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  1. A human meets and falls for a werewolf.
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  2. Nylan woke from his sleep again. This was the third time in the last few days that he had awoken to the same nightmare that had plagued him since he was 10. Seeing his family brutally murdered in front of his eyes wasn't his favorite thing in the world to see, but regardless, he kept seeing this nightmare occasionally. He sighed, looking at his clock.
    7 am. It was time for him to get up anyway. He had to clean up his house and do his laundry so he could be ready to go into work in the afternoon. Getting up, he started the day by taking a nice shower. Washing off, he wasn't in long before he got out and got dressed into a tshirt and black jeans so he could wash his work clothes. He threw those in the wash. As he headed out to his front room, however, he saw something move out the window in the corner of his eye. Looking out the window, he could see a moving truck. The house next to him had been recently remodeled and no one had been living in it for the past year or so as it was being remodeled. He knew this would happen sometime, but he didn't think anyone would be moving in so soon.

    He would drop by, even though he really didn't want to. He would go over there to see who the new guys were. His curiosity always got the better of him. After a whole day cleaning, he got into his white shirt, bowtie and black slacks, or otherwise known as his work outfit and locked the door, heading over to the neighbor's place to see who was moving in.
  3. Kyrah had finally managed to get himself a house in a better neighbourhood than before, it was difficult...and it had taken a lot of time working his ass off to achieve...but he'd done it. That alone was enough to make him even slightly proud of himself. He'd arrived in his new house early in the morning, the moving van had come at around six and he'd started to unpack his things. It hadn't taken long since his new house was already mostly furnished, but it was getting some of the things that he already had in there. Luckily he wasn't battling with millions of different things.

    Getting the last of his things in, he thanked the movers and closed his door. Compared to his apartment before this, this house was great! Kyrah had never been the most privileged, but now that he was on his own and not a helpless child anymore...he'd found it much better than being in touch with any of his family... Staying out of their way was a good thing, staying out of the way of anyone who was like him was a good idea... Most of them weren't good people, he didn't need them in his life...he'd realised that now.

    Just as the male was about to sit down and relax there was a knock at the door, Kyrah jumped up, turning his head to the side. Who could possibly be knocking at this time? He didn't know anyone in the neighbourhood yet... oh! It might be someone coming to introduce themselves. He bounded towards the door and opened it, a smile on his face. In front of it stood a male who looked to be a few years older than himself, he wore a white shirt, black slacks and a bowtie, quite a strange get up...but Kyrah didn't question it.
    "Hi there!"
  4. Nylan was startled when someone answered the door quickly after he knocked. Standing in front of him was a boy who seemed to be a few years younger than he was. He seemed to be around the same build as he was too, but something seemed very off about the boy. He couldn't put his finger on it, but there was definitely something up with this boy. Nylan looked to his feet and then back up at the boy, finding it very hard not to look at the oddly interesting eyes the boy had. Nylan was shy, but somehow, these eyes that the boy had were...what was the word...captivating. So much so it was hard not to stare. He looked away.

    "I'm Nylan, your neighbor. I thought it would be nice of me to come by and introduce myself...I work at the restaurant about a mile down the road which is why i'm wearing this stupid looking outfit...stop by sometime if you want or have the time too..."

    He was feeling very uncomfortable with this situation. He rarely, if ever, introduced himself to the neighbors, but he couldn't be a recluse forever. He had to step out of his comfort zone eventually. He thought this might be a good opportunity to start.
  5. Kyrah noticed that the person he was talking to seemed quite shy, he didn't look at him for two long and the older male's gaze was always shifting around. That way fine, it was best not to dwell on Kyrah's appearance for a long period of time, you'd just end up asking yourself questions.

    The other male started talking and the boy couldn't help but smile slightly, he liked getting to know new people, and it was very nice of someone to come over and introduce themselves to him. He'd never had someone come over and introduce themselves before, so it was definitely a change.

    Nylan was his name, what a nice name! And he was in that get up because it was his work uniform, fair enough. Kyrah nodded, "It's very nice to meet you!" He replied, overly excited about someone coming over to say hi to him, any social interaction just made him very happy, "My name's Kyrah, and I'll be sure to do that some time."

    He looked down, wondering what he should do next, should he invite him in? Mmn...well...would he want to come in? This was difficult! " you want to come in or you have work in a second?" It felt awkward to ask, which is why he had taken so long on deciding whether he should, well...that and he was generally indecisive.
  6. Nylan was surprised at the question the boy asked him. Looking to his phone, he nodded. He didn't have to be into work for another hour or so. He looked up just to briefly answer the boy's question.

    "I wouldn't mind coming in, if that's ok with you..."

    He was surprised at the words that were coming out of his own mouth. He never usually accepted invitations the first time out of hesitation, but this time, for some reason he couldn't pin down quite yet, he found himself accepting the invitation and wanting to get to know this boy more. Maybe it was because of the affirmation he had just made to himself that he'd try to be more social and open up to more people. He would attribute his abnormal behavior to that for now.

    "Kyrah. Nice name. It's nice to meet you also" he was barely able to say this without stuttering.
  7. Kyrah's eyes lit up when Nylan said that he'd like to come inside, he'd only just moved here and he already had company! That was much better than being alone. He didn't particularly like spending his time alone, he liked to chat to people and make friends...but he wasn't always great at that. It wasn't like he was nasty or anything, he just asked some rather dumb questions sometimes.

    "Oh, yeah, come on in!" He replied, turning around to start walking back inside, "Do you want anything to eat or drink? have a little bit in, but not that much.."

