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Caption the Above User's Caption

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Asmodeus, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. You don't wanna know where I have to poop out of on this body.
  2. A&M? That's awesome, Meggie.
  3. I'm Asmo and I like to point out people's mistakes.
  4. I'm Orion, and I'm fumbling for a comeback.
  5. I'm Asmo, and I'm so bored this is all I could think of to do with my time.
  6. Ray

    "Exactly. Besides, in the snow you can have fun with the snow like snowmen, or making snow angels, or snowball fights."
  7. I am Ampoule and I enjoy getting both men and women turned on.
  8. I'm Darkness, and my post was so shit that I tried to delete it and hoped that no one would notice.
  9. I'm Asmo and like showing of mod powers.
  10. I'm Vay and I just killed this thread.
  11. Pompous nance.
  12. Carrie

    "Just breathe okay Itlize?" I can't believe that the person who attacked the children could have possibly been related to this sweet woman. "I am sure there is a logical explanation to all of this..." I slowly release her then turn and notice a few children who entered the home(Andre and Violet). I inhale sharply through my nose in frustration, and I notice two others who weren't there a few minutes ago. I cannot identify them, but I have a feeling some punishments were going to be in order for those who left during lockdown. But I remind myself that the lock down didn't work, and those kids who did leave were safe. I grimace at the thought, that I, with this lock down, basically put the kids in danger by locking them in the house. My throat becomes scorched with guilt of not being able to protect the children.


    "Me?" I laugh "Well, the nuns who helped raise me and my little counterpart always told me that we had two souls...somehow, I don't know what they were thinking." I roll my eyes "I honestly think neither of us have one." I grin and Jacqueline kicks me again. Man, this girl sure knows how to give me a migraine. "Do you think there are any more psychopaths in this home?"


    I narrow my eyes "How stupid are you Sakamoto? Oh my goodness.." I mumble tiredly and I turn his head so he's looking at me "How thick is your skull? I like you, you idiot. I blush whenever I see you!" I close my eyes and sway again "You are so adorable and sweet and..." My head tilts and rests on his shoulder suddenly, letting my mind clear somewhat. I grimace and close my eyes.


    I cover my mouth with my hand as I see blood. Oh my God. I didn't realize it would be this bad..." I glance around and I can account for most of the people in the home that I know of. There is one group, however, a friendship of four, who I see no sight of. My stomach feels like it is twisting in knots. "O-oh my G-god..."


    I nod at her slowly "Yes we are. We are so much better than that Ri." I smile at her and I reach over to ruffle her hair affectionately as to make her feel better. I bite my lip. I could possibly use a power, but I don't know what to do. I feel trapped again and I have to swallow down so I don't feel despair for long.
  13. I'm Miru, and I am the most moe of all the members here.
  14. I'm Faramond, and I think I might've forgotten little Miss Saki. ^^
  15. I'm Miru, and like many in this thread I'm captioning the member rather than the caption, which only goes to further prove that I am incapable of grasping the simplest of game concepts and should be shot behind the wood shed like the dog that I am.
  16. I'm Asmo's comment, and I just made Miru sadface. =(
  17. I'm Miru and I'll bounce right back to my happy self in about 5 minutes.
  19. I make Vay want to copypasta asmo's last comment.