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  18. (Original Poster: Razilin)

    AUGUST 14, 2016

    Chiaki had to admit, she felt a little better. Tyril - Bravado, now - was eccentric enough to make her laugh. After the day they all had, it seemed like she hadn't laughed in ages. She giggled hard enough that it made her stomach hurt and tears well up in her eyes. But with it, came relief. Stress, fear, frustration...all of it melted away beneath Bravado's goofy, possibly even insane, banter and Hikaru's steadfast presence.

    "Bravado-san," Chiaki managed to get out as her laughter finally came under control, "I don't understand half of what you're saying...but thank you. I needed that." She beamed cheerily at Hikaru. "And you, too, Hikaru-kun. If the two of you weren't here, I don't know what I'd do!"

    She followed her two friends into the camp. "Do you think there's anything on the news about us? And where are the rest of your teammates, Bravado-san? And Hikaru-kun! Do you know what other forms you can turn into?" She managed to catch the glow of his cellphone screen. "I mean, you've got four other forms listed and a bunch that are still locked. I wonder what you have to do to unlock them? Maybe an achievement?"

    They walked through the silent hallways of the camp until they arrived at a lounge stocked with food, various beverages, and several flatscreen television sets and computers. Chiaki made herself at home and started making sandwiches for everyone. After feeling down, a little food always made her feel better - and they could all use a snack. It had been a long day, to put it lightly. Plus, she was a good cook.

    She turned on one of the nearby TVs to a new station as she prepared lunch.

    Sure enough, news crews were already at Kouma, trying to make sense of the disaster that had just been laid upon it....


    AUGUST 14, 2016

    The interrogation went swiftly. Sam Ebayan had to do his share of intimidation in his wanderings. He'd gone toe to toe - alone - against his share of crime lords, gangsters, and renegade soldiers to know that some men only responded to bigger, badder men. As short as he was, Sam knew how to make himself bigger and badder. He leaned down to get into Varis' face. "The twins just let me have carte blanche with you, scumbag," Sam growled. "We're going to get to know one another very well, very quickly. And you're going to tell us everything you know."

    It began with him digging his hand into the stump where Varis' arm used to be. And a scream.

    "What's your name, dirtbag?"

    "Al V-Varis!"

    "Why are you killing girls in town?"

    "I-it's just orders."

    "Whose?" Another of Sam's fingers goes in. Another scream. "Talk!"

    "T-the B-black W-Weaver...."

    Sam was relentless. He twisted his fingers within the man's wound. Another wail of agony. "Who is he? Why does he want these girls dead? What does the brand mean?"

    Varis continued to cry out. And then...chuckling. "The Black Weaver is j-just t-that...the Black Weaver is. I-it doesn't matter w-who he is...he's strong. Stronger than the rest of you!" he spat. Some flecks of spittle got onto Sam's cheek. Sam dug his hand in deeper. Another cry. "His w-word is l-law! His w-will is l-law! He'll find you, he'll find you!"

    Sam glared into his eyes and read pain, fanaticism...and truth. The burly man wasn't kind when he threw Varis onto the ground. He stalked over to Jacob Phantom, Neren, and Sendon. "Seems I'll be sticking with you three for a while longer, until I get more answers. But I'm done with him. At least he's softened up for the rest of you."
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