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  1. IdeaWelcome to Capture the Flag
    Before you enter the arena, please take the time to first read the following rules.

    1. In order for your team to win, you must capture the other team's flag. This is the only way you will gain access to the arena's exit.
    2. You may use all means to achieve the above goal, however the deliberate maiming or torture of an opponent is not permitted.
    3. You must stick with your decided team, the changing of sides is not permitted once you enter the arena.
    4. Changing your predetermined role within your team is not permitted. Therefore, challenging your leader is also forbidden.
    5. You are not permitted to harm your fellow teammates.
    6. You may only kill your opponents if they are within your territory.
    7. Killing in No-Man's land is not permitted.
    8. If you enter your opponent's territory, you are not allowed to leave it until you have either encountered an opponent or have spent longer than half an hour within it.
    9. The use of another person's weapon is not permitted.
    10. Attempting to leave the arena is strictly prohibited.

    Have fun, and enjoy the game!

    Interested in a combat-laden modern fantasy roleplay? I suggest you look no further!

    Capture the Flag is a well-known game where there are two teams, each competing to obtain the other team's flag (or traffic cone, hoola-hoop or anything that the ten-year-old you had on hand). This version of it is a deadly one. Slightly based off of the Hunger Games and the Maze Runner, this roleplay sees two teams of characters stuck in an arena. The only way out? Capture the other team's flag.

    To add another twist, upon entering the arena each character is granted a weapon of their choice and the ability to use it well. That paired with a challenging terrain (forests and swamps being the main ones) and a team as equally deadly as you are yourself is hopefully going to result in a fun roleplay! c:

    So far we have a ton of space to fill, so please come on over to the dark side and give this a shot. Feel free to test try it, even, it is easy to kill off characters and get rid of them in this game (>:D).

  2. Right, so at the moment we have a record-breaking amount of players.... Two. The GM (me) and my Co-GM.

    Obviously, we need more players. xD Come people! I summon thee with good spirits and violence! If you like romantic things, there is an option for that here as well! We've got everything from swords to guns to shrimp! :D
  3. The IC will be starting this weekend, but we're still looking for a few players! :3
  4. The previous date is going to be bumped to a bit sooner, I'm planning to have the IC up today. We're still looking for a bunch of players!

    Also, you are more than welcome to jump in after the IC starts. I'm planning to fill out both teams with NPCs, but once players join the NPCs will be killed off to provide spaces in the teams for player characters. c:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.