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  1. Stephanie Brooks was out in the soccer field dribbling the ball between her feet as she waited for the rest of the team to come out of the locker room. Well, her technical name was Stephanie Brooks, but if anyone other than her parents were to call her that, then they would probably get hit so hard they would forget their own name, and only people with a death wish ever called her Steph. It was for that reason and through her own insistence, that everyone called her Stevie. Short and simple and so much better than Steph (the name still sounded like a curse word on her tongue).

    It was a hot April day, which meant that it was great to be outside, but it also meant that sweat was already beginning to pool at the edge of her brow. She didn't care much, but they hadn't even started practice which meant that by 4 o'clock, the time practice was over, she would be positively drenched and cursing herself for having joined the soccer team the whole time. Just wait until coach makes us jog, her mind thought helpfully for her as she tried to juggle the ball by kicking it between alternating knees. As she thought that, she couldn't help but wonder why the fuck the guys were taking so long. Perhaps it was because she got dressed alone in the girls' locker room, so she didn't have the idle chatter of locker-room socializing to distract and delay her from getting dressed faster, but still, these guys were taking forever.
  2. Nathan Cumberbatch, the teams star player, walked out of the locker room, his blonde hair glowing in the sun. He grabbed a ball and dribbled it over to Stevie.
    "Hey bro." Nate said, nodding and starting to juggle his ball on his feet.
    "God, its fucking hot out here. Coach better not make us run." Nate complained, even though he'd be fine no matter what. Nate's green eyes were squinted in concentration as they waited for coach and the other players.
    "Stevie, you know that banging blonde, Isabel? I totally got her under the Nate-spell. How long do you think she'll last?" This was a common thing for them. They would make bets on girls to see how long until they fell into Nathan's bed.
  3. Stevie rolled her eyes and laughed exasperatedly. "You're so full of shit," she said, but smiled all the same as he came over to her. As the rest of the team filed out of the men's locker room, their coach came out and yelled at them all to start running laps. Stevie got started right away, running on the track that was built around the soccer field.

    She listened to Nathan's rant about the new blonde he scored and smirked. "Isabel? Really? You know she's going to put out by tonight, Nate. And cut the crap with that Nate-spell shit," she said shoving him in the way she did as they ran. "Seriously though, she won't last long," Stevie said. It was the full truth. Isabel was in two of her classes and she completely fawned over Nathan, trying to get a glimpse of him every chance she got, and trying to join into every one of his conversations any time she possibly could. Stevie can recall several times where Isabel would try and talk to Nathan at his desk and lean forward to expose her cleavage. The whole thing made Stevie want to gag. Seriously, no one wanted to see that shit. Well, except for maybe Nathan. But Nathan seemed to like any boobs, not just Isabel's.
  4. Nathan laughed and ran next to Stevie, not even breathing hard. "Heh, yeah. They aren't as fun when they are a quick bag though. She's got a nice body, but she's boring." Nathan shrugged and shoved her back. "Stevie, you should find a g- awh shit, nevermind. Sorry bro, your such a bro I forget your not one." Nathan said, smiling apologetically. "Nah, but legit. You need someone. You spend too much fucking time on your own." Nathan picked up his pace a bit, wanting to stretch out his legs. "How about that one guy, uhh what's his shit, oh yeah! Terrence. The football player?" He teased her. Nate knew Stevie hated Terrence, yet he found teasing Stevie enjoyable. "He's athletic."
  5. "Yeah, but we both know you're going to have sex with her anyways," Stevie pointed out, trying to pace herself as they passed the one mile mark. "But if you're really that bored, I heard Brenda talking about you in Calc the other day. She said that your eyes - uh - what was it? Oh yeah, 'the color of grass after a spring rain,' " she said in the voice of a love-struck teenage girl, but snorted halfway through because she was unable to keep a straight face.

    As they ran, Nate began to tease her about her own love life. Or lack thereof. She shrugged at his momentary lapse over the fact that - hey, she's a girl, remember? She honestly didn't care one way or another, it's not like it affected their friendship, and she didn't exactly look the part either. She rolled her eyes and shoved Nate at the mention of Terrence. "Terrence is a dick," she said simply. "Athletic is pretty much all there is to him. Besides, I'm pretty sure he hates my guts after that nasty Indian burn I gave him last week." Indian burns were her specialty and Terrence had bet her that she couldn't give him an Indian burn that actually hurt. She did more than that though and didn't give up until he yelled "Uncle". It was pretty fucking awesome.

