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  1. Well Hello there I am SImona ^^

    I enjoy group roleplays.

    And enjoy sitting under cherry tree...well any tree can feel nice.

    Like scifi and fantasy super heroes and many more genders. As I like things that have a twirl or two about them.

    I rped on a few places before, and enjoyed it very much. I always try to improve myself the best I can ^^
  2. Hello Simona welcome to iwaku!!!
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  3. Howdy Simona! :D Welcome to Iwaku!
  4. Welcome!
    I hope you have fun here. ;)
    Is that profile Hellgate London by any chance?
  5. Hello there, group, sci-fi and fantasy huh? Youll find awesome stuff here then ^^
    I bid thee welcome to Iwaku Simona! And I hope you will partake of our wondrous stories :D