Captain America: The First Avenger

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    Does this make anyone else as happy as it does me?
  2. I hope they fired that guy who said in an interview that he didn't understand why Supers wear costumes, and was going to make The Cap (super-soldier stuff 'n all) just a PR project to try and excuse the suit. A PR stunt, and not, y'know, a Nazi-punching superhero.

    I think they did though, that suit looks way too combat-ready to be just for PR.
  3. Hellz to the yeeeaaahhh!
  4. Chris Evans gets super-buff and punches the shit out of Nazis: THE MOVIE.

    Fuck yeah, I'm psyched.
  5. Just as long as he isn't as derpy as he is in the Fantastic Four Films.
  6. That letter on his head stands for awesome.
  7. At least it isn't Reb Brown.

    Definitely happy with the costume since it looks like they found a way to militarize it for practicality.

    But I'm still not sure I'm happy with Chris Evans getting cast as Cap.

    It just feels lazy to me although I'll try to reserve complete judgment until I actually watch it.
  8. Chris Evans was pretty derpy in Fantastic Four...

    I loved him as Lucas in the Scott Pilgrim movie, though. So much lulz.
  9. Should've been Johnny Depp.

  10. Johnny Depp is tired.

    Johnny Depp is tired and wants only to return to his vineyard in France to get high. :(
  11. Captain. Fucking. America.

    How can someone NOT be excited for this!? Or Thor for that matter!? OR FOR THE FUCKING AVENGERS MOVIE!?

    God, this is MARVEL we're talking about!

    The only sad part is we won't get to see Spider-Man in this at all cause of Sony. GIVE US OUR SPIDER-MAN BACK, YOU PRICKS! And make him Tobey Maguire again! I can't read Spider-Man comics anymore without putting his voice in all of Spidey's lines!
  12. Not much of a Cap fan, except in how he's basically the moral center of the Marvelverse, kinda like how Superman is the same for DCverse.

    But I do like this combat ready, semi plausible gear he's got on. The helmet-mask is a nice touch. Maybe they should tone down how bright the blue is. Nazi aim improves with color schemes!

    I am once again reminded of a section from the Continuity Song from "I'm A Marvel and I'm A DC."

    "Well our DJ is playing me and Chris Hemsworth is Thor!
    And Cap will look a lot like this guy from Fantastic Four!
    But if Marvel and Edward Norton simply can't agree,
    We'll see Bruce Banner being played by David Duchovny!"
  13. Thor is directed by Kenneth Branagh. SQUEEE!!!

    And Johnny Depp has a house in Cornwall which I can SEE from my window. It's across the river opposite me. SQUEEE!!

    And I don't really have a point. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  14. Wait, so Thor's gonna be all thespian-like and Kenneth's name is gonna be in about 20 sections of the credits? You know, like in every Shakespeare movie he's ever made?

  15. ....perhaps because one isnt steeped in Americana?

    then again, there is copious amounts of Nazi smashing. thats my favorite kind!
  16. We can only hope, Raz. We can only hope.