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    I made a few different threads for different RP cravings but ... well now Im just making one massive master post for all my RP's so its always open (unless I'm on a hiatus/not taking RP's) and it's always being updated!

    First things first, here's what I do and what I don't do (at present). Anything not listed means, well I haven't thought of it, it could be a good idea so send me a message and I'll consider it, don't be afraid, I won't bite.

    About Me
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    I'm a cosmic space-potato currently on earth masquerading as a cheeky pirate in search of good literary adventures.

    Come RP with me!

    BORING RULES AND STUFF, please read before PMing me regarding starting an RP.

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    THE DON'TS (things I don't like)
    • Highschool teen drama
    • Minors (DAMN YOU KIDS GIT'OFF MAH LAWN!!!!) No seriously, I was like 15 once and it wasn't exciting enough to relive.
    • Vampires and werewolves (willing to consider vampires if the plot is amazeballs but wolves are nahhh)
    • Zombies (this is a maybe, again, I can be convinced with a good plot)
    • Furry/Anthro thingies
    • Non-human chars (fairies, mermaids and orcs etc)

    • No 1 paras/1 liners, I like adept/advanced roleplays so if you can't handle long thought out posts, don't apply. I get bored by excessively short posts, give me a big meaty paragraph of plot and character development and I'll give you a whopper reply!
    • RP's work 50/50, so don't expect me to do all the legwork, tell me your ideas and help add more depth and stuff to the story as we progress
    • Please be active, I post every day 90% of the time and until I return to college I'm likely to keep this up. I don't mind waiting a day or two for a post but don't leave me hanging for weeks please.
    • No OP characters, Mr Perfects, Plain Janes. Please introduce characters with a bit of a flair and depth to them :)
    • In CS's, no anime chars please, I find it really off putting.
    • In the IC please use third person past tense. I hate to sound nit-picky, most people I RP with have used third-person past tense so it's not an issue but RPs written out of this perspective and tense irk me.
    • Please no suicide/self-harm content in posts, I don't have many limits, but suicide/self harm is a no-go.
    • I love multiple chars so please be willing to play more than one character!

    Things I like/Vague settings (mature and non-mature)
    • Fantasy (low fantasy typically but I'll consider high fantasy if its a good plot)
    • Space/Sci Fi
    • Medieval and Game of Thrones-esque
    • Slice of life/soap opera/romance-dramas
    • Mafia/gangs
    • Gritty/dark tales

    • Loki/Thor/Avengers (currently not interested)
    • Game of Thrones
    • The Tudors
    • Firefly
    • Mass Effect
    • Assassins Creed


    A Queen like No Other
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    MC is of noble birth, when her family and her older brother, heir to her fathers realms, is betrayed, all is stripped from her. YC is her close friend since childhood and vows to see her power and title restored. Together they set off to take back what is rightfully hers, and perhaps more, her political intrigue, popularity in court and beauty are her greatest weapons. Though she may marry to see her power restored, she does not wish to obey any king or husband...

    Spaaaaace and other things
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    A crew (multiple chars is essential in this) aboard a star ship travel space. The RP follows their personal dramas aboard the ship as opposed to the mission they are on. Its a slice of life but in space. Will they get cabin fever or will they fall in love who knows!!

    Sword in Hand
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    MC is a "Battle Maiden" with a mysterious past and even more mysterious motives. While she is skilled and crafty, she has much to learn and a long way to go. When a tavern brawl goes a bit awry YC steps in to stop MC being raped, robbed, killed or goodness knows what as she finds herself out of her depth. Despite YC's kindness and heroics she seems reluctant to say "thank you". Saying she has a chip on her is an understatement. Eventually she reveals she has the means to pay YC handsomely for his help and bids him stay with her long enough to reach a destination where she can procure the funds for him.

    For whatever reason, YC (characters if multiple) decides to accompany her even further, perhaps YC has his own motivations which just so happen to coincide with her mysterious quest, either way, they end up sticking around longer than expected on a dangerous quest.

    I like multiple chars, so feel free to double up and add more to this plot, this is the portion of the story that follows the main character I will be playing but multiple other arcs are always fun.

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  2. Hello! Despite how clear you are about the fact that you will only roleplay a mature/smut story with the appropriate age group, we still generally frown upon mingling general and libertine requests in a non-age-locked forum if it is much more than "I'm okay with doing smut." It is easier for everyone involved (me especially :tongue:) if you have a separate interest check for your mature requests in the Libertine forum, and leave this interest check smut free.

    Thank you very much!
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  3. Okay, I'll delete that, thanks ^__^ I thought putting in spoilers and clearly labelling might be okay, will fix it up now, cheers!
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  4. AAAAAND Updated!!!
  5. If you're still looking, I'd love to do Game of Thrones!
  6. Please pm me :) I'd love to hear any ideas you have in mind :)
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