Capture the Flag [Maze Runner Version]

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  1. *Renamed from 'Capture the Flag [Hunger Games Version]' after it was suggested that this is less like the hunger games and more like the maze runner.

    This roleplay is now a thing! If you are interested, please check out our signups thread!

    IdeaWelcome to Capture the Flag
    Before you enter the arena, please take the time to first read the following rules.

    1. In order for your team to win, you must capture the other team's flag. This is the only way you will gain access to the arena's exit.
    2. You may use all means to achieve the above goal, however the deliberate maiming or torture of an opponent is not permitted.
    3. You must stick with your decided team, the changing of sides is not permitted once you enter the arena.
    4. Changing your predetermined role within your team is not permitted. Therefore, challenging your leader is also forbidden.
    5. You are not permitted to harm your fellow teammates.
    6. You may only kill your opponents if they are within your territory.
    7. Killing in No-Man's land is not permitted.
    8. If you enter your opponent's territory, you are not allowed to leave it until you have either encountered an opponent or have spent longer than half an hour within it.
    9. The use of another person's weapon is not permitted.
    10. Attempting to leave the arena is strictly prohibited.

    Have fun, and enjoy the game!
    Would anybody be interested in that? It is sort of hunger games-ish, but not entirely. The teams would consist of perhaps 5-10 members each, depending on how much interest I get, and there would be two sides. I'm thinking of naming them 'black' and 'white', but neither team is particularly evil or innocent so I'm not sure if I'll go with those two colors because of their possible connotations. I do like the idea of having color teams though, I'm thinking of having an element where if you choose the black team your hair will be died black and the same going for the white team. It would eliminate the need for jerseys haha.

    As a heads up, I expect this roleplay would probably be rated for Language: Mild-Explicit, Character Death (as mentioned below), Gore and possibly Graphic Violence.

    Obviously, there would be a lot of fighting, violence and possibly some character death. I'm not exactly all that keen on dice systems though, so players would have to work out their own battles via PM or some other method. I think the characters would be automatically granted the ability to wield a weapon of their choice once they enter the arena. I haven't exactly thought as to why they might be in the arena in the first place, but I think they might accidentally wander in and not be able to get out.

    Within the teams, I think there will be a few designated roles. So far I'm thinking of having:
    • A Leader
    • A Deputy / Second in Command
    • A Strategist
    • A Medic, maybe?
    • Possibly some spies? I might create some rules for them, but I guess they'd try to investigate the other team's territory and find the flag.
    • Warrior / Main Fighting people, the soldiers. These might be divided up into both long-range and melee fighters.
    But I'm open to any other suggestions. Maybe a cook could be thrown in there, I don't know. xD

    I'm imagining this to be an intermediate-adept roleplay, but depending on the interest I get that might be altered a bit. Ideally I'd be looking for at least ten players, if not more. Playing more than one character, even one character on both sides, would highly encouraged in order to fill up the teams.

    Again, depending on how much interest I get, I might also look for a Co-GM [edit: behold your Co-GM Crysodic]. I'm hoping not to just make this a bunch of people fighting but also have some plot twists or whatever in it, and I'll need help coming up with those.

    Possible Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Full name, please.


    Age: Please don't make a character below the age of 14.

    Team: Please note that your character's hair will be dyed the same color as their team's.

    Rank: Ranks are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, if you are applying for a leader spot please PM me first.

    Chosen Weapon Specialty: This can be anything from a sword to a hamster, but your character can only specialize in one. If you have any doubts about your chosen weapon, feel free to PM me.

    Strengths: At least three.

    Weaknesses: Preferably the same amount of strengths you put down.

    Personality: At least a paragraph please.


    [Brief] Background: You don't have to put much here, but it would be nice if you outlined how your character ended up in the arena. ***This may not apply if I decide to have the characters introduced to the arena involuntarily.


    So, anybody with me? c:
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  2. This idea seems great. I would be willing to join.
  3. Oh hey, a person! :D /shot

    I think I'll be looking for at least three interested people before making an official thread and such but a good few more will be needed if the roleplay is to be done properly. Though if there isn't that much interest I guess it would be possible for just one team to be played and the other team could be controlled by me as NPCs or something.
  4. Oh boy. A whole team of NPC's? Sure it is possible, but if you want five to ten people on a team that would be alot of people to handle for yourself.
  5. Pffft, there are no limits to my muse!
    Yeah, it might be. If it comes to that I think I'd employ a co-GM to help me out with that. Though I guess I'd only have to play the other team when there is combat happening, right? Though since that is the point of the roleplay that might be a lot of the time. And I guess playing the other team as NPCs would create a lot of plot options, like a spontaneous invasion and things. That might be interesting.
  6. A Co-GM would be good, but to have it be the way that you would want it to go, you would have to tell them to do this thing this way. But then you may as well do it yourself if you want it done in a specific way.

    I could always do it *cough cough*
  7. Fine, it looks like I have no choice. I hereby declare Crysodic as Co-GM! *Goes off to edit that into the top post*
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