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    Ike Dahl {Black Leader} {@Crysodic}
    Alexandra Cross {Black Deputy} {@IceQueen}
    Matthias Jonavan Northe {Black Strategist} {@Ner0}
    Thaddeus J. Hatfield {Black Doctor} {@ivoryknight22}
    Astrid Keegan {Black Scout} {@Thurrbo}
    Lycus Kree {Black Scout} {@Killako}
    Cordelia Guila Lione {Black Scout} {@★Under The Stars★}
    Christina Rhodes {Black Warrior} {@Amber Fox}
    Lauren Jennings {Black Warrior} {@Mocking_Jayy}
    Nikolai Arkaden Luzchezke {Black Warrior} {@HellHoundWoof}
    Rhogar Yarjerit {Black Warrior} {@Bismarck}
    Braden Almaraz {Black Scout} {@❖Cats❖}, Killed by Rule #11 Infraction

    Kieran Wells {Black Warrior}

    Jessica Whiteman {White Leader}
    Conn Declan {White Deputy}
    Fiona Declan {White Strategist}
    Walter Guo {White Doctor}
    Blake Kelly {White Scout}
    Jessica Montgomery {White Scout}
    Alice Merlet {White Scout}
    Andrea Thain {White Warrior}
    Alex Brown {White Warrior}
    Eric Almonte {White Warrior}
    Sander Days {White Warrior}
    Cassandra Nicole {White Warrior}
    Kyle Lane {Black Warrior}, Killed by Alex Brown {White Warrior}
    Fah Christajoon {Black Scout}, Killed by Andrea Thain {White Warrior}

    Arena Day #1
    Temperature: Humid, Warm
    Weather: Cloudy, Possible Rain
    Event: Supply Run

    Jessica 'Sugar'
    White Territory

    Jessica woke up with a weird pounding sensation in her head. It took her a few seconds, but she quickly came around - realizing that she must have been drugged. Immediately stilling herself and playing dead, the woman - more commonly known under her alias 'Sugar' - quickly determined that there was nobody else in the immediate vicinity. She just felt vaguely warm. Tumbling out of her bed, she looked around. She seemed to be in a strange room that smelled mostly of wood and some sort of musty, nature-y scent. Spotting a window with curtains drawn over it, Sugar threw the cloth open and a forest was revealed to her.

    "What the hell?" The female muttered, wondering if it was real. Her memory was starting to come back to her - the strange sign and list of rules she had seen in that strange room appearing in her mind. "I'm not... Oh come on." She tilted her head slightly, obviously curious about the situation she had found herself in. Surprisingly, Sugar didn't seem that concerned about the fact that she seemed to have wandered into some sort of killing game. She moved out of her room, hearing a bunch of voices down a long corridor. There seemed to be quite a few other rooms there as well, how many other players would there be in this game exactly?

    Jogging down the hall of what appeared to be a log cabin, which was thankfully well air-conditioned - as outside seemed to be pretty hot and humid -, Sugar found a large group of people clustered around what seemed to be a board with some sort of list on it.

    "Jessica Whiteman, leader." Spoke a man in a blue suit, looking rather out of place among the other people as the rest of them were dressed rather casually. "Who is she?"

    "That would be me." Sugar spoke up, all eyes fixing on her. "You're to call me Sugar from here on out." She added, already adopting her new role. She couldn't say that she was disappointed with her fortune. "I'm sure that we're all thinking the same thing - why are we here, what are we supposed to do, and how do we get out. For now, I see no reason to think that what these rules say are false." At this point, Sugar had captured the attention of what seemed to be the other ten people in the room with her. Apparently she had woken up a bit late.

    "In order to get out, we're going to have to capture the other team's flag. Hmm. The black team, are they?" The female seemed to think for a few seconds. "I don't see any reason, either, to think that this black team is going to go easy on us. Black. It seems like something's trying to tell us that they're darker than us. They'll be trying to chop us to little pieces, they might have been here for days in preparation. So we're going to have to get our game on. If we go by chess rules we've got the first move. Let's make the most of that, shall we?" Sugar walked up to the board. The rules were listed on them again, but there was also a list of all of the people on her team. "I'm going to need my deputy and strategist for now. The rest of you go practice or something." The female ordered, and without a second thought the rest of the team moved off. Her deputy and strategist remained.

    "Conn and Fiona Declan, hmm? So, are you siblings or are you married?" Sugar asked, though it was less of a friendly question than what seemed to be an interrogation. The pair sensed this and straightened up.

    "Twins, sir." The man, supposedly Conn, replied sharply. Sugar smiled.

    "I like that. Scratch the whole Sugar thing, you are all to call me sir."
    Black Territory

    Chris had been awake for awhile. The amateurs that had tried to sedate her and carry her to the arena hadn't factored in the fact that she was well used to sedatives - her body was at the point where she automatically processed them and was able to delay or subdue their effects rather effectively. She didn't protest, however, since the concept sounded fun. A killing game where you wouldn't get put in jail for, well, killing people? That would be cool. Hopefully the game would live up to its rules though, Chris now had this brilliant opportunity but if the rest of her team was a bunch of conservative ten-year-olds she would be severely disappointed. Maybe disappointed enough to cut them up... The girl regarded the scythe that had been placed at the side of her bed.

    Grinning slightly manically, Chris got up and picked up the weapon. It seemed to be pretty well crafted - she was well pleased with it. The redhead experimented a little bit, taking a good thwack at the wooden wall a few feet from her. The weapon cut through the material, light starting to stream in from the hole she had created. A slightly crazed light started to seep into Chris' eyes, however she stopped herself from cutting up the whole place when she realized that it was rather hot and humid outside. She didn't want her room to be filled with that disguising warm air. Needless to say, the girl preferred the cold.

