Captured by evil

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  1. It was a normal Wednesday evening. Six classmates were working on a school project that was going to be turned in that Friday. Since they didn't want to spend extra time in school both Wednesday and Thursday they decided to just keep going on the project during Wednesday until they were finished. That way they could go home early the day after and be able to relax before the presentation.

    The sun started to go down and Hanna started to get tired. "Guys, we should hurry up a bit. It's starting to get dark outside." She complained a bit.

    "Don't worry, we're almost done. If we keep this speed up then it can't take more than half an hour before we have finished it all." Takashi tried to console her. But Hanna still looked out of the window, a bit worried that it would be completely dark once they were done.

    "Don't tell me you're scared of the dark. That's so lame." Aoi said as she looked up from the part of the project she was working on.

    "I'm not scared of the dark. It's just.. There has gone rumors around about some guy that creeps around during night." Hanna defended herself. She wasn't particularly scared of the dark itself, but she was scared of what could be hiding in the dark. Aoi put a lock of her long blonde hair behind her ear and continued working under silence. Takashi looked at the two girls and sighed a bit before going back to his own work. He thought about suggesting that they all could go together, but he decided that it could wait until they were finished.

    "How's it going on your end?" Hanna then asked the other three members of their group.
  2. "Well," Daichi began, pushing his glasses up to the tip of his nose, "I am almost done with my half of the information."​
    He turned his gaze over to the male and female on the other side of them, waiting to see what they had gotten done. He wouldn't be entirely surprise to find that Daisuke had done nothing. His twin brother, as in most situation with twins, was the exact opposite of him. He was lazy, uncommitted, but he was also social and fairly popular. Honestly, Daichi preferred brains over bronze, but he had to admit that on occasions he wished he could be a little more social like his brother.​
    "I got most of the other half." Daisuke stated, giving his brother a knowing look. "Don't worry; I'm actually working on the project."​
    Caroline was only half paying attention when she realized that Daichi was glancing her way. "I'm almost done with the art." Caroline stated.​
    The project consisted of information, a written essay of six pages, a couple visual aids, and even a small model of the area. It was an assignment for History and they were nearly done.​
    Caroline was doing the two visual aids. They weren't very large, but they were decent. She would, in no way, say she was an expert at art but she had been drawing for as long as she could remember.​
    "I heard it was suppose to rain today." Caroline said randomly, seeking conversation with the others.​
  3. "I really hope not." Hanna replied. "I don't have any warm clothes with me nor an umbrella." She always forgot to check the weather prognosis, and she always forgot to have an umbrella with her just in case. She could already hear her brother telling her what an air-head she was for forgetting again.

    "I think I have an extra umbrella in my locker, so if it starts raining then you ca..." Takashi started but stopped in his sentence as the lights was suddenly turned off. The weird things was that it should have been a bit brighter in the room since there still was some light outside. But it suddenly seemed like it was night time.

    "What happened to the lights?" Aoi asked with shaking voice.

    "It's probably just a power outage. The power will come back soon... Probably." Hanna tried to reassure her classmate, but was a bit frightened herself.
  4. Caroline's eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness, but it wasn't long before she saw the surprised and terrified expressions on her classmates' faces. She was feeling quite freaked at the moment as well, a violent shudder running down her spine, but she tried to remain calm nonetheless. It was probably the storm that was currently brewing as she could hear the wind push against the school walls and windows. She could even feel it grow colder in the classroom. ​
    "I think a few teachers and janitors are still here." Daichi pointed out to his classmates. "Maybe a couple of us should go see if we can find them and ask what happened?"​
    Daisuke shook his head. "Whatever you say, bro. I'm just going to wait it out. The lights will probably be on in a few minutes anyways."​
    Daisuke shook his head at his brother's response.​
    "I'll go." Caroline volunteered. ​
  5. "I'm not going anywhere." Aoi said, terrified by the situation. It felt safer to just stay in the classroom than to go out into the corridors. Especially with all the noises the wind had started to make. It almost sounded like someone was shouting outside. But it was only the wind, at least she hoped it was.

    "I'll go with Caroline." Takashi said. He wasn't too bothered by the dark, after all, it wasn't like there were anything dangerous in the school. "What about you Hanna?" He asked the third girl in the group. His vision had started to come back to him, though he had a hard time telling who was who still.

