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  1. Tyler Crane = SCIENCE! (Modern)
    Myrnodyn = Smut
    Moonlit Blade = Fantasy
    TNT = Sci-Fi
    Gibs = ....meh

  2. As a note, Diana is evil... >.>
  3. *cackles maniacly*
  4. and we fight against.... THE ADMINS!
  5. IWAKU NEEDS MORE FEMININITY! *dances around throwing flower petals*
  6. *Quirks eyebrow sarcastically*

    I love the sexual equality in that.

    Even Captain America had one.
  7. None of the females spoke up when we were deciding what the powers would be and who got what. Not our fault. *signs a waiver*
  8. 'tis true.

    granted it was for about five minutes, but still.
  9. ....Yeah... Asmo's gonna be happy to see you guys....

  10. No no, we know he'll be pissed. We'll just let him take it out on the ADMINS.
  11. ... Ooo great, you're wakin up the British novelist and now you're gong to cry to the admins if he gets mad.

    ....I pity the forums who used to deal with y'all.

  12. ...Prepare to have your ego's vivisected by Asmo's Rapier wit.
  13. GO ASMO! GO!
  14. I dun wanna.
  15. [video=youtube;uI7ni7zL8qU][/video]
  16. That chicken is a lying whore.
  17. Words cannot describe the manosterone in this thread.

    manosterone > 9000
  18. So you guys pretty much band together, wearing jewelry that summons a guy wearing tights that not even Zypher would wear and dons a mullet?
  19. Pretty much, yeah Rory.