    He was probably talking too excitedly, or too much... This guy seemed quite nervous and Kyrah wouldn't be surprised if he was overwhelming him. He suddenly felt a little bad, maybe he should quieten himself down and just listen to Nylan for a little bit... It would be good if he could make him his friend, they didn't seem that different age wise...and Nylan seemed nice.
  8. Nylan hesitantly walked inside, looking all around at the boxes that still needed to be unpacked. There weren't many boxes, which kind of surprised Nylan a bit, but maybe this boy didn't need a lot to live on. Nylan nodded.

    "Water is fine. It doesn't look like you moved in with much...Was your house pre-furnished too?"

    Nylan was awful at starting small talk, but he had to try. All of these things were new to him. Going to talk to the neighbor, actually talking to the neighbor, going in the neighbor's house, all of these were firsts for Nylan, a self proclaimed recluse. He enjoyed time alone. Also, he felt that if he were alone again, that it would be fine since he blamed himself for what happened to his family. How come they died and he didn't? It didn't make any sense. Why didn't the creatures come after him? Nylan shook the thoughts out of his head. Now wasn't the time to wallow in self pity. He was trying to make a friend for the first time in his life. Maybe now would also be a time to see if he really was unlucky to be around. However, if he were to make friends, he didn't want to hurt or possibly endanger this Kyrah kid he was getting to know. But he wouldn't know if he attracted good or bad fortune unless he tried, right?

    He looked up, trying his best not to look to the floor. Nylan was trying to be social and so far, he was succeeding. He didn't want to fail now. Besides, this boy seemed far too interesting to just ignore.
  9. "Awesome! I'll get you that!" Kyrah replied energetically, he couldn't help it, he just really liked that he had company... He should try to calm down a little though, he didn't want to scare them off already... The boy was good at doing that.

    "Huh? Oh yeah! It was. I moved in and all this stuff was already here! Neat right? It means I don't have to move anything around." He turned to smile at Nylan, before making his way towards the kitchen, "Take a seat, turn on the television, do whatever you like, I don't mind!" With that said, he disappeared off into another room.

    What a good day, Kyrah thought his first day would be unpacking and sitting down on his own...but having someone else around was much better than that!

    He opened a cupboard and got out a glass, placing it on the counter top. Nylan seemed like a decent person, even if he was a little nervous, he was glad the neighbours were nice around here and not total scumbags.... That would have sucked. He filled up the glass with water and then turned off the tap, moving to go back through to the living room.

    "Don't mess up now Kyrah..." He mumbled to himself, stopping and closing his eyes for a second. With a nod of his head he smiled again and headed back through, he wouldn't mess up this time... He wouldn't scare anyone away.
  10. "Thank you" Nylan took a seat on the chair that was in the living room. Looking around, the house reminded him of his own. He felt strange sitting in an neighbor's home. He felt strange just talking to someone, but he had to endure. His being a recluse ended today. Who knows? Maybe he'd start liking to talk to this neighbor of his. He waited till Kyrah brought out some water for him.

    He took it gratefully and took a sip. He looked to the boy. He seemed to be very happy. His smile and his attitude was so different than what he was used to that Nylan got an awkward feeling of wanting to smile out of the pure fact that they other boy was smiling. He looked to the cup of water, trying to hide the slight tint of red that appeared on his face. He took a sip of water again and tried to divert the boy's attention elsewhere.

    "Thanks for the water...and for inviting me in...If you want, you can come visit me at my house sometime"
  11. Kyrah smiled at Nylan once he'd given him the drink, he didn't know why he was so nervous about having someone at his house...but he was... Well, he guessed it was because he wasn't used to guests...and he didn't want to mess up. It was okay though, because he wasn't going to mess up this time around, everything would be perfect and he'd make a friend!

    The boy sat down opposite the older male and smiled happily, he really didn't see why he was being thanked for letting someone into his home...he should thank Nylan for the company.

    "Yeah, that would be nice." Kyrah replied after the offer to go over to Nylan's some time, "Say...Nylan..." He leaned his head on his hand, "What exactly do you do around here? It seems...a lot different to the area I'm from...what do you guys do for fun?"
  12. Nylan took another sip from his drink. He looked over at the over enthusiastic boy and answered his question.

    "There is an arcade down the road and my restaurant. Other than a supermarket as well, a lot of people like to camp around the lake that is about 5 miles up the road...unless you like camping or going to the arcade, your outta luck..."

    He took another sip of the drink and looked to his clock on his phone. He had to head out.

    "Thank you for the water. Please feel free to visit me whenever you like. I have to head off to work now."

    Standing up, he hesitantly offered his hand so he could shake the boys hand.
  13. "Oh?" Kyrah liked the idea of an arcade, he hadn't really been to one in....well...since he was rather young... That would be so fun! Maybe he could invite Nylan along, "Sounds interesting, I'll probably visit some time!" He told him, still super excited about all of this. He was like a little kid, or a puppy entering it's new home for the first time.

    "Well, I'll go some time!" He was very childlike in how he replied this time, always keeping a positive energy about everything he did.

    He didn't exactly want Nylan to leave, but if he had to, then that was fine...he guessed he'd do visit him some time.

    ", okay, well ah...I'll come see you at some point!" The male stood up and looked down at his hand, for a second he became confused...before realising that the other probably wanted to shake his hand. He took Nylan's hand, shaking it, and smiled up at him, "It was nice meeting you!"
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