    Turning on her heel, Chris wandered out of her room. She checked a few of the others, even entering one other girl's room and shaking her, but they all seemed to be pretty heavily sedated still. That was disappointing. "I wonder if they would stay asleep if I cut them up..." The redhead muttered to herself, giggling quietly and sounding vaguely like a young child as she did so. Strangely innocent, considering the actual meaning of her words. She did recognize that now was probably not the time, however, instead continuing to wander through the small house she had found herself in. Soon she found a small map that seemed to signal the layout of what was titled the 'TEAM BASE'.

    There seemed to be three main sections to the base. She was in one of the two dorms, and then there was one main area. Shrugging, Chris oriented herself quickly before bursting outside to find the main area. She sighed at the sight of the few flights of stairs she would have to go down to get to the ground, before eyeing the staircase's railing. "Whoop!" She was screaming a moment later, sliding down the rail at a surprisingly fast pace and probably waking up anybody whose sedatives were starting to wear off. As well as any other living creatures around the place, a few birds were unsettled and burst into the sky while she yelled.

    Stumbling into the main lodge, Chris found herself in what seemed to be a lounge of some sort. Swinging her scythe over her shoulder, she moved towards a board that seemed to have a listing of names on it.​

    Chris wondered idly whether or not she should be insulted that she wasn't the leader. She quickly decided that she wasn't. As a warrior she would get a lot more chances to chop things up anyway. A light started to shine in the redhead's eyes again and she started to giggle once more. "Fun, fun, fun." She laughed, falling back onto a couch and studying her scythe as she waited for the others to arrive.​
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  2. galvanizeburn.regular.png

    Ike only remembered being throw into a soft surface, then metal landing on the floor before zoning out again.

    Once he awoke, Ike's whole body ached with the almost torture they did to him. But really all they did was drag his feet as they carried him to the arena and his hut. Non the less, Ike quickly rolled off of the messily made bed and nearly landed on the spear that quietly awaited him. Thankfully, the extra blade was laying on the other side of Ike as he pushed himself off of the floor and dusting himself off. Looking around Ike did not find himself in a hostile area, more of a peaceful and non-killing room. He picked up the spear and stamped the blunt end on the floor to test the wooden floor he is standing on. Well, it is not build the best, but it will not fall apart. Ike thought to himself while we walked to the doorway, a large piece of cloth hanged over it with a strange symbol that was also marked around the room in Onix blocks. He pushed the fabric out of the way to have a blast of heat blow into the room and directly into his face. Ike finally stepped out when his body heat adjusted to the warmth of the outside.

    When outside, Ike heard a scream that came down from lower in the camp. Finally, he remembered. This is a war versus black and white whoever takes the flag first. Wins. Ike's body movers had told him when he was still drugged. "Shit. Are we already getting attacked?" Ike said to himself as he took down the big staircase, his spear in tow.

    Once reaching the bottom, Ike darted for the place he heard a thud, at the bottom of a railway that led to a lounge of some sorts. To save time, he chucked his spear down the stairs and then jumped the rest of it. Landing at the bottom of the stairs with a loud slam and a slight tumble. Balancing himself once again, Ike quickly picked up the spear and got into a defensive stance while standing in the doorway. He looked around the room and found a board with some names etched into it, then turning his attention to the woman sitting on the couch looking relaxed. Well, we have roughly the same clothes. Guess we are on the same team. Ike though as he lowered his spear, pointing its sharpened blade to the ground to show no hostility to the new person. He looked curious about this new person as he did not expect someone to be relaxing when they could be doing something productive or anything else except for this. "So uh. Hi? I am Ike..." Ike finally managed to spit out, after looking at the woman for a good minute. Trying to find something new to look at, he cranked his head to look at the board, it listed the people on the team. As he read it, Ike crossed his name and found out he was the leader. Oh. Well. We're dead.
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  3. Braden walked into the same room as Christina. "Well well well what do we have here?" The boy said to himself. He then walked over to Christina. "Man it seems that I was lucky enough to be on the same team with a beautiful girl like yourself." Branden said with a smile. He then looked at her weapon. "Well that's a nice scythe you have there. I'm Braden..Braden Almaraz...and your name is? Wait wait wait don't tell it.....Google? I just assumed your name was Google because you have everything I'm looking for."
    (Sorry I wanted a funny intro. XD)
    @Amber Fox
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  4. Christina
    Black Territory

    Turning her head slightly to the side as the first man walked in, holding what looked to be a spear, Chris raised her eyebrows at him as he looked at her for a few seconds. A normal person might wonder what his name was, perhaps how many years he hand under his belt, maybe some basic information about him. Chris, on the other hand, wondered how long he would stay standing if she tried to cut him up right then and there. As she mused about this, a moderately awkward silence passed between them until the man finally introduced himself as Ike. "Yeah. Hi." Chris said, her tone of voice making it sound like she was agreeing to his words - as if she needed a reminder on basic social etiquette.

    "I'm Christina. Normally called Chris." The girl added after a moment, using her scythe as some kind of pointing device as she gestured with it towards where her name was listed on the board. "Warrior." She said briefly, though at the reminder of her role and the opportunity she would now be getting to chop people up brought her out of her moderate calm. "I'm here to chop you allllll up." She commented, a weird energy seeping into her eyes and voice once again before it disappeared. It probably wasn't smart to make it sound like she was going to be hostile towards her own teammates, but Chris knew herself well enough to know that she would probably be ending up doing so.