    "I'll come too." Hanna replied, she was scared to leave the classroom but she wouldn't be able to stand staying in a room where Aoi was the only other girl. She didn't hate Aoi, but she disliked her a lot. It was her 'I know everything' and 'I am better than you' attitude that always went on Hanna's nerves.
    "Maybe we should start with going to the janitors office, we might be able to find a flashlight there. The door shouldn't be locked if he's still here. If we're lucky we might see a teacher on the way, if not then we'll at least have some light for the rest of the search." Takashi suggested. Even if they got used to the dark they would still not be able to see everything in front of them, so it would feel safer to have some light source so they could see where they walked.
  6. "That's a good idea." Caroline commented. "The closest janitor's office is actually at the end of the hall, isn't it?"​
    Caroline had only attended the school for a few months so she wasn't completely positive where things were located. If she were to go alone with the lights off, she would surely lose her way. She glad she had Hanna and Takashi coming with her. She didn't really know Aoi that well nor the twins. Hanna and Takashi, on the other hand, had homeroom and a couple other classes with her. She may not have spoken with them that much, but so far they were making a good impression.​
    Daisuke glanced over to Aoi and gave her a light pat on the back. "Don't you worry, sweetheart. Daisuke is here."​
    Daichi rolled his eyes. His brother was known around the school to be a womanizer, which was true, but Daichi had no idea why girls would put up with such an asshole. He loved his brother, he really did, but he annoyed him to no end. He almost wished he had volunteered to go as well, but for right now he was fine staying here. ​
    "Be careful." Daichi said to the others.​
  7. "Yep, it's there." Hanna confirmed. "But watch out for the stairs, we wouldn't want to fall down and break our necks." She then warned her classmate. The stairs was just some steps after the door and if they missed to feel and see the door then they could as well fall head first.

    "I can go first and try to feel my way to the door, before we get some light we should be extremely careful with where we step." Takashi suggested, he didn't want to put Caroline in the position to go first since she had started in their school just some month's earlier, and Aoi didn't seem too found of the dark. He then walked to the door carefully, trying to not walk into any bench or chair. It wasn't as hard to move around now since he could see most of the shapes. He opened the door and started to move his hands on the wall so he could feel where they were. Hanna followed right after Caroline.

    Aoi blushed a bit when Daisuke called her sweetheart. She was happy that she got to be in the same room as the guys, and didn't have to go out into the dark corridor. Especially since the twins wasn't too bad looking. "Is it just me, or is it a bit cold in here?" She said when the others had left the room, she hoped that one of them would feel like putting his arms around her to warm her.
  8. Caroline merely nodded in agreement, but when she realized they probably could not see it she uttered a simple, "Okay."​
    The halls were pitch black; not even the backup lights were in running. The only thing she could make out was the outlines of Takashi and Hanna, but the occasional strike of lightning allowed her a glimpse of her surroundings. Things seemed rather different to her. She wasn't sure if it was just the darkness or her unfamiliarity with the school, but when allowed a look at her environment she recognized nothing. Eventually, though, she dismissed this as the dark playing it's little tricks on her and continued to follow Takashi down the hallway.​
    "I guess we'll have to finish our project tomorrow." Caroline commented, attempting to break the stress inducing silence.​
    "Here," Daisuke cooed, draping his jacket around the female's shoulders. Her 'subtle' hint was not missed. ​
    Daichi released a slightly irritated sigh. If he was going to be stuck in there with this going on the whole time he would rather be fumbling around in the darkness. With no light source besides the occasional flash of lightning, he could not distract himself with reading or even continue on the project. He doubt his brother even did his half for that matter so this delay was just making his anxiety worse. ​
    "We should head on home when the lights get turned back on," he commented to his brother.​
    Daisuke turned from facing Aoi to face his twin and nodded his head. "Mom should be home already."​
    Their mother worked constantly so the twins rarely got to spend time with her. After their dad had passed away, things had been pretty rough. ​
    Daisuke turned to face the female once more and gave a flirtatious grin. "Maybe I can walk you home?"​
    It was taking everything in Daichi's power not to slap his brother upside the head.​
  9. As Hanna came out in the corridor she got a feeling that something was very wrong. She was certain that she saw things that shouldn't be there, but she convinced herself that it was because of the dark. Even Takashi got a bit spooked by the dark, something was just odd.

    "Yeah, bad luck there. No day to relax before the presentation." Takashi replied, also wanting the silence to end. "Oh well, it could have been worse." He then commented and laughed a bit before he felt the door to the janitors office. And even though he couldn't see it too clearly, he still could make out the staircase just some steps away. "Lucky, it's unlocked." He mentioned as he tested to open the door.

