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  1. I was thinking that my character is a Princess and is has been sent to a convent to be safe because there is war in her country. Before she even gets to the nunnery however she finds herself in the hands of the enemy, now this is where she meets your character, the Prince or King. Now he can be human or demon or something else I will let you pick. But he should be brutal and have a mean side, at first but then slowly he becomes nicer towards her. He should force her into marrying him and into other things. Any takers?
  2. PM me! I wouldn't mind trying this.
  3. I am new and they wont allow me to PM yet!
  4. Ah gotcha! No prob. Nonetheless, I would like to try this out. :)
  5. Ok sweet, do you have any questions?
  6. Nope, not really. Just to get my facts straight though - when you say "other things" are you suggesting non-consensual sex?
    PS - I am not the best at playing males but I want to practice a bit!
  7. Yup that is what I meant!And that is ok I am going to go work on the post but I might not have it up until tomorrow.
  8. No prob! I won't be able to post until tomorrow night anyways, as I am exhausted now and have to work tomorrow during the day. :)
  9. If you want you can make the thread with your post and I will post when I get on break at work or when I get home at 7. :)
  10. Ok so it is up and running its called, Gilded Cages, hope you like![h=1][/h]