Captain America Trailer

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  1. Heeeelllll yeah.

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  2. Looks like they're basing it off of the Ultimates universe. Which would explain why they have this guy play him while still thinking it's okay to have him as Fantastic Four's Human Torch. Unless it IS the same universe and then you're fucked, yeah?

    It's things like this that make me frown at comic movie adaptations.
  3. Fantastic Four isn't the same continuum of Marvel superheroes, as far as movies go. Esp. since it was 20th Century Fox, while the current run of movies is run under the Marvel imprint itself. Marvel no longer has the Rights to Fantastic Four until the rights expire under said contract. I imagine that Marvel has a different point of view on who should play Johnny Storm.
  4. Has he been... digitally... DISenhanced?
  5. Which highlights one of the things that I like about the Avengers series of movies: They're finally acknowledging the fact that comic book heroes are all in the same universe. Even if it's just a teaser bit at the end of the movie or a namedrop here and there, it's a nice touch to bring that interconnectedness from the pages to the big screen, and something that I miss now in older comic book movies.
  6. [video=youtube;IhnUgAaea4M][/video]
  7. Essentially then, they're saying fuck you to the comics, though I understand what you mean about the legal issues of ownership. Still, the idea that they try to maintain continuity through the Avengers while letting the Fantastic Four go and fuck off is annoying to me. But as you said, Marvel probably has their own ideas for their Johnny Storm.

    I guess one could also look at it like an alternate Marvel Universe just like the comics.
  8. FF sucked anyways, IMO... It's kind of like namedropping spidey a la 3.
  9. I would have posted the same thing as Grandmaster in response to this thread...

  10. Yeah, I'm just griping mostly. FF did suck.
  11. If it makes you feel any better Chris Evans turned down the role 3 separate times in trying to avoid what you're complaining about. So throw all of your hate at the various movie studios.

    On a minor note, this movie FAILS in my eyes marketing-wise because they're not releasing it on July 4th. I mean what the fuck that's the most obvious movie to have released on that day ever since the movie "Independence Day".

  12. Actually, that does make me feel better. And I agree on the release date as well.