Caption the Above User's Caption

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  1. You don't wanna know where I have to poop out of on this body.
  2. I'm Orion and I've posted in the wrong thread and now I just look stupid.
  3. I'm Asmo and I like to point out people's mistakes.
  4. I'm Orion, and I'm fumbling for a comeback.
  5. I'm Asmo, and I'm so bored this is all I could think of to do with my time.
  6. I'm Orion and I've probably said something that actually true.
  7. I am Ampoule and I enjoy getting both men and women turned on.
  8. I'm Darkness, and my post was so shit that I tried to delete it and hoped that no one would notice.
  9. I'm Asmo and like showing of mod powers.
  10. I'm Vay and I just killed this thread.
  11. Pompous nance.
  12. I'm Tegan and all of my avatars scare Miru.
  13. I'm Miru, and I am the most moe of all the members here.
  14. I'm Faramond, and I think I might've forgotten little Miss Saki. ^^
  15. I'm Miru, and like many in this thread I'm captioning the member rather than the caption, which only goes to further prove that I am incapable of grasping the simplest of game concepts and should be shot behind the wood shed like the dog that I am.
  16. I'm Asmo's comment, and I just made Miru sadface. =(
  17. I'm Miru and I'll bounce right back to my happy self in about 5 minutes.
  19. I make Vay want to copypasta asmo's last comment.