    The girl had recognized Ike as the name listed as leader on the board, but didn't comment. She would only actually regard him as a leader if he proved himself in some way, and until that happened she didn't intend to christen him with any sort of title in her mind. As a second man walked in, Chris looked up at him from where she was still laying on a couch. It should be clarified that Chris wasn't really one to flirt. Or really keep up with any kind of social requirement or just general etiquette. Because of this, she ended up ignoring most of what Branden had said, instead focusing on his comment about her scythe. "Yes, she is pretty isn't she?" The girl mused, beginning to swing the blade around in the air. "I just can't wait to start cutting people up with this one." She paused for a second, seeming to consider her options.

    "Ooo, who do you think my first victim should be? I sort of want to take out the other team's leader. Just a little bit. But maybe..." Chris jumped off the couch and settled her elbows on Branden's shoulders, her eyes a hair's breath away from his head as she considered him. "Maybe I can chop some of you up too!" Chris started laughing manically, dancing away from Branden and swinging her scythe around in a manner that appeared more than slightly uncontrolled and rather dangerous. A few seconds later she picked it up by the blade and started waltzing with the weapon. "Oh this is going to be so much fuuuun! I can't wait." She giggled, falling back onto her couch with a happy sigh. At this point she probably had been labelled by her teammates as 'Dangerous and Highly Unstable', but Chris hardly cared about that.

    "Oh, my name is Christina by the way. I prefer to go by Chris though." The girl abruptly added, suddenly sounding rather civil as she tossed a smile at Branden before turning her attention back towards her scythe as she ran her fingers over it's blade.
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  5. Lauren Jennings

    Lauren had absolutely no recollection on how she got here, she had just woken up in some unknown room with a curved dagger resting beside her on the bed. If she were to be honest with herself, then she would admit that she was a bit scared, but she chose to ignore that.
    She currently found herself walking down a flight of stairs, clutching the hilt of the dagger tightly, to the point where her knuckles were white. The place seemed calm, but you could never be too sure, so she kept her guard up. Lauren's ears picked up on voices that were coming from the room that was at the bottom of the stairs. With hesitation, she moved down the rest of the stairs and stopped at the bottom. The sight that greeted her was rather surprising. A female was bouncing about with scythe in her hands, looking a bit on the crazy side. Once the female took a seat, Lauren stepped further into the room observing everyone else. Besides the girl, there were two other males. One was starring at something and she followed his line of sight. A board with names on it was there. The only thing that stood out to her was her name and the word warrior scribbled next to it. Suddenly someone's voice ran through her head as she recalled what someone had told her. "You're fighting against another team. Whoever wins gets out." It was then that it dawned on her what this was. Glancing at the others once again, she guessed that they were teammates. "H-Hello." She started, hesitantly. "I'm Lauren. You guys are my teammates, yes?" She questioned as a small friendly smile appeared on her lips.
    Where there others here for her team? What about the other team that they were up against? Where they already ready and such? SO many questions began to race through her head, but she managed to suppress them to the back of her head and focused on the present moment. She would worry about everything else, later when she found out what has happened so far.​
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  6. galvanizeburn.regular.png
    ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

    Except for the rude-ish start this girl, Ike had a nice smile on. And thought that this person would be a great partner in his team. Then she said about chopping people up. Ike's happy smile dropped to a scowl, and he shifted his body weight to stand on his own legs again. As she went on to talk about her own scythe and how pretty it is, it made him discussed. A crinkle on his nose formed as he made a displeased face quickly before going back to his slight scowl, letting the unstable girl talk. As soon as she said something about killing one of his teammates something snapped in Ike. He stood at attention and carefully watched the girl. She can act at anytime. To kill anyone she pleases. Sure she will get killed herself by the...whatevers. The things that would kill her for breaking the rules. I have to keep an eye on her. As she sat back down, Ike had another thought, Time to assert some dominance...

    Ike lightly chucked his spear at the feet of Chris, a loud crack emitted from the landing spot of the pointed end as it stuck into the ground between her feet. He walked over to the spear and stopped as he was right beside it before turning his head to look at Branden, "Ok, first. That was the worst pickup line I have ever heard. Second. This is no dating game. Or anytime to flirt. We could die at any moment." Ike then turned his head towards Chris and then stepped ahead of the spear, his feet now under the couch and himself in front of her. "Same goes for you miss. This is not a game. If you kill someone they actually die. And, if you kill anyone on my team..." He leans into her face so their foreheads are touching, " You will be breaking the rules and people will come get you and kill you..." Now Ike presses into her forehead to make her sink down into the couch. "And i will slit your throat myself before they come." He backs up and walks over to the other couch opposite of the one his spear still remains in, and sits down with a smug look. "Yes! I am willing to kill someone that would kill one of my members if that means they have a better chance of surviving! Even if that means me dying too! " Ike said with a evil cackle of laughter before looking back into Chris's green eyes. Surely, she will at least think before murdering one of my members.
  7. Christina
    Black Territory
    Chris was vaguely aware of Ike's facial expression as he went from pleasant to what seemed to be displeasure. She cared little for that however, confident that he wouldn't try to do anything against her. The girl had gotten too comfortable with the fact that people usually were scared off by her antics and didn't want to approach her in case she did something dangerous. The redhead began to look up at the doorway where another girl had appeared, however froze in place when she saw Ike pick up his spear and begin to throw it. Her eyes immediately narrowed, freezing in place until the weapon was firmly planted in the floorboards beneath her feet. She stayed frozen for a good few seconds after that, silently deciding whether she should loose her head or keep it.

