Can’t Remember To Forget You

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  1. Can’t Remember To Forget You

    [Madison is an aspiring lawyer who finds herself caught up in a love triangle during her final year of law school. Things take an even more stressful turn when her father announces his intention to run for President, throwing the young woman and her love life into the public eye. During this time, she comes to depend on her friends more so than ever, but who can Madison really trust?]


    Gentle music filled the air, floating through every cold grey hallway and into the vacant rooms. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata played throughout the plush golden room. With one final note, slender snow white fingers lifted themselves from the virgin white keys. Madison sighed heavily as she folded her hands on her lap, allowing her chocolate brown curls to fall down her shoulder like waves. Being a law student was never easy, it was time consuming for a start, and her studies took away most of her free time. This meant that she often had to go days - even weeks - between playing the piano. A simple hobby that Madison had acquired as a child.

    Running her fingers through her silk like hair, Madison reached out to lift her phone from the top of the baby grand piano. Regardless of the fact it was a Friday night and most of her friends were out in the city, Madison still felt stressed. A fear of exams, failure and life itself seemed to overcome the aspiring lawyer on a daily basis. Perhaps that was why she found herself walking the familiar route to the nearest Starbucks for some much needed caffeine. It didn’t help that her family life seemed to be even more chaotic, all she knew was that her father was planning on announcing something at a press conference in two weeks; to Madison, it seemed like her father was about to take early retirement from his role as Senator to focus on his new marriage with his second wife - Madison’s stepmother.

    After a much needed caffeine kick, Madison found herself going on autopilot towards the university’s main library; everyone knew that if you couldn’t find Madison, she was most likely in the library. It wasn’t easy being the daughter of a senator, and even more so when Madison’s mother was the infamous ‘Diane Lockhart’ a top criminal lawyer. Holding open the glass door, Madison headed into the modern and contemporary library, dropping her monogram tote down onto the chair beside her before sitting down.

    God, she needed a drink; or maybe two.

    Opening up the thick hardback textbook, Madison could feel a splitting migraine forming. Failure was not an option. Leaning back in the high chair, Madison took her legal notebook and began to write out notes, attempting to block out the rest of the world around her.

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    Johnny pulled his Chrysler 300 into a spot in the university library's parking lot. Last minute papers were never fun, but if he was going to do his research presentation in his public speaking class without making a fool of himself, he had to have his written portion done by midnight tomorrow. Granted, the written portion was only required to be about two and a half pages, but even a two page paper done at the last minute is never the best quality.

    Johnny locked his car not once, but twice, just to make sure. The other day he had carelessly left it unlocked and someone broke into it and stole his laptop and a few of his CD's. Thankfully his things were found and returned to him, but lord help him if he let something disappear again. Just his luck these days.

    As he walked into the main room of the massive school library, he saw a girl sitting by herself on a long, cherry-wood table. It didn't look as though she honestly cared if she was alone. Perhaps she wanted the privacy to get her work done, but he couldn't for the life of him leave her to sit by herself. So he walked up to her as she was scribbling tirelessly into her notebook, glancing from text to notebook, then back to text and back to notebook. It felt rude to disrupt her while she was working so hard, but he couldn't help himself.

    "Excuse me." He said gently, so as not to startle her. "Do you mind if I sit with you? You look like you could use some friendly company." He said smiling.
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