    "Besides," Stevie said, her mind coming back to the present, "me, food, and video games get along great, why would I ruin that with a relationship?" She shrugged after the comment. Being single didn't bother her so much, she never was one for relationships and she wasn't exactly the most attractive female out there. Any assets she could possibly use to her advantage were hidden beneath cargo pants and sleeveless shirts, and most guys didn't go for girls that were taller than them. Especially a girl who could probably kick there ass. Stevie was aware that she could be pretty intimidating at times. Still, it didn't really bother her much, she rarely thought of it, and she was happy as she was now. Most of the time.

    Stevie inhaled deeply through her nose as she began to slow down a little bit. She was starting to get a little bit winded but managed to keep up and ahead of the rest of the team. At least their two miles were nearly over.
  6. Nate shrugged. "Well duh I'm going to have sex with her. Like I said, she's banging." He said. Nathan was a smart kid, and good at sports, but any girl with breasts that he could charm into his bed he was all over.

    Nate snorted at the Brenda thing. "Ah Brenda. No, she's only a B cup. I don't go lower than a C. You know that Stevie." Nate said. Brenda was pretty, but Nate only cared about the body. "But yeah, I've been told my eyes are sexy."

    Nate laughed as he shoved Stevie back. "Hell yeah! That wimp was whining for fucking hours! And it was red as hell! How do you get a black man so red?" Nathan asked. "Like, I legitly think you left a scar. How the hell do you do that shit so well? Your one scary girl." Nate looked at the track and saw that their 2 miles were almost over.

    "Ah, reminds me. You up for video games and movies on Friday? My roommate is going to be banging his girlfriend the floor below so I got the room to myself." Nate said. "Plus, I just got a new game. We can dominate the scoreboards, as usual."
  7. Stevie rolled her eyes at Nate. "You think you're such hot shit," she said, laughing. But really, he had the looks to justify all that talk. Sometimes, though, Stevie couldn't help but wonder if Nate ever genuinely hurt some of the girls he had sex with only to dump later. Not that she faulted him for any of it. Nate had a reputation as a playboy, so most girls knew what they were getting into, and if they expected more out of him than he really was, then they were delusional and couldn't be surprised when they expect more than a one-night stand.

    As they slowed down, Stevie bent over and put her hands on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. "Damn, it's so fucking hot," she swore under her breath. Her short, black hair was wet with sweat and sticking to her forehead, and she brushed it back to try and get it out of her eyes before leaning back up and stretching her back after that run. As much as she's complaining, however, it felt good to run.

    "And it takes some practice, my young padawan," she said with fake wisdom. "If he can't take an Indian burn then what is he doing trying to play football? Goddamn pussy." The coach gave her a look as she swore, and Stevie smiled sheepishly and murmured a 'sorry' before resuming conversation. "And you bet your ass, I'm up for it! I need to shoot some zombies in a dark air-conditioned room after all of this heat," she said as they began their practice drills.
  8. "It is hot. Sorry, do you want me to leave?" Nathan teased, catching his breath as well. His blonde hair was still perfect, and he wasnt sweating half as much as the other guys.

    "Bro, you da bomb. I hope coach kicks him off the team next season. Ya know, I'm thinking going out for quarterback. Just for something new." Nathan said.

    "Oh, bring some food though. My roommate is on some fucking health kick. Its annoying." Nathab added as they started their drills.

    After practice, Nathan still looked like a god. His hair wasn't even messed up, and the sweat just made him glisten.

    "God," he complained, "I'm fucking gross." Looking at Stevie, he chuckled. "You too bro. Its like you could create a river with all that perspiration." Nathan teased her.
  9. "Go for it," Stevie encourage. Nate was good at sports, she knew it, he knew it, everyone knew it. In fact, he would be a damn good quarterback. "The current one got kicked off because his grades weren't good enough, so you could definitely take his place. Not that I want to make your ego any bigger than it already is."

