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  1. ^Empty: The perfect avatar for a nonexistent poster!

    No one above me but I just gave that off an example.
  2. ^ "There is no where to hide."

    yeah, the king is creepy. .____.
  3. 'Get to bed young man!'
  4. And the 'most makeup used' award goes to.....
  5. 'What the hell did you just call me?!'
  6. look what folowed me home, I don't want to keep him
  7. I is/are a dinosaur! RAWR!
  8. 'Rainbow team! Ready! Lets hit the dance floor!'
  9. Ummm..... I think I need a bigger boat.
  10. Wana play swords?
  11. Don'tcha want me baby?!
    Don'tcha want me, oooooohohooohh...
  12. (some reason I always end up doing Miru's...)

    Trouble is brewing! Let us help with the power of love!
  13. Now where did i put my shirt?
  14. No little blue-haired freak. STAY!
  15. 'I shall complete all Duties'
  16. Look ma! No hands!
  17. The suit.... IT WILL F**** UP YOUR DAY!
  18. Careful, I could accidentally poke someone's eyes out with this thing.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.