    Around that time the girl in the doorway had spoken up, and Chris turned towards her and smiled. "Nice to meet you. Yes, we're your fellow teammates." The redhead said calmly, the spear's shaft still wobbling slightly from its contact with the ground. She was tactfully ignoring Ike's words as he chastised Branden, though was forced to pay attention when he pressed his forehead against hers and pushed her into the couch. Chris was fighting the urge to strangle him, or slice his stomach through with the scythe that was still in her hand, though she refrained from doing so. "Point taken." She said at last, deciding that she liked Ike. At least he was forward and didn't seem to be fazed by their situation.

    Turning back towards the girl who had introduced herself as Lauren, Chris smiled again and patted the piece of couch next to her but also beside Ike who had settled on the other side of the seat. "Come sit. Lauren, is it? Then I suppose we'll be warriors together. I'm Chris." She said merrily, pulling her feet onto the couch and resting her chin on her knees like a small child. "So far we haven't got much of the team assembled, just Ike and Google over there." Chris added, pointing her scythe at Ike and Branden in turn - purposely mistaking the latter's name. If she wasn't going to be allowed to kill them, she might as well try to annoy them as much as possible. Lauren seemed nice though, Chris already was pretty sure that she liked the other girl. Hence why she was being rather civil. If she was going to make enemies of the rest of the team she would at least have to have one ally, and that might as well be Lauren. Regarding the spear that was still planted at her feet, Chris looked at it for a few seconds before shrugging and setting her feet along it's shaft and using it as a kind of footrest.​
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  8. Lauren Jennings

    Lauren watched as the male got in the girl's face, forcing her to move deeper into the couch. It was surprising that the girl didn't use her scythe to hurt him since earlier she had been waving it around like it was some sort of harmless object and not a deathly weapon. Listening to his words, she could only assume that he was Ike, given that he was calling this his team. Returning her attention to the girl, she nodded and took quick strides and took a seat on the couch next to get. "Yeah. Nice to meet you Chris." She said as she offered her a smile. Chris proceeded to introduce Ike and the other male, who she referred to as Google. A giggle escaped her lips at the name. "Well hopefully more show up." She said as she looked back to Chris.

    Lauren was still hesitant on trusting theses people, despite them being her teammates. This was the first time ever seeing them and she had no clue on their intentions or how they were. In the meantime though, she would probably stick with Chris despite her...strange behavior. Plus, she was also a warrior. Glancing down at the dagger in her hand, she finally loosened her grip on it and settled it to rest on her lap. "Do you guys know who we are up against?" She finally questioned, her curiosity taking over.
  9. galvanizeburn.regular.png

    ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

    Ike sighed, atleast she introduced me correctly. He thought to himself as he scooted next to Chris, and wiggling his spear free from the wooden boards and then placing it upon his lap. The spears' head was pointing towards the two ladies on his right while the extra blade on the side was at the stomach of Chris but rotated away from her. "Well, like Chris said, I am Ike. The leader of the black team." Ike returned Lauren's smile " I guess our drugs came off earlier that some others. They shal join us soon. But as of people we are facing..." Ike pondered what or whom they may be facing. "Well, we are facing the white team...And that is all i have. " He said with a wavering tone before looking away feeling embarrassed. Ike usually knows whats going on, what he is facing and the such. This is his first time in a while not knowing what is going to happen or who they are going to attack.​
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  10. Christina
    Black Territory
    Chris smiled again at Lauren as the other girl sat down next to her, though turned her attention to Ike as the man reclaimed his spear. Reluctantly letting her footrest go, she tucked her knees back up against her chest and settled her chin back on top of them. Her scythe was propped up against the side of the couch, blade facing the ground and hilt up next to her elbow and hand. It wouldn't take her long to grab it and hit something if she needed to. Or, knowing Chris, even if she didn't need to - despite the fact that her teammates had been set as off-limits, that didn't meant that she couldn't butcher any other sort of living being or otherwise that happened to get on her bad side. Though, again knowing Chris, anything that caught her attention in general would be at high risk.

    Glaring slightly at the spearhead that seemed to be propped up on her hap and making it uncomfortable to sit with her legs tucked up - Chris being completely unconcerned with the fact that she could be stabbed with the weapon quite easily if she made any jerky movements - she adjusted it so that it was laying on top of the feet that she had perched on the cushion instead. She couldn't help rolling her eyes slightly at Ike's lack of information about the white team however. "I guess we're just going to have to find that stuff out later. Maybe they'll do us the favor of attacking soon." She said calmly, though she still didn't sound completely sane - she did phrase it as if she was looking forward to the attack, after all.

    At around that time, a group of three meandered into the lounge. There seemed to be one Asian woman and two European men; all of whom had apparently met on the way over. "Are you guys the rest of our team?" One man questioned, before doing a double take and spotting the list of names on the board. "Oh, I'm Kieran Wells. Looks like I'm a warrior, along with Kyle here." He said after a moment, studying the list. The one of the other males, referred to as Kyle, seemed to be only around fourteen or fifteen. The two women were reading the list themselves, however Kieran seemed to feel like he was in charge of the small group and introduced them on their behalf.