    Stevie wiped her arm across her forehead only for a puddle to come off onto her arm. Her entire shirt was soaked through and she could feel her sports bra sticking to her skin. Fuck. My. Life. She thought. She glanced over at Nate who was sweaty himself but not nearly so. "Goddamn, how do you do that?" she asked aloud. "Only you could make sweat look attractive. I look like I almost fucking drowned in the school's pool," she commented as they headed towards where the locker rooms are located. One of the benefits of being a girl on an all boy's team though, was that she had the locker room to herself which meant she'd be able to take a nice shower in peace before they started heading back to the dorms. The dorm showers were as nice as dorm showers could be, but people rarely used the ones in the girl's locker room which meant that she could bathe in peace and quiet.

    "Wait for me out here when you're done, will ya?" Stevie said. "I'm going to take a shower and get all this sweat off." With that, she headed into the locker room.
  10. Nate grinned when Stevie told him to go for it. Yeah, he would. And he'd drag her all his games.

    When Stevie made the attractive quip, Nate was a bit shocked. She'd never described him as 'attractive' before. Well, he was, but that was besides the point.

    Nate rolled his eyes and went into the boys locker room and rinsed off. He really didnt like sweat. It made him feel nasty. Once he was ready to head back to the dorms, he went outside and waited for Stevie. Then Isabel showed up.

    "Hey you." She said, standing very close to Nate. "So, do you think, maybe we could, well, you know." Isabel said, giving a breathless giggle. Nathan raised an eyebrow, knowing she was talking about sex.

    "Yeah babe. Ill call you later. Stevie and I gotta cram for this huge ass test tomorrow, but I will call you over tonight." Nathan said. Isabel scowled at the mention of Stevie, but kissed him before walking away.
  11. Stevie shed her sweaty clothes and stashed them in her gym bag. Immediately, she hopped into the shower and set the water to freezing. The cold water was a relief on her overheated skin and she sighed at the sensation. Within minutes, she was sweat free and smelling fresh, especially after spraying herself with her favorite spritzer. She toweled off her hair, not caring that it barely dried it and only seemed to muss it up. After all, she was just going to go to the dorms to hang out with Nate, so who gave a shit? And feeling refreshed and renewed, Stevie grabbed her gym bag and hauled it over her shoulder before leaving the locker room.

    The heat was less oppressive by the time Stevie went outside and she saw Nate waiting for her like she told him to do, except he wasn't alone. It only took a second for Stevie to realize that the person with him was Isabel, and they were having a very important conversation. Or at least important to Isabel. Stevie tried to give them privacy but managed to catch snippets and saw the look on Isabel's face as she walked away. Isabel bumped her shoulder and made Stevie stumble as she walked by and Stevie flipped her off, though she wasn't sure if the girl saw with her back turned towards her. "Fucking bitch," Stevie mumbled. Ah well, Stevie had a good four inches over Isabel, if she had a problem with her, she'd be too afraid to do anything about it. At least not to Stevie's face.

    Stevie approached Nate and grimaced. "She's a keeper," she said sarcastically. "I couldn't help but hear your conversation," she started. "Not that I was eavesdropping!" She tried to assure her bro before continuing, "But hey, sounds like she wants the D, so we don't have to hang out tonight if you don't want," she suggested. "If we do, I just know you're going to be thinking about the sex you're about to have as soon as I leave the room and you call her up.."
  12. Nate scowled when Isabel shoved Stevie, but Stevie's next words made him grin.
    "Nice Stevie. No, but really, I do need to cram and you're the only one who can keep me on task for any length of time." Nate said truthfully. Then Nathan chuckled. "I will call her up when you leave, but seriously bro, time to cram for biology."
  13. Stevie gave an exasperated laugh as they made their way to their dorms. "What would you do without me?" she joked as they went into the building. The a/c though shitty, did its job well enough that it was significantly more cool in there than outside which made Stevie sigh in relief. They made their way to Nate's room and Stevie immediately made herself comfortable on the floor as she reached for his Biology book.

