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  1. Who's going to see it tonight? I'm trying to talk my hubby into making it my Mother's day present by taking me to see it on Sunday. I'm pretty sure I can convince him since he's been watching the trailers constantly and giving his computer the sad, puppy face.

    My brother-in-law, the nerd of all nerds with no kids went to see it last night and said that Ant Man and Spiderman stole the movie like everyone predicted, which is honestly pretty cool since I do like Ant Man.

    This is the first movie that I've been willing to break my 'no movie theater' rule for, so I'm really hoping I get to go see it. (If I can find a theater that's not a thousand miles away that is. X_x)
  2. Either today or the following two days. Still sorting out specifics with the friends I'm going to see it with.
  3. I'm going to see it tomorrow with my dad. So excited! I've waited so damn long to see this movie, and miraculously, I've made it this far without seeing any additional footage released after the Japanese International Spot or having any details spoiled for me! I've had to tread so carefully through the Internet in the past few weeks in order to avoid all that...
  4. Saw it last night. Fucking awesome.
  5. group of friends and I are going sunday
  6. Going tonight, most likely. I'm am ready.
  7. I'm going to see it but am not sure which night yet! Tuesday, at the latest

    So pumped!
  8. Btw, Spider-Man is perfect, Black Panther is an amazing character, and Ant-Man is fucking hilarious.

    The movie has some pretty heavy themes and is goddamn violent. The villain is actually solid and every character has very clear motivations and beliefs that don't feel forced. Both sides are sympathetic and if you don't feel awful for Tony by the end of it, you're a dink.

    5/7, the perfect score.
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  9. Remember, if you give up this rating then the terrorists win.
  10. I don't care for Marvel (Or DC) Since I'm not big into Super Heroes or Comic Books...but I'm still going to see it because I'm willing to see how it is and goes and blah blah.

    Plus, I don't have to shell out money to watch movies since I know the owner of the Theater :D. Free Movies are always the best movies.
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  11. I saw it!!! And I am just going to add that I love Ant Man!
  12. I didn't see the thing with Ant-Man coming!

    Haha, get it?

    He, along with Spider-Man, absolutely stole the show!! I think it's hilarious that, with 20 minutes of footage, Marvel was able to do with Spider-Man what Sony hasn't been able to do WITH FIVE MOVIES. Pete was absolutely perfect, adorable, and good GOD do I want to fuck Aunt May.

    I want moar Black Panther. Damn, was he good.

    Oh man, Bucky/Cap. ;_; The Brodom is Real!!

    Get away from my Rhodey!!
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  13. So many bromances.

    I'm pretty sure the guy next to me had an orgasm when Black Panther came on screen. I had to scoot away. He was so excited he forgot which side his friend was sitting on and slapped me on the leg....
  14. I also saw the movie and loved every moment of it especially the politics of it. If you ever wonder what the world's politics (that has superheroes) would do, then this is a perfect movie to see. And I also loved how you understand both sides' reasons of why they are doing what they are doing. At the end of the day, I am still on Team Ironman; however, I understand why Captain did those things.

    And I love the fighting scenes in the movie. The movie was like Superman vs Batman, but done right (not saying that it was a horrible movie, it just needed some improvements). Also, I loved the Black Panther, Antman, and Spider-Man. Especially the Spider-Man, I can't wait until Marvel makes a movie about him.

    Now, I really want a roleplay that's based around the plot of the movie or a Marvel (with DC possibility)-Civil War roleplay.
  15. Personally I feel like Spider Man and Black Panther were a bit ham fisted into the movie due to limited screen time.
    I'd love to see each of their independent movies though.

    Antman though, he stole the show completely! XD

    "This is your conscience!"

    Fucking Gold! <3
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  16. Now, if only Fox could break into some deal/Be super awesome and give the rights of Fantastic Four and X-Men to Marvel.

    I want my fuckin Deadpool and Spidey movie, god fuckin damn it.
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  17. We already got one and it's beautiful! >:C

    But yea, seeing him show up with the rest of the MCU cast would be great.
  18. I wish Universal would give the rights to Hulk back. I'd love to see a Hulk standalone with Mark Ruffalo. He's by far my favorite Banner yet. I'd love to see him in his own movie before he gets too old to play the role. :(
  19. Ending Spoiler (open)

    Does anyone else think they should have killed Iron Man?

    I mean, Robert Downey has already said he doesn't want to be Iron Man is any main Iron Man movies any more. Meanwhile if Captain America killed Iron Man, may it be an accident or to save his friend could of added a huge sense of Guilt over him. It would have forever changed the hero relations with one another, giving them a reason to consider dropping the disagreement.

    Instead we see Iron man take a blow that realistically should have killed him, end up completely fine and then suddenly covering for Captain America despite hating his guts last time they spoke.
    RDJ, from what I've read and seen in interviews about being Iron Man is that he flip flops between "YEEAH! LETS DO IT" to "I really don't want to anymore." You can clearly see he still enjoys portraying Tony. I mean most recently he said "It could happen" for a fourth Iron Man movie in which previously he said "No Way, Jose"

    So I think it's more he's conflicted.
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