Captive and Killer [Autumn & CheshireKitten]

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Alyssa blew away a light blond strand of hair that had fallen on her face. She would've tucked the stray strands behind her ear but her hands were currently bound above her head with short chains, too short for her to move her hands anywhere. She tried to pull on the chains with all her strength but nothing happened. Sighing, she gave up. 'These chains are so annoying.' She thought as she looked at the white walled room that she was in. Actually, she couldn't see very well considering her giant round glasses had fallen on her lap. But it wasn't as if there was anything to see. All that there was, was, well, nothing. They made sure that there was absolutely nothing to be done to escape. The only way in and out was a metal door which she knew that, even if she could free herself from her chains, there would be no way past the two guards outside. Not with her slender arms and lack of fitness. She sighed once more, she'd tried to escape once before and it wasn't very pretty. 'I suppose it was stupid of me to try.'

It's been a week since she was caught and held captive. Normally, captors would demand ransom from the family of their hostages but that wasn't the case for Alyssa for she was no ordinary captive. She was Alyssa Narce, a well known scientist and weapons maker. She had severed all contacts with her family and anyone she knew from her workplace, she laid low and even changed her appearance. Well, to the extent of braiding her hair and wearing glasses instead of contacts. So of course, it came as a shock to her when she suddenly lost consciousness in her apartment and woke up here. 'I suppose I wasn't careful enough.' She looked towards the door, she found it odd how no one has yet to see her. Normally, a man, 'What was his name? Shaine, Blaine, Cain? Doesn't matter,' came at a certain time, two minutes past now, to offer her a deal, which she would decline, 'It's terribly quiet as well...' She wondered if anyone was even outside so to test it out, she decided to call out, "Hello?" Her voice was slightly soft, she was rarely ever loud. "Is anyone still there?"
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It was late in the evening when Jalen Crisis got up out of her car to walk up to an old building that was a office building back in the day. Being one of the smaller ones she figured there would be far less guards then what she had dealt with before. When her boss gave her this job she looked over the file, though that was across the country. Now here she was, ready to kill some bad people to get a weapons maker known by the name of Alyssa Narce. She changed her appearance and did an amateur job of going into hiding. Either way Jalen's boss and employer wanted her which meant she had to get her out of the hands of the creeps that had her now. Jalen did feel bad for the girl, a talented scientist who happened to get involved in a trade where there are some crazy motherfuckers. She was loaded with two pistols and three knives. One pistol in the holster around her waist and the other placed at her ribs in another holster. One knife was in her boot, and two were on her belt. Her clothes were all black and her oval orange glasses stayed in place over her eyes. To help with protection and to keep off the Autumn chill she wore a waist high leather jacket.

Stealthily she crept around the wall to spot two guards posted at the front door. Quietly she put her silencer onto her pistol from her belt holster. With ease she aimed taking two shots placing a bullet in each of the guards heads. Blood splatted out when the bullets made their ways to the other side of the men's heads. Waiting a moment for something else to happen, three more came out like dumb asses giving her a free shot to each of their skulls. After waiting a moment more to make sure the coast was clear she moved in. She moved carefully and quietly shooting guards before she was spotted by them. Until one guard had spotted her and instantly started shooting at her making her take cover around the corner. She shot out blindly when she got a chance and managed to graze him in the oblique causing him to go down giving her the opportunity to run out to him and shoot him in the head. More came and she was having a hard time holding them off. Her clip was empty so she took cover while she reloaded then started shooting again. She took a bullet to the chest, but it was caught by the vest under her shirt, still hurt like a bitch though.

When she found the door she peaked around the corner seeing four men stationed outside the door. She shot two of them which alerted the others. One started shooting in her direction as he moved in. He stopped shooting when he got around the corner thinking he had gotten her, but with a wave of her arm his throat was slit and bleeding splattering her face and forearm with blood. The last one standing seemed to be shaking in his boots. She peaked out and he shot at her. He wasn't as dumb as she thought. He charged in her direction ready to keep shooting even as he turned the corner of the wall she hid behind so she crouched down bringing out both of her pistols and shot at his legs causing him to tumble down shooting countless holes into the wall. Jalen simply went over, put her boot on his throat and shot him smack in the middle of the forehead. She took his keys and figured out which one unlocked the door after the third key she tried thinking to herself third time's the charm. When she opened the door she saw a cute little thing sitting tied up in a chair. Seeing her glasses were on her lap she picked them up and put them on the girl's face. "I'm here to relocate you, Alyssa Narce" She walked over to her trying out the different keys to figure out which one was for the shackles they had her in. "I swear some people just don't know how to treat lady's anymore." On the fifth try the chains clanked and unlocked. "Gotcha, now if you'll please come with me." Jalen stepped back allowing the girl some room to get up and stretch her legs before she grabbed her wrist gently to lead her out of the building. "We have to be out of here before the clean up crew gets here, so I apologize for rushing you. By the way. My name is Jalen Crisis."
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Alyssa received no answer to her questions which wasn't unusual considering the guards had a tendency to ignore her, much to her annoyance. She was the type of person who liked to know what was happening. She absolutely disliked uncertainty almost as much as she disliked being left to her own thoughts for too long. She often had something to distract her like reading a book or observing her surroundings. Unfortunately, neither would be applicable to where she is now. 'I wonder how long I'll be stuck here...' She wondered and guessed she would probably stay in the same dull room for quite some time. It didn't seem likely that anyone would find her and besides, anyone who did would most likely be killed fairly quick with the amount of armed guards spread throughout the whole compound. From when she was brought here, she counted around seven or so when she was first brought here.