    "This is Fah, who seems to be a scout." Kieran said before finding a seat and sitting down. The other two followed suit. Fah's sedatives seemed to be still wearing off, and she closed her eyes and seemed to fall back asleep. Kieran and Kyle seemed to start up a conversation between themselves. They all seemed to be content with keeping to themselves and finding out any necessary information later once something more concrete was laid out, and after Kieran's introduction none of them spoke another word to any of the others in the room.​
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  11. Braden Almaraz
    Braden listened to what Chris was saying about how she couldn't wait to get to killing. He then heard her say that she might even kill some of her own team mates. ~Wow this girl is crazy~ Braden thought to himself. As soon as he was about to say something more and more people started to show up. Hello every one. Braden said as he stayed sitting down. Branden then looked at the man who was supposed to be his group's leader. Oh leader I have a question for you. Once we kill of the entire white what happens to us? Oh and how much longer till I go scouting? My trigger finger is going crazy. Braden said jokingly.
  12. -|Alex|-
    Alex reached a hand out to grasp anything, something. She couldn't remember much, just being taken, and knocked out. She was severely confused by what was going on. She could feel a soft breeze passing over her body, and she kept reaching forwards, and around her in a circle. Her fingers grasping some soft blades of grass, Alex held onto them for dear life. She was afraid to open her eyes. What would lie awaiting for her on the other side of her eyelids. Slowly, the girl opened her eyes to be greeted by a forest like setting.

    Squinting, Alex tried to ignore the pounding in her head as she sat up, shaking out her short hair. She felt like she had a bad hangover, or someone had just bashed her head with a metal club. It refused to stop pounding for the life of her, and it was starting to get annoying. "I wish I had pain killers." She grumbled, rubbing her head before looking around her with lidded eyes.

    Her eyes scanned the area around her, which was fairly clean. She was sitting on a small patch of grass tucked between all the vegetation, and scattered around her where ferns and flowed plants. She could hear water, but by far the most impressive thing was the trees. Above her towered many great giants that lead up to the sky higher than she could reach. Yet at the same time, something felt off about it. She had this eerie feeling that they where being watched by someone, like every time she turned someone new would pop out, or try and attack her.

    The thing that most stuck out to her where the things at either side of her body. Near each of her hands was a katana. The one to her right was white, the one to the left, black. Looking over them, Alex picked up the white one, examining the case. The case had a small little symbol, which looked like half of a yin and yang, but only the white part with a small black dot. The hilt was decorated with silver and a white ribbon. Turning it over in her hand, she gently set it down next to her, and picked up the other one. The black sword seemed to be the exact same design, but with black instead of white. They where almost mirrors of each other, which had to mean that she was carrying the balance of life and death in her hands.

    Sighing, Alex picked up the black and white swords, putting one though her belt so that the sword and case stayed perfectly where they where supposed to, and did the same with the other before she slowly stood off the ground, wobbling slightly as she gained her balance again. She had a nasty bruise on her back, to the point where her sleeveless top could just barely show the edge of it. Sighing, Alex pulled the cloth over the purple skin, her gaze crestfallen as she realized that she hadn't been living a dream. This was still real life, she could still feel everything around her, even remember the emotional scars. Pursing her lips tightly together, Alex turned around, seeing something off in the distance.

    Raising an eyebrow, Alex started walking towards the structures, soon seeing a few buildings come into view. It looked like there was a bunch of stuff here, and it was almost military style. She kept walking closer, and as she approached the buildings, she started hearing voices. A sigh escaped Alex's lips as she walked up the steps to the building where she thought the voices where coming from, slowly climbing up each step. As soon as she got to the top of the stairs, she walked inside the small hut, seeing two other men, and two other girls standing before her. They all had different attributes, seeming to each carry their own personality very opposite of hers. One seemed to be flirting with one of the girls, and getting rejected, the rest of them, she had a feeling of carelessness. Sighing, Alex took another step forwards, not saying anything but just kind of standing there.
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  13. Lauren Jennings

    Chris's words caused Lauren's stomach to flip out of nervousness. It was like she was saying that she wanted them to get attacked, whoch she didn't want aince she dou bted they were ready. They didn't even have a full team. Although, she spoke too soon because right then, five others appeared. As they came in, she noticed that they were all acquainted already and seemed to stick together rather than moving with them. Kieran seemed to be there leader because as he sat down, so did the others.

    Lauren returned her attention to Chris, but laused as she noticed another girl with short hair appear at the stairs. "Look. A new comer." She whsipered as she tilted her head, gesturing towards the girl. "Hello. " She greeted the girl with a small smile. Looking her ocer, she took note of the katanas she had.
  14. Christina
    Black Territory

    Chris briefly glanced at Branden as he asked Ike a few questions, nodding once to herself as he said something about his trigger finger. An instinct to kill was something that the redhead could appreciate. She didn't bother to comment, however, having seen the familiar look that said 'that girl is a psycho and I'm going to stay away from her' flash across the male's eyes briefly. He hadn't seemed to affected by her behavior, however, which Chris appreciated. It looked like she was on a team that met her tastes, even though if Ike so far had been sort of conservative. She had just been making a few threats, it wasn't like she had meant anything major by them. Though she sort of had.

    It wasn't a direct association, it had just been Chris being herself - she hadn't actually at that moment in time been planning to chop anybody on her team up, especially since by the sounds of it she would get dragged away from this delightful game if she broke its rules, but there was always the indisputable fact that she was most likely going to end up in one of her rages at some point and end up carrying through the said threat. It was just the way she worked. Chris did wonder idly whether or not it counted as rule breaking if she didn't really do it consciously... Usually when she got mad her vision just went red then she woke back up again a few moments later with some sort of corpse at her feet.

    The redhead briefly glanced at the group of four that wandered in, introducing themselves to be two of the scouts than two other warriors. When they didn't have anything particularly interesting to say, Chris glanced back at the roster posted up on the board. By the looks of it, they were only missing three more members. The deputy - whom hopefully would break Ike down a bit and make him relax, since Chris did plan to cause a ruckus despite everything he had said to her -, their strategist and another warrior. By the looks of it the warrior group seemed capable, but as far as Chris could tell there wasn't anybody else that would go berserk with her.

