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Amber's going to be gone for awhile: How do you want to proceed?

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  1. Make Crysodic GM! (He protests due to the inability to write fight scenes)

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  2. Pause the RP until Amber gets back (this will be two weeks or so).

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  3. Attempt to 'wing it' and roll without an official GM.

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  4. Volunteer to temporarily GM (PM me please)!

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  5. Other (please specify)

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    As such, she will not be able to GM for the roleplay and it has been put on hiatus until she gets her precious wifi back. This will likely take around two weeks, give or take a bit, due to the fact that she is undergoing an trans-continental move.
    Capture the Flag WILL NOT be accepting characters during this time, and posts in the IC should not continue until Amber returns. However, members are welcomed (and encouraged) to post OCC chat on the thread and perhaps plan for upcoming events / relationships / whatever within the roleplay.
    Amber will be PMing all recently active Capture the Flag members when she returns to see if everybody is still available and willing to continue with the roleplay.

    IntroductionWelcome to Capture the Flag
    Before you enter the arena, please take the time to first read the following rules.

    1. In order for your team to win, you must capture the other team's flag. This is the only way you will gain access to the arena's exit.
    2. You may use all means to achieve the above goal, however the deliberate maiming or torture of an opponent is not permitted.
    3. You must stick with your decided team, the changing of sides is not permitted once you enter the arena.
    4. Changing your predetermined role within your team is not permitted. Therefore, challenging your leader is also forbidden.
    5. You are not permitted to harm, or attempt to harm, your fellow teammates.
    6. You may only kill your opponents if they are within your territory.
    7. Killing or fighting in No Man's land is not permitted.
    8. If you enter your opponent's territory, you are not allowed to leave it until you have either encountered an opponent or have spent longer than half an hour within it.
    9. The use of another person's weapon is not permitted.
    10. Attempting to leave the arena is strictly prohibited.

    Have fun, and enjoy the game!

    You stare at the list of rules for a few moments. What is this? Some sort of twisted prank? With a sigh, you turn around to make your way back out of the room only to find that the entrance had disappeared. Spinning around and thinking you must be facing the wrong wall, you soon spot two doors on the opposite side of the room. The only difference between them was that one door was black, and the other was white. Slowly turning back to look at the list of rules you had seen before, you found that it had been replaced by two words.

    Good Luck.

    The Black Team

    The Team
    Leader: Ike Dahl @Crysodic
    Deputy: Alexandra Cross @IceQueen
    Strategist: Matthias Jonavan Northe @Ner0
    Doctor: Thaddeus J. Hatfield @ivoryknight22

    Scouts {3}
    Astrid Keegan @Thurrbo
    Lycus Kree @Killako
    Cordelia Guila Lione @★Under The Stars★

    Warriors {5}
    Christina Rhodes @Amber Fall
    Lauren Jennings @Mocking_Jayy
    Nikolai Arkaden Luzchezke @HellHoundWoof
    Rhogar Yarjerit @Bismarck
    {One Open}
    Territory & Team Base
    There are three main areas within the black team territory. These are the Team Base, the Water Reserve and the East Jungle.

    The Team Base is on the east side of the arena in a less densely vegetated area and is, itself, split into three main sections. Each section is upon stilts around 15 feet high, and there is a staircase in the middle of each section that allows transportation into and out of the base. The three bases are arranged in a triangle formation. The smallest of the three contains the team's kitchen, dining area and small lounge as well as being home to the leader's office.
    The other two sections are equally sized and contain five bedrooms each in addition to two bathrooms per section. The black team base is primarily made out of wood and other lightweight materials due to the fact that if it is too heavy the stilts will break, and therefore the furniture within the bases are somewhat basic. The base has basic electricity as well as warm water.
    The team base sector connects to No Man's land's Crane path.