'Truly, I wonder why I chose this career path of all other things.' Well, she knew why she chose to make weapons but sometimes, she couldn't help but ponder on how much better her life would possibly be as well as others if she had chosen another occupation. 'I suppose it's a little too late for 'what ifs'.' She sighed once more, she seemed to be doing that quite often during the seven days she was kept captive. She closed her eyes for a moment just to have a change in scenery. What she saw was pure darkness but it was better than the white and grey she saw all day.

Hearing a ruckus coming from outside, Alyssa opened and her eyes and stared at the door curiously. From the noise she heard outside, she guessed it was some sort of fight. 'Maybe a heated argument turned into a physical fight?' Just as she was going through possibilities in her mind, she door opened and her attention quickly shifted to the one figure in pure black, a great contrast to the room's white walls. She couldn't see very well but she could tell it wasn't one of the guards nor anyone she's seen before because first of all, this newcomer was a girl. Although she couldn't be too sure without her glasses. Speaking of which, the other kindly placed her glasses back on her face which was much appreciated. 'Finally, I can see.' She said a soft but grateful, "Thank you." She would have asked who the other was but decided against it. Questions could be asked. Once she felt heard the shackles fall, she rubbed the evident bruises on her pale wrists. She isn't exactly the type to go outdoors especially when she's been avoiding being in contact with others. She only left her apartment when she needed to and barely socialised in the bookstore where she worked.

Remembering the other's previous words, she couldn't help but think, 'Relocation, huh. It'll just be moving from one's captivity to someone else's.' She thought with a sigh before looking at the other and nodding, 'I suppose it's better than being in chains. Perhaps, I'll find a way to lose her later on.' She's done it before so for now, she merely played along if only to leave the confinement she's been forced to stay in for a whole week. She didn't expect to be held considering she was completely capable of following but didn't say a word on it. As they moved, the other introduced herself as Jalen Crisis, she's not sure if she's heard the name before since it was difficult to search her memory whilst rushing but it's not like the other's identity mattered at the moment. Considering she wasn't exactly very talkative especially to those she hardly knew she merely nodded at the introduction as well as the apology. As they moved, she could see plenty of blood and fallen bodies that she knew were the guards. She hated seeing such a sight since she disliked violence. An ironic thing considering she was one who made weapons that caused death. "Where are you taking me?" She asked if only to distract her from the bodies that littered the ground.
This girl was quiet the whole time as she led her through the many corpses that laid there of Jalen's own fault. When Jalen had glanced back it was pretty clear that this girl didn't quite enjoy the sight of dead bodies which was certainly more of a relief than anything. When they did finally get outside after leading Ms. Narce out of the building the weather had changed something fierce. The rain was pouring down on them, but luckily since it was spring it was a warmer rain. Jalen scoped out the area to see that no one was around which was a good thing. Her orders were to leave no witnesses which of course excluded the arms dealer that she was nabbing from there horrid rivals. 'Hell if this girl was there much longer there was no telling what they might have done with her. The boss of the Stranglers was a pretty fucked up dude. In turn the people that worked for him were almost as messed up in the head.' Jalen thought all of this to herself as she guided them to a black Chevy Camaro 2014.

Once they had got to the car Jalen opened the door for Ms. Narce then went to the driver side. Once she was in she buckled up and asked the other to do the same then they were off. "I promise I didn't ignore your question we just have to get out of here first. As for where we're going, we're going to my place for now. Then tomorrow we can head off. You're lucky my boss is interested in having you as an arms maker and dealer. But don't worry, I can guarantee you that you won't be locked up or forced." She paused thinking of just how she wanted to say all of this. Normally after a mission like that she was a little removed and unused to talking to people, but this girl deserved an explanation. "It's more like a job offering. If you decide to work for us then you get to go on living your life in our territory and we'll keep you protected from gangs like the Stranglers. Also, since we have more of a Don, whose my boss, we're closer to mafia then a street gang. This just implies that we're more like a giant family involved in organized crime who all look after each other. All you need to know is that working for us you won't have to worry about getting yourself nabbed again as long as you don't do anything stupid anyways." Jalen drove the car defensively as any driver should, mostly to keep the cops from getting on her ass.

