Can't create a resource?

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I have to be on my phone a lot of the time. I also have to post from my iPad sometimes.

This leads to several issues.

When I want to create or edit a resource, it only let's me click on the box once, and from there I have type it out. I can't copy-paste something in, or it stops working.

The issue is, it won't let me type. I tap the box to type something in, or to paste something, or to edit something, or whatever, and it won't let me, it opens the keyboard up for literally a split second, before going back down and not letting me type.

I don't know if I've explained it well enough or not, but it's becoming a real pain in the ass, since I keep a lot of stuff that can go into Resources on my phone and iPad.

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Ah yeah this issue has already been reported in the bug report thread and I think Diana is working on ways to solve it :)

I reported this error two days after the update, but apparently no one saw my post.

I am attempting to create a thread on the mobile version of the site in the fantasy section. When I go to type in the description, the keyboard disappears constantly. It is incredibly aggravating. I might end up going to a different site if this error doesn't get resolved soon, and I really don't want to do that. It is not my phone causing the error, as I've been able to use the keyboard everywhere else on the site. Please get this fixed soon. I really don't want to switch sites.

We got your post. :D

Unfortunately, there're a lot of things that we have on that list, plus a lot more kinks and bugs that are behind the scenes. Updates like this can take months to really settle.
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