    The Water Reserve is located between the team base and the east jungle and is a large expanse of water. There are multiple waterfalls falling from the parts of the land that are more steep, however the majority of the land is flat. The water is slightly like a marshland and the swamp seen in No Man's land, however is more clear and less vegetated towards the center of the water. Many creatures can be seen to gather here in order to get water.
    The water reserve connects to No Man's land's Alligator and Turtle paths.

    The East Jungle is on the opposite side of the arena from the team base. Out of all three areas, it is the most dense and thickly vegetated. It is home to jaguars and many species if snake due to the fact that it is more jungle-esc. The east jungle is also home to the black team's Flag. It connects to No Man's land's Snake and Frog paths.


    The White Team

    The Team
    All white team characters will be NPCs controlled by the GM.

    Leader: Jessica 'Sugar' Whiteman
    Deputy: Conn Declan
    Strategist: Fiona Declan
    Doctor: Walter Guo

    Scouts {3}
    Blake Kelly
    Jessica Montgomery
    Alice Merlet

    Warriors {5}
    Andrea Thain
    Alex Brown
    Eric Almonte
    Sander Days
    Cassandra Nicole
    Territory & Team Base
    There are four main sections in the white team's territory. These are the Marsh, the Forest, the Plain and the Team Base. Compared to the black team territory there is a lot more diversity of terrain within the white territory, which can make it both easier and harder to navigate depending on which sector you are within.

    The Marsh acts as the white team's border with No Man's land. It is the section where the swamp fades into a drier, more forest-like area. The marsh spans the entire width of the white territory, and you can find many run-away No Man's land animals here. It connects to all Five of the No Man land's paths, and continues the Snake, Crane and Alligator paths into the white team's forest territory.

    The Forest is on the west side of the white territory. It is home to a large coniferous forest, the main tree species being the white cedar. In some parts it carries on the marsh's wetland properties and is a swamp forest, however in other areas it is drier and resembles an on-land forest more - this can be seen towards the back of the territory.
    The forest connects to No Man's land's Alligator and Crane paths.

    The Plain is in the middle of the white team territory. Despite its name, it is not a barren land and instead is home to a small swamp forest, however on a lesser scale than that seen in the forest sector. It gradually fades into a dry wasteland. It connects to no path through the No Man's land, however the white territory's marsh has its own paths that connect to it. These paths are the Slug and River Hog paths, both of which stem from the Crane path.

    The Team Base is situated on the east side of the white team's territory. The base consists of a large log-cabin, primarily made from wood but with a few large windows. The furnishing is basic but comfortable, and there is basic electricity throughout the base. The bedrooms are situated towards the north of the cabin, and the dining room, kitchen, leader's office and lounge are on the south end. There are ten bedrooms and four bathrooms. The terrain around the base is more forested (however not as much so as the forest sector) and the cabin blends in well with its surroundings.
    The black team base connects with No Man's land's Snake path.



    No Man's Land

    No Man's Land Rules
    -As stated in the general rules, killing or fighting in this zone is not permitted in any situation. If you do so, expect to receive strict punishment. This could include the removal of your weapon and death.

    -Unless otherwise stated, you may not remain in No Man's land for longer than two hours at a time.

    -You are permitted to spy or conduct espionage within No Man's land.

    -You are also permitted to use the No Man's land to lure opponents into your own territory.

    -You are allowed to hunt or do other recreational activities within No Man's land. However, if you set a hunting trap and happen to injure an opponent with it be prepared for punishment.

    No Man's Land Properties
    -No Man's land, due to its swampy terrain, is home to many forms of wildlife and nature. In particular, No Man's land's water specializes in swamp alligators, caiman, crayfish, other fish species and shrimp. Above water No Man's land has many species of snakes such as anacondas and other varieties of swamp snakes. No Man's land is also notorious for its large abundance of snapping turtles. It also has a large variety of insects and frogs.

    -Despite the occasionally dry climates in team territories, No Man's land is always hot and humid.

    -The water within No Man's land's swamps is unpolluted by human means, however is not directly consumable due to obvious traits (insects, plants, ect).