It was only about a 20 minute drive before they reached a five star hotel where Jalen got out and opened Ms. Narce's door for her then led her in by the wrist as she had before. "We can discuss it more when we get upstairs" That was the cue to stop talking about it since the last thing either of them would want was a goon listening in just to cause them more trouble. Jalen checked them in and they took the elevator up to the pent house at the very top of the building. When Jalen opened the door she revealed a gorgeous room designed to perfection with a Jacuzzi by the large window that had drapes that could be pulled to hide the inside of the place. Jalen went to get some towels for the both of them and handed one to Ms. Narce. "Now, what are your thoughts?" 'Cause either way I have to take you to see my boss for you to tell him yourself' That last bit of information was something she could explain only if she had to. There was no reason to otherwise.
With such quick pace, it did not take long before they reached the building's exit. Alyssa was glad to be out not only because she's missed seeing a sight other than her white walled prison but also because there was no more sight of any bloody, lifeless bodies. Not long after they had left the building, she felt a droplet of water fall on her hand, followed by two and then more, it was clear that it was raining and not just a drizzle. She glanced up to the darkened skies and knew the rain would not subside any time soon, not that it mattered. It didn't even matter to her that her plaid shirt and jeans were beginning to be drenched, just like her hair. 'At least i know that I truly am outside and this is no mere dream.'

Droplets of water fell on her glasses but she decided that it would be better to wipe them later, it's not as if she couldn't see. True, her sight was slightly obstructed thanks to the water droplets on her glasses but with the other holding onto her wrist, it was easy to know where to go. Soon, she saw a car, it seemed to be the only vehicle there which didn't surprise her. She highly doubted that whoever ordered the other to re-kidnap her, he or she certainly wouldn't want any witnesses. When the door was opened for her, she said a soft, "Thank you," much like she did earlier when her glasses were placed back on her face. Unlike outside, it was warm. Well, the rain wasn't as cold as it would be during the other seasons but she was the type of person to be easily cold. She felt slightly apologetic at getting the seat wet but merely stayed silent and wore her seatbelt when the other asked her to.

Alyssa looked out the window, watching the scenery slowly change as the car moved. She closed her eyes for a moment, listening to the soothing and gentle sound of the rain lightly hitting the car's roof. She would have fallen asleep but soon opened her eyes when she heard the other's voice. With the same calm expression she's had the whole time, she faced the driver who began to explain what was happening. Although honestly, she's heard the same thing so many times now that it all sounded the same. 'Yes, lucky indeed.' She thought bitterly, 'If I had wanted to stay protected, I wouldn't have left in the first place and continued to make weapons.' Despite her thoughts, she kept a straight face and merely nodded to show that she heard and understood what had been said.

If there was one thing Alyssa was grateful for, it was the fact that they were immediately heading to meet the other's boss. Speaking of which, who was this 'boss', anyway? 'Well, it's entirely possible I wouldn't know who this is...' When she thought about it, she didn't know the many who wanted her except for her parents and a few others. She stayed silent as if pondering through what had been said but truth be told, she wasn't thinking about it. She's already made her decision and that would be an obvious rejection. But she wouldn't say that now, it would be idiotic of her to do so. Besides, even if the other said she wouldn't be locked up or anything of that sort, she had no proof that it wouldn't really happen. All she had were words alone and from her experience, people lied very often.

When they had arrived, the sky was still dark although she wasn't sure if it was because of the rain or if it was because of the time. She got out of the car and thanked the other once more before following. Well, not that she had much of a choice with the other holding her wrist. They soon arrived at a room, an extravagant one. It made her question just who Jalen Crisis actually was and who her boss was. Butt here would be time to ask those questions later on. For now, she only had one. "You never told me as to what would happen if I refuse." She said softly yet audibly as she first dried her glasses before putting it back on. "As well as the identity of your boss." She didn't bother drying her hair since she rarely ever does. As long as her hair wasn't dripping wet, she found no need to do so.
Jalen used the towel to shake most of the water from her hair then proceeded to dry off the rest of her body as best she could with wet clothes still on. She went over to the drapes after Ms. Narce took her towel and pulled them closed. She turned on a few lamps carefully assessing this girl's question. For a little while she was quiet as she did her small little tasks of pulling drapes and turning on some lights. She put up her finger to inquire one moment to the girl before she would answer her questions. Jalen stripped off her shirt as she made her way to the bathroom showing her skin tight shirt didn't really hide anything. She didn't close the door, but she did strip completely before putting on her blue fluffy robe. Her robe didn't even go down to her mid thigh. It was made of silk that had a design of lilies and butterflies. "Well, if you refuse now I still have to take you to my boss so you can tell him yourself. Business like this I can't just relay that sort of information. As for who my boss is he goes by Don most of the time, but his name is Tony. After you let Tony know you've refused then we basically just let you go. We'll even take you where ever it is you would want to go." In her mind she wanted to point out that refusing was a bad idea with how many bad people were after her, and that Don Tony would be the best man to work for as far as good treatment went. The only one's who get shown no mercy by Tony's group would be his enemies. "I'm pretty hungry, want something to eat?" She asked as she pulled out some fresh Salmon that she planned to cook and season all day. She pulled out a pan. She oiled it to ensure the fish wouldn't stick then coated the bottom in a little seasoning before putting the fish on. Once it was on she went ahead and sprinkled a little more seasoning along with a bit of lemon juice.

