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  1. Quinn

    I'm starting to see the puzzle pieces clicking together in Tegan's eyes. Oh, God. At this rate, she's gonna see right through me. I quickly slip out of Natalie's grasp, ignoring the hurt look on her face, and stand next to Tegan. "U-um, I apologize for the premature departure, Natalie, but Tegan and I actually have errands to attend to." Lies. Complete and utter lies.

    I just need to leave before my entire head explodes.

    "Oh..." Natalie says. Whatever disappointment she felt doesn't show on her face. She's still flashing that perfect smile of hers and for a fleeting moment, I'm once again impressed by how well she can handle her emotions. "Well, if you've got things to do, you've got things to do." She then pats Tegan on the shoulder, grinning widely. "It was nice meeting Tegan. Don't be a stranger, alright? I'm usually here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Maybe Saturdays. Just stop by whenever."

    She shoots me a look, her eyes twinkling. "That invitation goes out to you too, Quinn. Try not to leave me hanging for weeks again, alright?"

    I can only nod in consent, my face burning again. "G-goodbye, Natalie." I shuffle off squeezing through the crowd. I could've grabbed Tegan and used my hyperspeed to get out; Natalie knows I'm abnormal. But...I'm just not in the mood to use it right now.

    (@Alex you totally should! I'd love to see Hidden in action!)
  2. (*Also, which Marksmen is gonna run into Demi and Helen?*)
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  4. Dead Shot

    I nod again. Good, she has her mask on. I know she hates it, but I don't care. This is a covet operation. Our identities absolutely cannot be discovered. I recheck my ammo before heading out the cabin and circle around the perimeter of the property. I use the trees and foliage as cover, crouched and keeping my head low. It doesn't take long for me to find a side entrance. From a distance, it's easy to notice the busted knob.


    I stealthily creep over, check my surroundings once more, then walk inside behind Bearskin.

    The mansion is grand, I cannot deny that, but it also quiet. Except for the low hum of voices. Several targets are nearby, in a singular space. Good. I turn to Bearskin. "We shall split up here," I say.

    However, I stop when I hear voices approaching down the hall. I plaster my back to the wall. As they draw closer, I know they're both female. Relatively young. One brutish, the other softer. They are too close to shoot, but I can work with the proper cover. As they round the corner and walk away from me, I disconnect a Bogger from my waist-belt. I kneel down and roll it across the wall.

    Smoke expels from it, covering the entire hall in a thick fog. I adjust my mask. It's time for work.
  5. Winnifred

    I blush slightly as he continues his speech about how I have a nice voice. Blasphemy I say! I shrug "Well I mean we are outside now. I don't see why we can't just stay." I offer, bumping my shoulder with his


    (''Tis a tale as old as time. Violet and her cravings for muffins)

    I smile at her endearingly. "No trouble at all." I get up from my seat and I go over to where I see food. I decide to purchase two muffins and I walk back, grinning as I toss one to her "Who has the best boyfriend?"


    "I do it out of affection." I grin and reach over to ruffle her hair. "I am the only one to call you cute, because I am the only one to realize your true potiental." I wink at her
  6. Helen

    "Thank you so much for the help Demi. I appreciate it. Well, I mean, if you want to stay in my room longer that's fine. We can read or chat or complain about the management." I offer her with a big smile but my eyes widen as the hallway suddenly feels with smoke.

    "Demi?" I ask her nervously as I use one hand to grip to her sleeve. I wasn't quite sure what was happening but fear grows within me. Perhaps this was an abnormal pulling a trick on us, but panic threatens to go through me. "What the hell?"
  7. Ray

    "Exactly. Besides, in the snow you can have fun with the snow like snowmen, or making snow angels, or snowball fights."
  8. Helen

    I grimace at how rough she is with him, but I do not blame her for being angry. I look down at the cut I have on my leg, glad I didn't actually have a bullet lodged in my skin. I glance back at her, lips trembling

    "G-got it. S-speak." I command of him, trying my best not to stutter now "A-answer what she asks you. A-and Demi. D-don't hurt him too badly, o-okay? I-I want t-to m-make s-sure h-he stays I-in one piece." I frown and I swallow. I look back to make sure there is no one else. My vision is still having trouble getting used to the area around me. I am wondering why he would do this to us and fear grows even stronger in my chest.
  9. Penelope

    I swear my ribs are about to crack. My heart is pounding so achingly hard against it and breathing is like a lost art form; the most I can do is gasp for air as the menacing man approaches on slow, porcelain feet. However, I'm beyond confused when Helen steps between me and him.

    Confusion turns to panic when she says, "Leave."

    Next think I know I'm walking...away. "N-no. No, no, no, Helen! HELEN, NO!" I'm wailing until my lungs are burning and my throat is raw. "DON'T DO THIS OH GOD PLEASE DON'T! DON'T MAKE ME! PLEASE!!" I grab desperately onto the wall as I'm rounding the corner, my nails digging into it painfully. I think they bleed a little but I don't care! That man is dangerous! H-he's going to hurt her! I claw more desperately but my frantic efforts are futile.

    I left.

    I-I left her alone...

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