    Turning her attention from her thoughts and onto Lauren as the other girl spoke, commenting on the person standing by the door silently, Chris raised her eyebrows. "Well, she looks friendly." She said softly back, employing some mild sarcasm, though she didn't really mean anything by the comment. By the vaguely serious look on the girl's face Chris began to feel slightly dismayed. She supposed that there would be no loosening Ike up, indeed the leader might have to work in the opposite direction with this one. "I take it that you're our deputy, right? Does the name Alexandra Cross ring any bells?" The redhead charmed nonchalantly, eyeing the newcomer and her weapons.
  15. galvanizeburn.regular.png
    ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

    Ike felt the staff move as Chris moved it to her feet, his grip on the end of the staff increased before then relaxing again. He forgot that even the extra blade was there, Ike leaned over to her and gave a quick apology. " Uh. Sorry for keeping the blade there, kinda forgot it was there...Sorry again for almost gutting you..." Ike softly said with a quiet giggle at the end. Changing his tone to a louder volume and more assertive deepness in his throat. " Actually, that would not be a bad idea. We could learn about them still and still be on home territory. I know at least the surrounding lands, my cabin is at the highest point, you could see the whole camp!" Ike thrusted out his arms in a showing manner to give emphasis to his point. He placed his arms back down quickly after that as a group of people entered the cabin, and listed off their names. One seemed to be the leader of the group, Well. I guess it is not a bad idea having someone else be able to step up just in case I can not command everyone at once. Ike thought to himself as they all took seats.

    The leader threw the thought around in his head, Scouting is not a bad idea. But if they attacked while he was out that would be one less man... Plus if he were to get hurt there would be no way to get help. Ike came up with a decision. "No scouting. At least not yet." Ike said in his normal tone of voice, not needing the others across the room to hear. " We need to advance our thinking a bit before people can leave the base..." He said to the small group on his couch.

    Ike watched as the new person enter the now populated hut, She is either shy or still sort of on the drugs... Ill leave it be. He thought to himself, standing up and taking his spear into a proper holding.

    Ike walked into the middle of the room, the small conversations still going on, almost like everyone was ignoring him presence. He stamped the end of his spear onto the floor, attracting one or two of the peoples attention but not everyone like he hoped. Ike also tried coughing loudly, having about another two people turn their heads to him but still not nearly enough people. At this point ike was getting frustrated and did not want to deal with this anymore. He walked back over to the couch and put his spear in his place on the couch before taking Chris's scythe. "I am going to borrow this quickly..." Ike said softly to the group, after getting a good grip onto the weapon, he swung downwards like a hammer and struck the middle of the floor while yelling, "SHUT UP!". A loud crack radiated around the hut as some people screamed in fear while most turned their heads towards the sound and then quickly looking at Ike. While still holding onto the weapon, Ike slid up the haft of it and yanked it out of the boards. A piece of wood stuck to the end of scythe while a few loosened and fell to the water below. The leader quietly walked back to his couch and put the weapon perfectly back to were it was laying on its owner. "Thank you." Ike said, letting his vocals loosen. He walked back to the center of the room, standing before the hole and scanned the room to make sure all eyes and faces were on him.

    "Now that I got everyone's attention! Time for a formal introduction. I am Ike Dahl. I will be leading all of you into and out of battle. I trust you mostly all know each other?" Ike asked the group with his assertive tone. A few mumbles and nods were spread out of the people. He nodded in approval then went back to his speech. " Good. We are going to need that whenever the other team attacks. Now, because i know some of you have asked what is going on? What is happening? Why me? That. I mostly do not know. I know that we all got drugged and thrown in here. I also know that some people think that this is a game. " Ike turned his head slightly to look at Chris before turning back to his audience. " This is not a game. If you kill someone they WILL die. But in some aspects, it is a game. Like capture the flag. Our objective is to get the flag of the other team and bring it back. Now. I have no idea what this flag is. For all I know it actually could be a flag, but it could also be a rock, gem. I have no idea! But whatever it is. We will win. But we have to follow rules. There is a full board of rules on the wall in my cabin, but I will give you a basic rule set right now. No killing the same members of your team. Someone will come out here and kill you as well. So if you want to go out of this game in a cool style, at least go into the white team camp and take a few of them with you except for killing some of ours. " Ike took a deep breath, to finally finish this speech as some people already had the look of boredom. " One last thing. And this is more of a personal rule than a real rule. No dying. It hurts the whole group." He let out his extra breath before going and sitting back down after moving his spear back to his lap while putting the blade back onto Chris's feet.

    Few people left the hut to go explore the rest of the camp while most went back to chatting. You could hear small crashes of waves from the hole as the wind slightly picked up. ​
  16. Christina
    Black Territory

    Everything suddenly started to go in slow motion as Ike touched her scythe. Chris suddenly found herself unable to move, feeling a red haze start to settle over her eyes. She hardly heard anything that he was saying, instead staring vacantly at her weapon as he used it as a tool to get people's attention as he hit the floor with it. As he passed it back to her, the redhead accepted it with a dead silence, but the leader didn't seem to notice as he gave his inspirational speech. All the while Chris just stared at the handle of her weapon, deadpan as she examined the damage that insolent, uncivilized pig had done to it. She had gone into shock, luckily for Ike - as then he could finish his speech. After he had finished, however, Chris started to come out of her stupor and started to rise from her seat.