As she let that simmer she turned to Ms. Narce seeing she was still in her wet clothes. This made Jalen go to her closet where she kept some extra clothes. She pulled our a pair of underwear, sleep pants and wow, she actually had a flannel shirt. It seemed the girl liked them so she'd offer that. "Here I don't have any bras that would fit you, but here's something that you can change into." With that she got into the fridge to pull out food for her guest.
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With such a lengthy silence, Alyssa was beginning to think her question was ignored. She watched as the other pulled the drapes, an act that she supposed was justifiable. She would've done the same but right now, she didn't know what else to do other than to awkwardly stand where she currently is. It was rare for her to be in the company of others and even more to share a room with someone. 'Maybe I should ask again?' She wasn't sure if it would be a good idea. True, she did want an answer to her question but she didn't want to be annoying. Just as she was pondering on what to do, she looked to the other and saw her make a gesture. 'Well, I suppose I wasn't ignored after all.' She thought as she nodded, she didn't think there would be any need to say anything.

When she saw the other walking to the bathroom, she couldn't help but turn away with a blush on her face. She decided to distract herself with other things she could observe such as the pale color of the ceiling, the lighting of the room and whatnot. It didn't take too long until the other came out wearing a robe. She turned around when she heard the other speak. It actually wasn't too bad of an answer although just as the other's previous answers, she wasn't how much of it would be the truth. It's possible that all of it is but it's also possible that it wouldn't hold a shred of truth. 'Truly, why must this be so difficult?' If they would let her go after she gave her answer then she found no point in...bringing her along in the first place. 'I've stopped making weapons and I don't plan to ever make any again.' She thought as she nodded at the answer. She would've said 'no' to the question on food but her stomach grumbled before she could say a word. She looked down, blushing in embarrassment as she nodded. It's not as if there would be any use denying it. While the other cooked, she decided to just sit on the couch nearby.

Later on, she could smell something nice coming from the kitchen and it was making her quite hungry. When she saw the other going towards her, she stood up. "Oh, um, thank you." She said, glancing at the other's face, as if trying to figure something out. She truly did not understand why the other was being so kind. 'Perhaps, it's only an act? Or, well, forced kindness?' Nevertheless, she kept her thoughts to herself and accepted the clothes. Giving a nod, she walked to the bathroom and shut the door before she began changing clothes.
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Jalen called out to her "You can take a shower if you want. There's one in the upstairs bathroom" With that she thawed out the steaks before sticking them in a pan. In a different pan she went ahead and threw in some fresh veggies. At one point she heard the bathroom door open. She wasn't worried about this girl running away since they were so high up, and the only way out was the front door. When Jalen was sure Alyssa was in the room she told her "You can sleep up in my bed, I'll take the couch unless you don't mind me sleeping next to you." She turned her head to face the arms dealer. There was a someone flirtatious smirk on her face, but she had turned her head before Alyssa could get a good look to determine that. Jalen knew her boss told her she needed to stop flirting with her objectives, but when it was a cute girl how could she resist. She flipped the steak figuring she would make them medium rare. If the girl wanted it to be cooked more Jalen could take care of it. She threw on some meat spices and threw a few different spices onto the veggies. There was frozen yogurt in the fridge that they could eat for dessert. Jalen wasn't paying much attention to weather or not the girl had gone up to get a shower. She was pretty sure she had, and Jalen wouldn't blame her. Alyssa probably felt grimy as hell. With a heavy sigh she pulled out plates once the meat was done cooking. She put one steak on each then split the veggies. Though she did give the girl a little more than to herself. She set the dinners on the table and called out to let her know dinner was done.

Before she sat at the table she went and grabbed some utensils. She grabbed knives and forks setting them by both of their plates. She had set it up so they were facing each other making discussion a lot easier. Jalen started to cut up her meat into smaller pieces before she set down her utensils. Putting her elbows on the table she rested her chin in her interlocked fingers. "So what originally got you into this sort of nasty business anyways?" She asked knowing, probably better than Alyssa, the kind of fucked up people that will do anything to get their hands on weapons of destruction.
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