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  1. So I want to do another Steve x Bucky pairing and I also want to try a Natasha x Bucky pairing. I want to be Bucky that I will not negotiate, however whoever plays the Dom and whoever plays the Sub I do not care. I can see Steve being a dom, I can see Bucky being a dom, It does not matter to me. I write 2 to 6 paragraphs. I try to post every day but with my schedule my posting can be very fickly and I love OOC chat. anyways here are a couple ideas I have

    After Bucky drags Steve out of the water, he goes to the Captain America Museum and see's himself standing proud and loyal to the man he was set out to kill. He wants to remember more but he can't so he does the only thing he thinks will help him. He follows steve (who is currently trying to find him) and intends on going to him and asking for help remembering. However he has no idea how to approach this man who knows so much about him, this is proven rather easy when Hydra agents attack Steve and Bucky jumps to the rescue and they fight side by side. Steve is baffled and unsure of what to do when he see's Bucky so he offers him a safe place to stay, promises to help him get his memories back. After some serious consideration Bucky agrees and Steve takes him to the only safe place he can think of. The Stark Tower. From there we will incorporate the other avengers, see how damaged bucky really is (I have it all planned out on how they made him forget and all the cruel things they did to him and it will be a slow process for him to actually remember who he was), Have Hydra after them and watch Bucky and Steve's relationship bloom. I have a lot of idea's for this one, and I would love to actually discuss them with my partner so I want someone who is willing to have out of character conversation and plot this out with me.

    Now the Natasha x Bucky idea I have is that this is before Captain America tws (Maybe before Natasha really started to go on the straight path and is still a cut throat assassin), and Natasha is put on a mission with the winter soldier. I am not sure on the details but I want them to like hate each other at first since they are both extremely skilled assassins and feel like they don't need help. But from that hate a bond forms, I want at one point for her to see how Bucky acts more like a weapon than a person and never questions orders and seems to have no memory of who he is or was. Maybe when she gets closer to him she decides to dig and finds out who he was and that they wipe his memory and how they treat him. I dunno I just really like the idea of them together.
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  2. I'm definitely open to a Natasha x Bucky RP. :)!
  3. Ok! :D sorry it took me so long to respond I was a bit busy with real life lol. so are you ok with the Plot? any changes or ideas?
  4. The plot is perfectly fine! ^^,
    Though I think Natasha should be put on a mission to stop the Winter Soldier first, because he'd still be working for HYDRA, right? Or they could be after the same target? Maybe they somehow get into a situation in which they have to work together to escape from somewhere?
  5. I really really want to do a STUCKY rp DX i'm craving it here is a stucky vid that I looove :3
  6. Steve x Bucky Fifty shades of Grey AU PLEASE X_X