Can't see Roleplay Resume?

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  1. soooo! I was looking through my profile...just to see if the little error with the Roleplay Resume not showing up was working, well see I clicked on my "Blog Entries" and it showed my Roleplay I the ONLY one having this problem?!
  2. No you are not, I've been having it for a few days now! D:
  3. I have too! DX; It's been DAYS and I only JUST now found where to find the RP Resume crap. x..x;
  4. This needs to be fixed, quick! Since if a person doesn't have a blog entry open you'll have to gamble the genre what genres and style's they like most!
  5. Hi there. I'm new and I recruited one of my friends to join Iwaku as well because, well, this site is probably the best RP site I've ever come across that was forum-based.

    Anyway, I don't know if this is because I'm new or not, but I can't see my own Roleplay Resume and I can't see my friend's Resume either. She can't see mine or her own as well. I looked at the FAQ and didn't see anything as to why I couldn't view hers or my own. I don't think it's a bug since I didn't see anything recent about it in the bug thread.

    If anyone can answer this question for us, that'd be helpful. Thanks a lot! :)
  6. Don't worry you're not the ONLY one suffering through this. It's just a glitch up with the system I'm to assume...if they have Blog Entries can click the Blog Entries tab and find their RP Resume...
  7. I to took notice to this...I thought I was just going crazy...
  8.'re not going crazy...apparently it's more common than I thought, I just saw someone post up asking about what was going on with it in the community hub... x..x;
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  9. Couldn't you just, I don't know, ask in a PM? The RP Resumes were not always a thing you know. If you liked someones style and were "cold calling" them you had a dialogue to see if you had the same interests.
  10. I do ask in PM now. Unless they have a blog entry tab open, then I can look at their resume. I was just saying that because I hate bothering people, it seems a little inconvenient. :/
  11. Oh, okay. I wasn't sure if it was because of the fact that my friend and I are new here or not, but thanks a lot for the tip! I'll go check out the Blog Entries and encourage my friend to do the same. I greatly appreciate the help!
  12. You're very welcome.