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  1. This would be before Wade is diagnosed with cancer. My character and Wade grew up in the same neighborhood and had a friendship, but when Wade joined the special forces she was left behind. They didn't reunite until a few years later when they discovered their paths had taken a similar turn.

    Both became mercenaries, but my character is slightly more sensitive towards women and children. Weasel (the bartender from the movie if you've seen it, which I'm assuming you have or he's also from the comics) only gives her the gold cards from those individuals. She never takes assignments from men because of her past experiences.

    Anyway, they resume their friendship for a few years and become a team. Wade is more useful in combat and my character has a true talent for intimidation and investigation. They've never explored a romantic relationship and when Vanessa comes into the picture my character becomes extremely jealous. She remains his partner, though.

    When Wade discovers he has cancer and leaves to Weapon X for experimentation, my character follows him. She undergoes the experiment as well, though not to the same degree as Wade. Wade was unable to save her after the building caught fire and crumbled, so he believes her to be dead, but she's not.

    I thought the role play could start before Vanessa comes into the plot and we write from there forward.


    - Dedication, I love when role plays continue for several months to even a few years!

    - OOC, I enjoy getting to know my partners!

    - Doubling, I'll play my original character and your chosen canon character in exchange for you playing your original character and my chosen canon character. Unless you simply want to play my chosen canon character, no argument there!

    - PM ONLY, I don't like threads and therefore I role play exclusively through PM.

    - Paragraphs, my replies will always be at least a single paragraph per character role!

    - I'm only interested in partners that are EIGHTEEN or older, no offense to the younger audience, I just prefer to include mature themes.


    Alexandra "Alex or AJ" Jordan Kingston


    Twenty-Three | German-Canadian | Pansexual | Mercenary


    A solider of the German military allowed himself to indulge in the pleasures of a one night sexual release and eventually resulted in the birth of his twin daughters. The woman now burdened to raise these unholy children endured the hatred of her overly religious family, whom had warned her from the beginning that men are unfaithful, discarded her beliefs and morals as she was forced into prostitution to support the small family.


    Alexandra and her slightly older sister, Victoria, were subjected to sexual and physical abuse from the clients that their mother was forced to entertain in exchange for money. The small apartment was a disgusting and highly inappropriate environment for the young children, but it was all their mother could afford. Having no family to rely on or friends for support, their mother was desperate and tried everything to keep her children from experiencing hunger.

    Alexandra and Victoria's unconditional love for their mother enabled them to withstand the hardships of their childhoods. Their mother was a compassionate, kind and good-hearted woman that had been mistreated and abandoned by the man she had once loved. When Alexandra finally understood just how her family's situation had begun as the result of her father's betrayal, that's when her tremendous hatred and disdain for the male gender surfaced.

    Several occasions occurred where the government tried to remove the children from their mother, but they were never successful as the daughters would escape their adoptive family's homes and return to their mother in an extreme display of their loyalty and devotion towards her.

    Aside from enrollment in schools, the only other socialization that the girls had was with their neighborhood friend: Wade Wilson. His family life wasn't much better than their own. They shared a lot of similar experiences and quickly bonded through the painful traumas. Alexandra, despite being the younger twin, always attempted to protect her sister from the physical assaults of the abusive males that visited their mother...often taking the abuse onto herself.

    Alexandra and Wade had the stronger friendship, though Victoria was always included in their adventures together. She encouraged the relationship between her younger sister and the charming boy, hoping it would give Alexandra reasons to find hope and happiness in this depressing world. The trio was unbreakable.

    After the daughter's turned eighteen and their mother had succumbed to the various diseases she had caught throughout her career as a sex worker, the young women buried their memories with their mother's body and began new lives. Alexandra was excited to leave Canada and travel the world before settling down in America, but her dreams shattered after becoming informed that Wade was joining the Special Forces.


    Unable to leave their neighborhood because of restrictions with money, Alexandra began following in her mother's footsteps as a prostitute so that she and her sister could afford a decent living. Victoria was heartbroken, but understood why her sister was making such a sacrifice. It was easier for Alexandra. She was always the stronger sister in terms of handling emotional and physical abuse. She also had inherited her mother's very attractive physical form while Victoria inherited more directly from their father. It made the job much easier.

    One night, however, after collapsing from exhaustion and not knowing that her client hadn't yet left the apartment...Alexandra woke up the next morning to find her sister screaming beneath the shower's spray. It was during that moment when Alexandra discovered her sister had been raped. She tried to help Victoria through the incident, but within a month the older sister surrendered to her nightmares and committed suicide by jumping into a freezing cold lake where she drowned.

    Victoria's suicide gave Alexandra a new direction in life. She saw men as the demons walking this Earth and swore to protect others from the same fates that befell her mother and sister. Alexandra used the money she had been saving for years, since childhood, and enrolled herself in self defense classes.

    After spending that year continuing her education in self defense tactics and becoming rather sufficient, she managed to travel all the way to America through various modes of transportation. It was in America, during her twenty-first birthday in a bar that she found herself reunited with Wade. He explained his new profession as a mercenary and she was intrigued by the idea of protecting those of society from dangerous individuals. She became his partner that night.


    * She is 5'9" in height.

    * Speaks fluent German, French and English.

    * She's an identical twin, younger by ten minutes.

    * Alexandra's first kill was a man that had been arrested for violently beating his wife and child, but wasn't charged because of insufficient evidence as the woman was too frightened to testify in court against him.

    * Unlike her partner, Wade, she enjoys forcing psychological torture on her targets and only kills them once her entertainment has gone.

    * She wears glasses in private.

    * She has a tongue piercing.
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