    -There are five main paths through No Man's land. They are called the Snake Path, the Alligator Path, the Crane Path, the Turtle Path and the Frog Path.

    The Snake Path is named because of the abundance of snakes that seem to be constantly moving around its edges and through it. It is one of the smaller paths, as not many want to brave the reptiles, but is the most direct path connecting the Black and White territory. It is the most eastern path.

    The Alligator Path is named because along it there is the largest patch of water out of the five paths. On the average human, this water stretches up to one's waist. You cannot see the bottom of it, and many fear getting bit by an alligator because of that despite the fact that the creatures mostly stay on the swamp surface. The Alligator Path cuts straight through the swamp between both territories, however does so at a diagonal and therefore is a bit longer than the Snake Path.

    The Crane Path is named because it covers the most clear water of the swamp, and has more sunlight that shines upon it than the other five paths. It is long and winding but connects the Black and White territories at the most western point. Seeing cranes along it is not guaranteed.

    The Turtle Path is named because it DOESN'T have any turtles along it. No Man's land is nearly covered with snapping turtles, however the turtle path covers the small piece of swamp that is not. To achieve this, it has to wind through the swamp and is the longest path of the five. It crosses the Alligator Path and the Crane path and is on the more western part of No Man's Land.

    The Frog Path is named because there are many frogs along the path. However, due to the abundance of them, this path also tends to attract snakes. It goes through roughly the middle of all the other paths, and contains the least amount of water. In its deepest part, the swamp only goes up to the average person's ankles. However, if you stumble from this path it is likely you might get caught in quicksand. It crosses the Snake Path in some areas, and is in the eastern sector of the arena.

    Other Points of Information

    -Due to the fact that filling two entire teams would require quite an abundance of players, the WHITE TEAM will all be NPCs that will be controlled by me, as the GM (yay for millions of NPCs!). These characters will be used as plot providers and there is a good chance that anybody entering the white team's territory will encounter them. If I'm bored and want to interact with ya'll, you may also encounter them within No Man's land. Keep in mind that they can also stage an invasion at any time, so keep on your toes!
    However, if there is a ton of interest in this roleplay I might open up the white team for actual character applications.

    -Each character is granted a weapon of their desire upon entering the arena. They are also granted the ability to wield and use this weapon efficiently. These weapons can be anything from your average sword to something more abstract like a mere (a weapon that specialized in poking people).
    If you decide to choose a weapon that requires ammunition (guns, bows and arrows) you will be granted an unlimited supply of ammo. However, reloading times are still relevant and your character will only be able to realistically carry a certain amount of ammunition.

    -As mentioned in the roleplay's tags, there is a strong possibility for character death to occur. You cannot kill another player's character without their consent. However, if the odds are significantly against your character, it would be more realistic to have the character killed. Once a character is killed a replacement will be sent in by the creator of the game - this character is reserved for the player whose character was killed, however if that player doesn't wish to continue playing another person may create a character for them. They will be given the same rank as the one vacated.

    -The characters will be put into the arena by an unknown person who created the game. You may create a 'normal' character who just happened to be thrown into the arena if you wish. This unknown person will also appear later within the roleplay to throw in plot-twists and such if I deem them necessary.

    -Your Co-GM for this venture is Crysodic.​
    Character Sheet
    Name: Full name, please.



    Age: Please don't make a character below the age of 14.


    Rank: Ranks are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, if you are applying for a leader spot please PM me first.

    Chosen Weapon Specialty: See 'other points of information' for more information on these.

    Strengths: At least three.

    Weaknesses: Preferably the same amount of strengths you put down.

    Personality: At least a paragraph please.

    Appearance: Pictures or written descriptions, I don't mind. However, if you do use pictures, I would prefer them to be more realistic opposed to anime-style.

    [Brief] Background:

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  2. The White Team's NPCs {Controlled by Amber as the GM}
    Please note that these are incomplete character sheets, however since they are NPCs I've just put the vital information.