    "I wish the teacher gave us more time to study for this, I seriously am not ready for this test," Stevie groaned as she opened up to the chapter they needed to study. Stevie's grades were pretty good. She wasn't the top of the class, but she managed to keep her grades up well enough, but she still despised studying with a passion. "Don't worry, though, we'll keep the study session short so you can get fucked," she said with a laugh.
  14. Nate grinned. "You da bomb bro."

    Despite Stevie's words, they took hours to make it through everything, and they both ended up falling asleep on their notes. They were woken up by Nathan's alarm. He jolted awake and rubbed his eyes.

    "What the fuck?" He said, squinting at the light coming in through his window. Looking at the time, Nathan cursed. "Stevie, get the fuck up." He said.

    Nathan walked over to the mirror and frowned. There was smudged pencil all over his face. He still looked perfect, but the pencil on his face pissed him off. At least his notes weren't destroyed.
  15. As they were studying, Stevie lost track of time and before she knew it, she was asleep only to be woken up by Nate telling her to 'get the fuck up.' Stevie jolted awake immediately, her hair an absolute mess and her clothes wrinkled. There was a kink on her shoulder from falling asleep on the floor with a textbook as her pillow and there were marks on her face from pressing her face to the pages over the night.

    "Shit!" she muttered gathering up her notes. She was still a bit disorientated from being woken up so suddenly, but when she looked at Nate she couldn't help but laugh at the pencil on his face. "Go wash your fucking face then meet me in class," she said hurriedly, deciding to leave the dorm room as is. She really didn't care that she looked like an absolute mess at the moment, so long as she got to class in time for the test.
  16. "Stevie, you've got like fucking three hours. Calm the hell down." Nathan said laughing at her. "I wake up early. This perfection takes time to accomplish." Nathan walked into his bathroom laughing and started to wash the goddamn pencil off his face. "How pissed do you think Isabel will be that I forgot about her? Ten bucks she screwed Andrew Irigoya instead." Nathan said.

    Nathan but a very small amount of gel in his hands and ran them through his already perfect hair. He put on the cologne all the girls went crazy over, and changed into a different outfit.
  17. "Agh, fuck, seriously?" Stevie groaned, flopping onto Nate's bed. Fuck it, she's still not going to change. She closed her eyes on his bed and huffed a large breath outwards, sending the hair laying in front of her face upwards.

    "You know she's going to make a huge deal about it," Stevie said seriously. "Isabel is too overdramatic to do anything else. I'm not sorry for you, man. But yeah, she probably did bang Irigoya. She couldn't have you so she settled for the next best thing, am I right?" Stevie opened her eyes to stare at the ceiling of the room. Nate's bed was comfortable and she was beginning to doze off.

    "Hurry the fuck up," Stevie hurried him. "You take so fucking long, I swear. For someone who claims they look so good, you spend an awful amount of time getting ready in the morning."
  18. Nathan laughed at his bro. She was so odd.

    "Next best thing? Bro, Irigoya is like a cheap, old whore compared to me." Nathan said before brushing his teeth. He was dreading the overreaction he was going to get. Everyone knew he woulnt screw Stevie, so they'd believe the studying story. Thank god. He didnt want shit to get weird between him and his bro.

    "Hey, perfection cannot be rushed." Nate said, getting out of the bathroom. He was shirtless, but neither of them really cared.
  19. "Old whore, huh? Sounds like someone is jealous," Stevie teased. "Even you have to admit, Irigoya has some nice hair. Add that to the fact that he has a rockin' six pack and will have sex with anything that moves, I get why girls like him so much." Well, except for the fact that Irigoya was a total douchebag and a dick to everyone around him. But still, he wasn't bad to look at. More of a physical being than anything though.

    "And of course it can be rushed, don't you want to see the love of your life, Isabel, before class starts? You shouldn't keep her waiting," Stevie said with amusement.
  20. Nathan glared at Stevie. "Oh fuck off. Im not jealous. Just stating facts. And besides, he's a dick. At least I'm somewhat nice to people" He said. "And at least I have a brain." Nathan added, laughing.

    "Isabel is so not the love of my life." Nate snorted. "I really don't wanna deal with that drama bomb. I dont know if she is going to cry or get angry."
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