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  1. Because I wanted a remake of the thread. ._.

    Rules are simple! You just create a caption or a quote for the above user's avatar! 8D

    ...There's no one above me, so I can't do anything. >.>
  2. Just a liiiitle closer....
  3. World's most interesting doo-hickey...
  4. Hitchhiking to Vegas!
  5. I are so tired....
  6. "Wow.... You ARE very ugly."
  8. *Siiiigh* I need a man!
  9. "The Pirate Booty Bay? Oooh, shiver me timbers!"
  10. "Just love me."
  11. The first drop pod streaks across the sky...... It is 395.M41 and the war was begun.
  12. Eh, Da Vinci? I think you messed up on this alternative roast pit design...
  13. Yeah that's right. Don't act like you're not impressed!
  14. "Now it's time to see if I can hack into this computer."
  15. "The rage of the worlds will fall into place."
  16. "It's so shiny!"
  17. "Make a wish!" "On what? The moon?" "NO THE STAR! Look, it's riiiii~iiiiiiiiiight, THERE!"
  18. "OH, October! You're so hot, you wanna go out with me? I'll buy you pizza then bake you cookies!" *cough*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.