Caption the above user's avatar!



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Look at the avatar sported by the person who last posted and give it a caption!
There's no one above me so I can't exactly demonstrate but I'm sure you all get the gist :3
"I just ate a mouse"
"Aw man, I really wish I had a cupcake."
Buckets: Prosthetic ears in disguise.
"This? Oh, it just means IT'S FUCKING BADASS METAL!"
"Fear me, fools! For I am a fox whose pixels know no bounds"
"What am I, you ask? Ah, well I am obviously some manner of machine, am I not? Or something.... I DON'T KNOW"
If you call my hair "antennae" one more time, I will hit beat you to death. With my forehead.
"Warning: Attempts to decipher text failed. Please try again in two to six hours."
"They groaned they stirred they all uprose, nor spake nor moved their eyes, It had been strange even in a dream to see those dead men rise."
This is my bolter, this is my gun. This is for killing, this is for.... being stuck under six inches of power armor.
No, the infinite symbol is supposed to be two EVEN *ooooooooovals*! What is this thing? *Facepalm*