    [Appearance Unknown]
    Name: Jessica 'Sugar' Whiteman
    Gender: Female
    Team: White
    Rank: Leader
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Bagh Naka [Tiger Claws]
    Strengths: Human Perception, Dissection, Poison


    Name: Conn Declan
    Gender: Male
    Team: White
    Rank: Deputy
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Brass Knuckles / Knuckle Dusters
    Strengths: Human Perception, Inspirational Speeches, Jokes


    Name: Fiona Declan
    Gender: Female
    Team: White
    Rank: Strategist
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Semi-Automatic Pistol
    Strengths: Evaluation, Understanding Human Nature, Analysis


    Name: Walter Guo
    Gender: Male
    Team: White
    Rank: Doctor
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Doctor's Equipment
    Strengths: Surgery, Knocking People Out [fists]

    Name: Blake Kelly
    Gender: Male
    Team: White
    Rank: Scout
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Kunai [Japanese Short Daggers]
    Strengths: Stealth, Accuracy, Persuasion

    Name: Jessica Montgomery
    Gender: Female
    Team: White
    Rank: Scout
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Twin Semi-Automatic 19mm Pistols
    Strengths: Disguises / Makeup, Facial Recognition, Climbing

    Name: Alice Merlet
    Gender: Female
    Team: White
    Rank: Scout
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Glaive [French Polearm Weapon]
    Strengths: Flexibility, Photographic Memory, Quick Reflexes


    Name: Andrea Thain
    Gender: Female
    Team: White
    Rank: Warrior
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Semi-Automatic 12-Gauge Shotgun
    Strengths: Stealth, Aim / Accuracy, Staying Cool-Headed

    Name: Alex Brown
    Gender: Male
    Team: White
    Rank: Warrior
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Two-handed European Longsword
    Strengths: Strength, Endurance, Singing

    Name: Eric Almonte
    Gender: Male
    Team: White
    Rank: Warrior
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Spanish 17th Century Rapier
    Strengths: Speed, Quick Reflexes, Reading People's Eyes

    Name: Sander Days
    Gender: Male
    Team: White
    Rank: Warrior
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Ax
    Strengths: Killing Mercilessly, Accuracy, Endurance

    Name: Cassandra Nicole
    Gender: Female
    Team: White
    Rank: Warrior
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: A Two-Foot Long Spiked Battlehammer
    Strengths: Strength, Endurance, Direct Hits

    The Black Team's Temporary NPCs {Everybody Can Control Them}
    Please note that these NPCs are only to fill up the black team in order for the roleplay to start. Once actual people with characters apply, the NPC in the corresponding position will be killed off to create a space for the character.


    Name: Kieran Wells
    Gender: Male
    Team: Black
    Rank: Warrior
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: 9mm Sub-Machine Gun
    Strengths: Throwing, Running, Climbing

    Dead NPCs (open)


    Name: Kyle Lane
    Gender: Male
    Team: Black
    Rank: Warrior
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Frag Grenade
    Strengths: Morals, Self-Disciplined, Cool-Headed


    Name: Fah Christajoon
    Gender: Female
    Team: Black
    Rank: Scout
    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Ngao [Thai Bladed Staff]
    Strengths: Krabi-Krabong [Fighting Style], Stealth, Flexibility, Linguistics
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  3. Name: Ike Dahl

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Age: Seventeen

    Team: Black

    Rank: Leader

    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Spear

    Strengths: Nimble, Strong Willed, Well-Read

    Weaknesses: Irresponsible, Vengeful, Impulsive

    Personality: Ike is not the best leader out there, unless dragged to do something, he will most likely not do it. It is not that he is lazy, just no motivation to do most things. But with reading, he will jump at as soon as he can. Most likely, if there was a book in the world, he has either read it or it is next in line. Even with staying indoors most of the time, he has managed a light figure that leads him to some interesting places that are usually not accessible to a bigger build of people. With this he has explored many nooks and crevices of many places. Caves, buildings, trees. Or was that in a game? Anyways, Ike has passed many fears he once had. But yet one he has to pass is death itself. With this he pretends to be fine, but lusts to draw blood of the ones or things who have fallen his friends or family. This also makes him to act on instinct, where usually bad in most cases. Could prove useful in some ways.

