Canterbury's Tale

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  1. With all the world gainfully enjoying themselves, and the holy throne of the Pope secure in Rome the world kicked back its heels. But with surplus comes ruin eventually. Nothing could be closer to the truth for the town of Avongnon,France. Lady Chatterly sat in her chair during a grand party one night when her dear friend simply fell ill, ruining the whole party. The scene was quite gruesome as she vomited up blood all over the place. Sadly, Lady Chatterly's friend died soon after. Terrified the people in the party went to the church to hopefullly gain penance for what ever wrong they did. But all was for naught as the entire land of Europe and much of the Oriental was consumed by the Black Death.

    But as luck would have it, Lady Chatterly and a few others survived during these dark times. Her home town of Avongnon was nearly whiped out. Some became looters, others penitant flagilates and even some just threw all to the win, because clearly the Pope had no sway.

    Here is where our tale begins.

    "I am in the mind," said Lady Chatterly, "that we should go and beseach the Bishop of Canterbury. Surely he will know exactly what to do in this cursed time?" She looked about to her surviving compatriots, of whom she knew nothing of. "What do you think?"