    "You bloody. fucking. bastard." She growled softly, every bone in her body trembling in anger. "You did not just use my weapon as a fucking gavel." Chris hissed, a wild light in her eyes that was a mixture of both her previous insanity but also an intense rage. "I swear, you are going to die for that you bloody pig. I will chop you up until there is nothing left of your tiny, insignificant existence and your corpse will be unidentifiable by the time I'm finished with you." Chris started to rant, anger and intensity building until she suddenly lashed out with her scythe at the man. However, right before the weapon made contact with the skin of his neck and beheaded him, the redhead suddenly dropped her weapon. Her head suddenly jerked upwards, and she fell to the ground like some sort of fallen jelly statue.

    On the floor, she seemed to have some sort of spasm, her eyes rolling up into her head. A voice suddenly spoke out, its gender not distinguishable. Neither was its age, or the location it was coming from. As the loud sound didn't rebound inside the small room, it almost felt like it was speaking into the members of the black team's heads.

    Christina Rhodes, Black Team.
    Rule #5 Infraction: You may not harm, or attempt to harm, your fellow teammates.
    Punishment: Severe Electric Shock. Day #1 Subdued Punishment Applied.
    Day #2 and Onward Punishment for Rule #5 Infraction is: Death.

    "You. over-glorified. bastards." Chris managed to get out between her teeth as her body was racked with shocks. She attempted to get at Ike again, however the voice spoke out again and she was floored by another spasm of electricity.

    Christina Rhodes, Black Team.
    Rule #5 Infraction: You may not harm, or attempt to harm, your fellow teammates.
    Punishment: Severe Electric Shock. Day #1 Subdued Punishment Applied.
    Day #2 and Onward Punishment for Rule #5 Infraction is: Death.

    With Chris knocked out on the floor, Ike was also suddenly brought to his knees.

    Ike Dahl, Black Team.
    Rule #9 Infraction: The use of another person's weapon is not permitted.
    Punishment: Mild Electric Shock. Day #1 Subdued Punishment Applied.
    Day #2 and Onward Punishment for Rule #5 Infraction is: Permanent Removal of One's Own Weapon.

    Supposedly the leader was being punished for his use of Chris' scythe as a gavel earlier, however unfortunately Chris wasn't able to witness it as after a second shock it looked as if she were going to be out for a little while.
  17. -|Alex|-
    Alex was mostly unfazed by the glances her way, not showing any sign of weakness as she stared half blankly at everyone. They seemed to be wrapped up in everything they where doing, only looking at her once before passing her over. She didn't really mind being ignored, but she had a feeling she was going to need to strike a little fear to get them to do anything.

    As someone called her name and mentioned the rank deputy, Alex smiled, cracking her knuckles. "Good." She mumbled, looking down at them as she was about to introduce herself when their so called leader swung a scythe that seemed to belong to the girl who called her out strait into the floor. Flinching, Alex stared at the small gaping hole in the floor with a sigh, waiting until he had finished to walk over to it, examining the damage.

    "You know you are going to fix that." Alex chastised him, walking towards him before the small fight had ensued. She thought she would have to take care of it, but apparently, someone did that for her. As Chris got shocked, soon followed by their leader, Alex groaned, face palming. "The two of you are useless." She grumbled, turning back to the crowd of people. "Well, as you can see, they have rules in this dome, and I trust you won't be breaking them like these fools here who wanted to fight each other." She daunted, looking at the both of them. "Let their mistake be a lesson. Don't try and test any of the rules. They will be watching, and so will I." She said, her gaze traveling over everyone else with seriousness.
  18. -Nikolai-
    Nikolai woke up with a start. His massive body caused the bed to sink, his large legs and arms fell over its edges. He rotated so that his legs were over the side, the bed was so low compared to his legs that his knees stuck up. He pushed himself up and looked around. Near the edge of his bed was a large black crate. He knelt next to it and opened it. Inside was a 5 foot long double sided axe, it was of beautiful make. Nikolai reached his large hand in the crate and wrapped his fingers around the haft and lifted it out of the crate. It was pretty light, but had enough weight at the end that it could do some serious damage if he swung it. He twirled it around himself, first from the right, then the left, making an X in the air. He heard sounds outside and bent his knees and raised his axe. What if it was the bad people that had him captured? What if these people were captured too? Too many questions. He could swing away if he needed to.

    He walked to the door of his room and opened it, he poked his head out and looked around. No one so far. He walked around for a bit. He found a staircase and walked down it. He found himself confronted by a sea of hot humid air, and fairly dense plant life. This was not his home. He held his axe by its end and let the blade hang at his feet. He walked through the grass and such touching plants and on occasion swinging at a tree. Before long he had wandered through allot of the land. That is until he heard a scream. It came from back where he woke up. He spun around and began his large lumbering sprint. His body made thumping sounds as his large feet crashed against the ground. He was moving at his top speed but still he was a large man, getting stuck on branches and other things didnt help. Eventually he saw the base. He approached the staircase and made the slow climb upwards. His feet caused the light materials to creak after each loud step, when he got onto the level that everyone else was on he exited the staircase and stood tall. It was not unusual for him to have to look down at everyone so he simply looked on at the people in front of him. All seemed very different. Three women and three men, each with a different weapon. He stood there with his axe at his side wearing the a larger version of the clothes provided to the two men.
  19. -NPC Announcement-

    "Attention all participants. As of now, your first arena event has begun. This first event is called the 'Supply Run', and will take place in No Man's Land. Seven supply crates will be dropped into the area, and within each there will be a different vital supply. You might have noticed already that your team bases are not equipped with food or water. Within these crates are packaged food, animal snares, water purifiers and more. It is advised that your team try to obtain as many crates as possible.