    Appearance: 2cdzy93.png

    [Brief] Background: Ike was mostly quiet, with few random times that he chimes in information. You can find him usually in the library reading some seemingly random book every day-oh-but he has a list. A list that is in his pocket every second of the day that he will pull out if he dislikes (and that is rare itself) a book, or to check it off if he had just finished it. While reading is his main thing to do while waiting for things to happen, his second thing would be to go exploring around his school, in the forest and sometimes in random caves that few people knew about before Ike explored everything about it.


    Ike's Spear (open)
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  4. Accepted! c:

    I may or may not make my own black team character, having one might be useful to help introduce plot elements but I might get a little busy with the NPCs at times.

    But I'll only have that problem if the roleplay actually STARTS and people actually JOIN. Anybody? Please? We're friendly! We don't bite (just shoot, slice and hammer...).
  5. This sounds fun, if I can have an awesome character who know's mixed martial arts, and possibly be the responsible one?
  6. Sounds good. I guess I do not really know what you mean by responsible one, but go ahead.
  7. Nevermind. BTW, your guy is pretty cute~
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  8. @IceQueen - Sounds good, I look forward to seeing your character! :D

    Also, my apologies, but I plan to keep the responsible one to myself. (S)he's MINE. /shot
    I don't intend him / her to be involved in the games, they'll just be on the outside watching and pulling the strings.
  9. Nah, no, I mean the responsible one, as in if they have an irresponsible leader, the second in command, or just, one that sticks to the rules and reminds the team not to be stupid
  10. So more or less a babysitter for Ike. Because I build him to be the irresponsible leader. I do not see a problem with it, so go ahead and throw out your person whenever.
  11. [​IMG]
    Alexandra Cross
    They just call her Alex






    ::Chosen Weapon Specialty::
    Double Katana, one white, one black

    Flexible, Nimble, Mixed Martial Arts, Observant

    Uptight, Strict, Authority Figure, Buzz Kill, Not to Powerful

    Alex is a responsible and serious girl. She takes jokes seriously, and is know to be sort of a buzz kill to the
    joking party. Since the day she had started the games, she hasn't laughed even once. She is always serious during battle
    and has a habit of coming to the rescue. She is defiantly the authority figure out of the group, and she is the
    one who lays down the law. But when she is alone, she is found to look quite lonely. She often
    reads books in her spare time, or she is found drawing things in her book. She thinks a
    lot about her past, and before she got into the game, and she has a few scars that
    you will see now and again, but she doesn't talk about them.

    Alex stands at the height of 5'5" and weighs roughly 110 pounds. She has three piercings in each ear, and her hair is a dark
    brown and is cropped short for convenience. She has in addition, a belly button piercing and a tattoo on her right side and one on her
    lower back, and she has a fairly flat chest. She has a long scar along her back, and a few smaller one's around
    it, which she refuses to talk about.

    Tattoo 1- Right Side

    Tattoo 2- Lower Back


    ::[Brief] Background::
    Alex was born into a drunkards household, with her mother working most of the time to keep the family alive.
    Alex spent as much time at school as possible. She used art and other forms, like poetry and song
    to try and convey a message, but she just got beaten more. And than is when she
    was brought here.

