Can't log in...

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  1. I feel kinda dumb, this is my 3rd thread here already xD

    I've tried to log in, many time, from my boyfriend computer, but it won't let me. I've even changed passwords, but it's no good. I can log in perfectly from the two pcs in my house, but when it comes to his pc, I can't. Is there an IP restriction or something like that? I'd like to reply to my rps here from his house and I can't because of this :(
  2. Are you getting any errors when you try to log in? Or does it refresh and then not do it?
  3. It refreshes and doesn't log in. :/
  4. If you were running into an IP restriction you should get a message or timeout error. Just to be sure though please go to (or have him go to) on the computer that doesn't work and send me the IP address privately once you are home and can log in.

    Make sure cookies, javascript, etc. are not disabled and that adblock isn't reporting anything being blocked when going to the iwaku site.

    What browser/OS are you using on his computer and is it the same as what is on your computer?

  5. Google Chrome, and yes, we use the same browser. He doesn't have an adblock app I think... I don't run into an error, the page just refreshes and never logs in. At least I know the entire site isn't blocked in his computer, since he's also a user in Iwaku.

  6. Knowing he is a user and it is fine makes things interesting...

    Have you tried both a normal window and incognito?
  7. No, I'll try the incognito mode as soon as I have the chance.
  8. @jared555 I tried the incognito mode, it doesn't work.
  9. Knowing that he is able to log in to Iwaku but not you makes it really hard to troubleshoot. Have you tried IE/Firefox/Safari/Whatever on his computer?
  10. @jared555 Hey, I found out I can log in from a private navigation window if I activate the 'stay logged in' option. I should be able to login normally too but at least it works now. Thought I should let you know.
  11. Try going to the link I specified earlier.

    Copy down the IP address. Refresh immediately and see if the IP address is the same. If not copy the new one down. Wait 5-10 minutes and do it again. Send me the IP/list of IP's privately.

    If your IP is changing then you have to check the stay logged in box. Some ISP's have weird configurations that may cause your IP to vary.