    A horrible stench came at him as the door was opened and as he tried to feel his way around the room he felt something slimy on the walls. "What... is that awful smell?" He asked, though he doubted that anyone else would have the answer.

    Aoi was pleased that her attempt to get Daisuke's attention wasn't in vain, not because she had doubted it. After all, which guy would say no to a rich and beautiful girl like her? She knew she could get anything or anyone she wanted, no one had ever turned her down. Though she usually didn't go for guys in her own class, she could do an exception this time.

    If he hadn't been standing so close to her then she would probably have missed the flirtatious grin he made. "Well, if it's not too much trouble." She answered with a shy smile. Mostly an act she put up when flirting with people. "I don't think I would dare to walk home alone in the dark. Not after Hanna told us about someone creeping around at night." She pretended to confess. She usually called her father to send someone to pick her up, it was on very rare occasions that she actually walked home. But if she could be a bit longer with this guy and annoy his twin brother at the same time, then it would be totally worth it. ​
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  10. The smell instantly wafted out through through the door and was sent Caroline's way. Instantly, she visibly cringed and attempted to begin breathing through her mouth only to discover it made no difference. "Do you see the flashlight?" Caroline questioned, moving towards the doorway. Despite the fact that her eyes were already adjusted to the darkness, she still could barely make out a thing except for the cluster of cleaning supplies on the shelf. There was also what appeared to be some sort of tarp in the corner of the room.

    "Maybe it's under there." the blonde suggested, hoping it wouldn't be so dark much longer.
    The girl wanted to reach forward and just slip the tarp right off of whatever it was covering, but for some reason she was fearful of doing so. Instead she shrunk back and stood next to Hanna. "Shouldn't the dean be here right about now? I mean, his office is just on the next floor."

    "You two seem pretty close." Daisuke said, not really aware of the two girls' friendship status. "Does she tell stories like that often?" He brushed off her story as if it were another school myth which, no doubt, it was. He knew they had some crazies in this town, but no one crazy enough to aimlessly walk around a high security boarding school. Last time someone tried something like that, they were shot accidently by a guard who got spooked. In fact, it cleared some of the homeless away from the school gates.

    Daichi released yet another annoyed sigh and allowed his head droop back, eyes shut. His arms were crossed firmly over his chest, his hands squeezing his upper arm slightly as a way to distract himself from their idle chatter. The only time he moved his hand away was to push his glasses back to the top of the bridge of his nose.

    A sudden creak of the floorboards snapped him out of it, causing him to sit up, eyes averting towards the doorway. The only thing he could make up was a large shadow. "Dean Hishori? Is that you?"
  11. Takashi tried hard to see something, but it was darker in the office since there wasn't any windows to help lit the room up. He tried to feel his way forward even though the slime covered walls made him a bit reluctant to do so. He felt his way forward to tarp in the corner of the room that Caroline had noticed, though on the way he hit something on a shelf that rolled over. "I think I found a flashlight" He said happily, and a flashlight it was.

    Hanna was glad that Caroline was close to her, because she was really scared now. She had never smelled something so disgusting before, why did it smell like that in the janitors office and where were he? Something felt terribly wrong. Takashi lit the flashlight and the first thing he saw was something red and slimy covering the walls. "What is that...." Hanna whispered, watching whatever the flashlight was aimed at. Takashi shook his head slowly. "I don't know."

    "We have a flashlight now, we should hurry and find a teacher or the janitor." Hanna then said, almost thinking that if they stayed there they might find a dead body or something. That wouldn't be surprising considering the stench.


    Aoi shook her head. "I don't know. We're just classmates, she's not someone I hang out with on my spare time." She tried to make the sentence sound innocent as if they just weren't personalities that were compatible with each other or they just had never thought about trying to be friends. But in reality she just thought Hanna was too geeky and ugly to hang out with her.

    She were about to continue speaking as they all heard the floor creaking. While the other two turned towards the door, Aoi almost threw herself scared into Daisuke's arms. She took a small step back as fast as she realized that it might be the others coming back. She felt a bit embarrassed over getting scared of a creak in the floor, after all there were both teachers and some other students left in the school. "Takashi? If it's you I'm going to kill you." She told the shadow a bit angry, but no answer.

    The shadow started to walk towards them with heavy, slow steps.
  12. Caroline nodded in agreement, thankful to be able to evade the stench in the air that was nearly giving her a headache. The two females stayed behind Takashi, seeing as he had the flashlight in his position. As weak as the flashlight appeared to be, most likely needing new batteries, it gave enough light for them to know which direction they were headed. They had already passed the classroom so she could only assume that they were either searching around this floor for an adult or heading for the upper floors in search of the dean.

