  6. Well, did you want to do some sort of role-play that involved two separate tribes of different nationality that are fighting, or within the same tribe? Or..
  7. Tribes of different nationality sounds pretty cool.
  8. Awesome. Know which nationality you're gonna go for? Cause I want something tribal! But, then again, Vikings.... Whatever! Permission to make my own fucking tribe ? :D

    Sorry, excuse me for being overly hyper... I blame the History Channel.
  9. lmao no I love it! :D Tell me what tribe you'd like to make up and I'll go off of yours to its not too obscure for the battles.
  10. Well, I like the idea of doing some sort of mash-up of Native American, Celtic, and Viking. But that may be too much :D Eh. What were you thinking character wise? Would you make a female or male?
  11. I was thinking native american and I usually play female unless you really want to , then I can be male.
  12. Do you prefer MxF or do you not care?
  13. I do prefer that but I don't really care, but I'm not used to playing anything else so if we do bare with me I'm rusty.
  14. And I usually play female x.x Hmm.. But that is not fair for you to play male when you do not like to. I just honestly suck at playing them. Hmm, this is troublesome D:
  15. I can play a guy if you don't mind me playing one.
  16. No, I do not. But only play one if you really do not mind. D: I hate to make people uncomfortable
  17. Its not making me uncomfortable, I can play a dude. :P Just bare with me because I'm rusty at it.
  18. Alright. I will keep that in mind, it is all fine.
  19. Okay, so what do you want your tribe to be?
  20. A Celtic one. I can run with that one. Yours?