Captive Souls

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  1. The drip of water brought her from the daze Arella had became comfortable with. A silent murmur would flutter through the air as she moved her body. It groaned at the movement, a groan slipped past her lips. It filled the room with an unwelcome noise. She had quickly grown used to the permanent daze her mind had been in, the despair and dirty surroundings of the room strengthening it.

    It was a small room she and the rest of the girls were kept in. The stone walls and floors were covered in grime, and mold caked on the spots where water would drip from faucets attached to the wall. 10 cots were packed in closely, one for each girl. Every day a meal of bread and ham would be brought in, the small portions barely keeping her from starving.

    The idea of all of this had barely registered to Arella, the daze glazing over all of it. It was like being inside of a bubble, no sense of the world around her. She knew once reality set in, it would be like a tidal wave. All of the fear would bare down, drowning her. The day she had been brought to the room, the girl had been silent. She had froze, scared of the fate she would be destined to. Not a word had been spoken in three days. Just the thoughts of her lost family filled her mind.

    "Auction Number 114," A loud voice called over an intercom. Arella's hair flipped as whipped her head to the door. Two men entered, both well muscled and dressed in a black uniform. They clamored into the room, causing each girl to stare in horror. They all knew what would happen, for it happened just yesterday. A person left and never returned.

    That person just happened to be Arella Statten.

    Large hands gripped her arms, pulling her fragile body up from the floor. On instinct, she screamed. The tidal wave was here, and there was no stopping it. Her blue eyes widened with fear, shaking filling every inch of her. The men tightened their grips, causing her to scream more. "Shut her up," one commanded to the other. A slap to her cheek answered the demand. Her screaming died down, replaced by tears. They slowly filled her eyes as the reddening cheek throbbed.

    They walked to a washroom where she was forced to wash her hair and body, then dress in a simple slip. The white dress reached only the top of her thigh, the length causing her to blush slightly. The men payed no mind, only shoved her toward the door. Arella knew it was smart to walk, men like them didn't go easy on disobeying.

    It was only a matter of time before she reached a stage. She stood at the steps leading up, a gasp leaving her at the sight of so many people in the crowd surrounding it. "Go," one said, giving her another firm shove. Stumbling, she worked to regain her steps as she walked onto the stage.

    Her body shook as she walked, keeping her eyes off of the overwhelming crowd. When she reached the middle, she stopped before looking up. Every eye was on her, unnerving her even more than the thought of her in a tiny dress in front of that many people. "Here we have Number 114," the voice sounded again, "She is 17 years of age, and has the very rare blood type O-." Talk rang out through the people, causing her to fijit in place. What did her blood type matter? "Added bonuses include viginity, natural hair color, and unblemished skin." A pause. "Shall we start the bidding at $15,00?"
  2. Donovan was standing in the crowd. He was looking at arella with his piercing red eyes. He thought she was quite beautiful. He heard the bidding price, and offered 20,000. He didn't know why but he just had to have her.
  3. The crowd let out a sharp gasp as a smooth voice spoke out from the middle. Arella tried to get a look at the man who bid but couldn't see past all the people. "20,000, Can I get 25,000?" The intercom spoke. "25,000," a separate voice spoke. This time she had a clear view of the speaker. It was a middle aged man dressed in a fine suit. He had a girl attached to a leash sitting beside him covered in bruises. Arella could've cried at the thought of that being her.
  4. Donovan yelled.30,000!
  5. "30000 going once...twice...sold!" Arellano breathed a short sigh of relief before realizing something. What if this guy was even older?! She had no time to think before she was ushered off the stage to a separate room. "Wait here for the buyer," the man who had took we there said.

    Knowing it would be no use to try and escape, she stood there and waited.
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