    "It's oddly quiet," the blonde whispered. It was when that statement was made that she also realized that the rain and lightning was no longer present. She thought it was freaky with the eerie whether; now she just wish another storm cloud would form over the academy.

    Daichi still could not make out whose silhouette it was, but it was obvious it was male. No doubt, it was one of the adults that worked at the building. "Do you know when the lights are going to come back on? I have stuff to do." Daisuke questioned obliviously and in a rather rude fashion. The only answer he received was a small grunt that seemed to force it's way out of the man's throat. It almost seemed as if he had lost his voice. The man moved to the other side of the room as he began to mess with the teacher's cabinets, rummaging through them as if he were homeless.

    Daichi was getting an odd feeling from the man; he could not place what it was besides the obvious. He glanced over to Aoi and his brother, checking to see if they were wondering the same thing. Daisuke appeared to be slowly forming suspicion while he was unsure of Aoi. Before he could ask, though, the sound of glass being thrown to the ground resounded through the classroom. Then once again, the man made his way towards them. But this time he to having something glistening slightly in his grasp. It was only a second later that he saw the sharp end of broken glass pointed in their direction.
  13. Hanna had also noticed the eerie silence, if only some kind of sound, any kind at all could fill the void. But just as she wished for it she immediately wanted to take it back. A horrible moan could be heard through the corridors. It seemed to come from somewhere behind them. "What was that?" Hanna said, not sure if a human could make such a weird sound.

    Takashi aimed the flashlight behind them in the corridor, but the flashlight must have been too weak to be able to aim that far. "I don't know. Maybe someone fell down the stairs and hurt themselves in the dark." Takashi proposed as an explanation, though he could barely believe that himself after hearing that awful sound. It didn't sound human at all. Another moan could be heard, closer this time. Both Hanna and Takashi felt shivers down their spines, suddenly they knew that someone was looking at them.


    Aoi moved even closer to Daisuke, if it was even possible to do so. It was clearly not Takashi, nor any of their classmates. It must be an adult, but she doubted it was any of the teachers. He would have spoken to them in that case and told them to calm down. Maybe it was a homeless person or a thief that had taken their chance and broken in. But then he should have escaped when he noticed that there were people in the classroom.

    "Are you oka..." She started to ask but then heard the glass break. Then the man started to head towards them. Aoi backed a step before she had even noticed that he was holding the broken glass in his hand. Her body screamed at her to run away, and in the same moment she did the same. "Run." She screamed towards the other two. Even though they had the advantage of number, that man still had a weapon and could as well hurt them before they could take him down. Plus he was an adult and they were three kids, and they had no idea how strong he was.
  14. Caroline halted in her steps as her two classmates did and felt an uncomfortable shift in the air take place. Was someone else there? The blonde almost wanted to call out and see if what she felt was true, but she was too frightened. As if reading her thoughts, another moaning sound came from in front of them as well as the sound of footsteps. Instinctively, Caroline took a step back.

    The flashlight flickered for a brief moment until it shut off. Caroline nearly panicked right then and there, but soon it turned back on. A sigh of relief was released, but only after did she realize there was no longer the sound of someone’s footsteps. Even so, the sound of moaning was still present but it sounded as if it were coming from behind the two girls. Hesitantly, she peaked over her shoulder.

    The rest of the area besides where the flashlight shined was shrouded in darkness. But why was there a horrific, inhuman looking face staring back at her. A hand clasped on both Hanna’s and her shoulder.

    Daisuke and Daichi took those words to heart and ran to the back of the classroom. Daichi attempted opening the door, but it was jammed as it had been for the past month. Even so, he attempted to put all his strength into getting it open and even urgered his brother to help. Daisuke gave a nod of his head.

    As the two worked on getting the door open, the disfigured man came closer and closer with the sharp object in hand. A disgusting gurgling sound came from his throat and as he stepped in the small light coming from the window, a deep gash could be seen on his neck. His footsteps seemed to echo from within the room.

    One more step and he was directly in front of Aoi. The broken shard of glass was raised as the man was prepared to lodge it in her hand. Before he could, though, Daichi stopped what he was doing and lunged for the man. He only stumbled, but it was enough to distract him for a few seconds. “I got it!” Daisuke hollered, the sound of the door sliding open confirming this exclamation. “C’mon. Let’s get out of here.”