    Alex guards her drawing book with her life because it has connections to her past. She guards it with her life, and once hung a
    team member by their toes outside her room for trying to take her book.
  12. Derp. But yeah, she looks great! c: Accepted!
  13. [​IMG]

    Branden Almaraz
    Chosen Weapon Specialty:


    Sniping, Boxing, and cooking
    Not organized, acts without thinking, and kind of lazy
    Outspoken and assertive. Enjoys people and is stimulating company. Outgoing, social, open, attention seeking. Insensitive. Always joking. The life of the party. Creative, resourceful, and intellectually quick. Good at a broad range of things. Enjoys debating issues. Likes one-upmanship. Talented at presentation. Gets excited about new ideas and projects, but may neglect the more routine aspects of life. Great ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions. Rule breaker, risk taker, thrill seeker. Comfortable in unfamiliar situations. Appreciates strangeness and counterculture. Adaptable. Messy. Acts without thinking. Not into organized religion.
    [Brief] Background:
    Branden grew up in the woods with his mother. He would always take the rifle his dad left him, before he left. Branden would spend hours outdoors with his sniper, shooting anything that moved.
    He is a HUGE cat lover.
  14. @❖Cats❖ - Branden looks great! Accepted. c:

    I'll wait for one or two more people before I begin the IC, but if we don't have anymore players by this weekend I'll see about getting an opening post up. :3 I'm also working on a CS of my own, I think I'll reserve a warrior.
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  15. She's a work in progress - I'll finish her at some point during the week. I blame Crying Man @Crysodic for being impatient and yelling at me to put my CS up. :'(
    {Edit: She's finished. c:}

    Christina (open)

    Name: Christina 'Chris' Rhodes
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Age: Sixteen [16]

    Team: Black
    Rank: Warrior

    Chosen Weapon Specialty: Scythe
    Strengths: Focused, Determined, Agile, Strong, Good with Fire
    Weaknesses: Frogs, Irrational Sense of Judgement, Easily Provoked, Short Temper, Impulsive, Mild Pyromaniac

    Personality: It would be wise to stay as far away as possible from Chris. She's violent, impulsive and is easily put in a rage - she will not hesitate to cut you up if you cross her. She cooperates when she likes the person giving her orders, however if she doesn't like you she couldn't be dragged into anything by a pod of whales and much less a herd of wild horses. Many regard Chris as mentally unstable, which she is to a good degree, however she does still possess her morality - though she is prone to loosing it once she's gone into a rage. In tight situations she does know how to keep her head on though, and is quick to spot an opponent's weaknesses.

    She is very hard to intimidate, and is practically fearless - the one exception to that is her irrational fear of frogs. It is unknown how Chris came to possess this innate terror of the usually small and harmless amphibians, but she cannot stand the creatures and will either run away at the sight of them or will not be able to move on until she's cut the offending animal to small pieces. Quite frankly, the path she chooses depends on her mood - of which she generally has two. One is more calm, and one is less so.

    Chris's mood is largely decided on how much sleep she's gotten: however, while one might think that her calmer personality emerges when she's rested, they would be very wrong. The less sleep Chris gets the more placid she'll be, though the cost for her calm is her slipping abilities as she cannot work as well when she's tired. She'll still mercilessly attack her opponents, yes, but she might be a little slower and not quite able to predict her enemy's reaction as quickly as she might be able to otherwise. Chris doesn't believe in practice, thinking that you might as well go out and do something for real rather than sit around in an isolated area.

    [Brief] Background: Chris is a seven time inmate for a small variety of crimes; generally related to theft or the result of her violent tendencies. She once set a man on fire. That resulted in her longest jail sentence, though the time that she nearly bludgeoned another woman to death was going to compete with that sentence - depending on how well her trail went -, however she was then put in the arena. Chris grew up with six other siblings, but despite it acts like more of an only child: preferring to keep everything to herself. She was taught quite quickly that she had to fight for anything she wanted, and she took pleasure in doing so.

    Chris' Scythe (open)
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  17. At the least we have equal gender ratio
  18. Its not necessarily important to have equal gender ratios, it is kinda nice if any romance happens.
  19. It's nice when romance happens, with me that is almost certain
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