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  1. Simply put, this game is about captioning the avatar above you with a remark, witty or otherwise. I'm afraid I can't start this seeing as I don't have a person to caption.
  2. Trot trot, motherfucker.
  3. "I am not amused, sir..."
  4. Oh, I'm not telling you what I have in here...
  5. Looks like I need a new cloak, mind stepping into skinning distance bear?
  6. "Piss me off and I'll beat you into a pulp."
  7. "Give me that bone, goddamnit!"
  8. "I'm going to use my chainsword for this one. That's right. A chainsaw... sword."
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  9. "Cleaning my face? Did I miss a spot?"
  10. "Hurr Durr Ima hurse!"
  11. "kinda breezy today"
  12. "Simba, you have forgotten me...

    No I- wait, your not my father!"
  13. "Look! Ima kitty to!...meow!"
  14. Next on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy...
  15. "It's just a flesh wound!"
  16. New studies in perspective show that standing in a lilac egg makes you appear shorter.
  17. Apologies for my appearance.
  18. im going to school lalalala~"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.