    As an additional element, the killing restrictions on No Man's Land have been lifted for the event. Once the last crate is obtained it will be reinstated, however until then you are welcome to cut down as many opponents as you wish. Be aware of the fact that when a teammate is killed, a replacement will be sent to your team with all due haste.

    A outline of the content of the crates are as follows:

    Crate #1: The Food Crate. This crate contains enough dried jerky to last your whole team a month, as well as three reels of fishing line, two fishing rods and a can for fish bait. Keep in mind that the bait doesn't come supplied. This crate also has one set of water purification tablets that will purify the water you put them into (one tablet will purify one galleon of water).

    Crate #2: The Shrimp Crate. This crate contains a shrimp-fishing net as well as a fresh meal of shrimp for your whole team in addition to some select seasoning, namely salt, olive oil, onion powder and garlic powder. This crate also contains three water-purifying canteens that will purify any water you put into them. Additionally, this crate contains five packs of sardines that can be used for bait or for eating purposes.

    Crate #3: The Hunter's Crate. This crate contains seven one-use small animal snares, as well as two reusable snares, also for small prey. Additionally, there are three large game reusable traps. In this crate you will also find a bow with a set of twelve arrows.

    Crate #4: The Water Crate. This crate contains ten sets of water purification tablets as well as twelve water-filtering canteens. When you put water into the canteen it will purify it and enable you to drink it. Additionally, there are three water storage cartons within this crate.

    Crate #5: The Survival Crate. This crate contains a little bit of everything. There are three purifying water canteens, three reusable small game traps, one shrimp net accompanied by one fishing line and rod.

    Crate #6: The Superior Crate. This crate contains fifteen water purification canteens, four reusable small game traps, a shrimp net, two fishing lines, one fishing rod and enough jerky to last your team a week.

    Crate #7: The Supreme Crate. This crate contains twenty water purification canteens, seven small game reusable traps, three one-use large game traps, five fishing lines, three fishing rods and enough dried jerky to last your team two weeks. Additionally, you will find some seasonings in this crate to cook your meals with; namely salt, refined sugar, garlic powder and olive oil.

    The crates are all identical and will only be distinguishable by their contents. You are not required to take the entire crate back to your camp unless you feel so inclined, and you are allowed to break open crates on the spot and harvest what you want. You will find a map of No Man's Land on the board with the team roles and rules. All crates will be dropped near or on official No Man's Land paths. It is advisable to remember that the killing restrictions on No Man's Land have been lifted. Proceed with all due caution. Good luck." The voice suddenly disappeared from where it seemed to have appeared almost within each person's mind, identical to the voice which had called out for the penalties of Ike and Christina.
  20. ~ Astrid ~
    Black Territory

    Astrid awoke suddenly when a voice began ringing through her head. It called out punishment for a couple of people named Ike Dahl and Christina Rhodes, for some rule infractions. Astrid sat up suddenly in her bed with a terrified start, glancing around back and forth for the source of the voice -- but it seemed to be genuinely inside her own head. What on earth is going on here? Astrid wondered, kicking her legs over the side of the bed as the voice was gone. And... Ike? Christina? I don't even know anyone by those names... With the voices gone, Astrid sat there, completely still for a moment. Hot, humid air was seeping in from the small window over her bed, as it seemed to surround her; the strange chirping of exotic birds filled the air; but all else was still.

    Well, almost still. There was quite a ruckus coming from somewhere else downstairs in the building. It was faint, but there was certainly something going on -- there were definitely more people around. Astrid got up from her bed to investigate, still a bit dazed by the drugs and the humidity that seemed to be trying to choke her. But before she made it to the steps, something on the side table in her room caught her eye.

    A pair of identical handguns sat on the table, both strapped into a connected holster of sorts. What's this for...? Astrid wondered. She definitely didn't know how to use a gun -- heck, she'd never touched one in her life. The closest she ever came to a gun was seeing one on TV. She picked up the tangled holsters and inspected them, eventually realizing that the belt was supposed to wrap around her waist, with a gun on each hip. I-Is this for me? To do what??

    It was at that moment that another announcement came through. Astrid stumbled back, startled, as the voice was suddenly speaking again in her head, but she held it together. It described the first "event" -- the black team and white team were to go out into No Man's Land and collect crates with essential supplies in them. And the no-killing rule had been temporarily lifted for this.

    As the voice disappeared again, Astrid's head reeled with panic. The black team -- she was on a team? For what? "O-Oh my God, those rules were real," she recalled aloud as she remembered the paper from before. She pulled one of the guns out of its holster as gently and cautiously as possible and stared at it. "So then, this is mine, to..." She couldn't get over the last words of the announcement:

    The no-killing rule had been lifted.

    If everything she heard had been true, then they needed to go out there and find those crates asap. They had no choice. "Good God, I-I'm gonna die out here..." Hoping to find some kind of solace in the other people that were on her team, she put the gun back in its holster and went running down the steps. She eventually found herself in the area that the ruckus was coming from, and her stomach sank at what she saw. There was definitely a lot of tension in the room -- a gaping hole in the middle of the floor let in the sound of gurgling water below, and two people were collapsed in the center of the room (thankfully, they weren't dead). Almost everyone else in the vicinity seemed either exasperated or confused.

    Astrid just stood in the doorway, shocked. This wasn't happening... This couldn't be happening to her. She was stuck out here in this tropical nightmare with a gathering of goons she'd never seen before, and she was expected to kill to survive. Astrid didn't move, but looked around the room anxiously to see if other people had heard the announcement just now like she had.
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