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  1. Far into the future many discoveries were found, new medicine was made, new buildings build as everyone got more and more reliable to the internet and electricity. But there is one thing ruling them all.
    LD Corporation.
    At first it was only a game to use helmets, then the world of these helmets got even more attention for it's purpose later was to control, control all the ones wearing the helmets but then, the helmets was not nesseccary any longer, now the company could control the human brain themselves without any help from helmets thanks to several small chips. No one can think for themselves, no one can move their hand themselves, no one can do anything. All, brain dead, obey orders without their understanding.
    Who can stop all this madness from the LD Corporation?
    Who can move on their own and control their own body?
    Who have fled from the control of the chip?
    Who have destroyed it?
    Who can destroy it?


    A small group in the sand filled area outside the city with light and control have fled, but they need help. They need someone, anything at all to be able to get inside the city and to the corp., to go against the whole world thereafter in order to save humanity.
    They are hiding in the sand, behinde their scarfs and weapons.
    Frightened, angry, nervous and sad about what have become of the humanity.
    Who can destroy the chip?
    Who can destroy the corporation if not us?


    You're one of the people whom have fled from the city and terror, you're now in a small group. Your destination is to get to the corporation and then destroy whatever is controlling all the humans. You need to destroy the chips. But then, there's the rest of the world. As you fight for good, brain dead zombies will go after you and also those who is in control. But you need better weapons, you need to find a way inside and also how to get through the system without being noticable. There is a lot to think of and there is a lot to go through. But you have a destination, a goal. To end all this.


    No god-mod, you can be a strong hunk but there are limits on how powerful you can get.
    Don't be rude to the others even if it's to their character, if the characters going to be all, mean-but-its-a-joke buddies you can discuss that with each other, but don't go too far.
    I want to be able to read your posts and understand what you mean, so write as clear as possible.
    You can have as many characters as you want, but have a main one.
    Have fun and write as much as you like! ^_^


    Character sheet:
    Interest (What do your character like or take interest to?)
    Non-interest: (What do your character not like?)


    My character:

    Name: C2.14 (C2 for short)

    Age: ??

    Gender: Male

    Appearence: 1,93cm, weights ??, muscular yet somewhat skinny, coal black hair and orange colored eyes, strong and straight lined face with a tense glare and doesn't smile often. White clean skin and not much official body hair excpet his short hair reaching his neck and behinde his ear. Round metal marks from where the tubes was on his body. Places; A big circle on the back of his head but is hideable with his hair, both the arms between the shoulder and elbow, both hands on the wrist, on the legs between the ass and kneecap and behinde the feets. Everything except the spine on the back was tied up.
    Bandages on both of his arms and hands, black coat with a black tank top under withsome sort of a red star mark on, black bottoms that are not too tight nor too saggy but good to move in, dark gray boots with red strings and a purple scarf to hide under from the winds. Haven't found anything to protect his eyes yet.

    Interest: The world, Robots

    Non-Interest: Guards, Tight spaces

    Background: Heard a mysterious voice as he then woke up inside a cylinder, he then after some hours escaped and is now lost inside the city, not remembering anything.

    Weakness: Amnesia, pretty clumsy after being stuck inside the cylinder

    Other: He've amnesia and doesn't remember anything escept one picture inside his head of two silver robots not entierly done yet, he also have some sort of metal looking coin or opening on the back of his head but all the hair is hiding it.

    I'm thinking if people can be robots as well or atleast have a part of a robot but as weapons, it's limited. Or else they would be too OP in my opinion, but it maybe would be a change of pace of characters as well if they would like that.
    But of course, it depends of what people would like.

    What parts they could have can give them some sort of help or strength in the mission or their daily life, examples could be;

    1 robot eye in either right or left eye = The one having one robot eye could use it as a stronger way to see things, see things far away (but limited since you only have one) But perhaps about 10 km or about 6.2 miles as google says it, dubble as much as humans can see? I don't know how far a robot or cyborg can see since I couldn't find anything. The eye could also be a night vision camera in some way.

    1 robot arm = Makes you stronger and IF the arm is modified you could perhaps have a weapon in it, but then, you can't have a normal robot hand so an arm has also its limits. You can lift more and probably move it around freely than a human arm.

    1 robot or two = Why I took two robot legs and not as the others is that if you've two, you can run much more faster than an average and jump much more further and only have one robot leg could probably make it hard to compare with your other human leg if you don't jump around with only one leg. Much more movable just as the robot arm and if you kick someone it would be much more force than a human leg.

    Why I haven't took up parts as the brain or any other than just the arms, legs and eye is because it's so much complicated to remove the brain for example and your human body would probably feel bad if you had a metal liver for instance, so you can only have robot parts on things that can go away and will not risk your life as much as your insides.

    If you've questions just comment or PM ^^

  2. It sounds interesting to say the least. Yeah i'll give it a try.

    Name: Alissa Thorn (AT for short)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG] The eye that's covered by her hair is robotic and has Thermal vision.
    Interest (What do your character like or take interest to?): Militarian affairs, spying, singing.
    Non-interest: Zombie behavior, talking about her past(What do your character not like?)
    Weakness: She's fairly weak physically in kicking power.
    Background: Alissa was born into a fairly poor family and from the start was fighting for her life. She sought out the military work of a spy when she was in her younger days but when she learned about the zombie behaviors of everyone through routine spying missions she gave herself, she escaped so as not to become like them. Her parents becoming mind controlled was the ultimate driving away factor for her.
    Other: While she is fairly weak physically, she often gets into fights with others because of her hasty behavior.
  3. @darnerdemons Yeah, that's good! Will answer now. (Sorry for not responding earlier) m(_ _)m
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