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  1. Tia was walking through town with an unhappy scowl on her face. She wondered why it was that guys and girl approached he when she obviously didn't want to be bothered with that lovey dovey crap. "All they want me is for my looks and my body. I'm not going down that path so they can forget it." she muttered to herself as she walked into her favorite cafe and took her usual spot. She ordered a new dessert that was on the menu since she was practically the taste tester for the cafe, having gone there everyday when she need to either vent or eat something sweet. The cafe owner was nice enough to cut off a part of the cafe for her own personal section which is why she now makes this he second home.

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  2. Jae walked into a store and looked around. She had her coat pulled up around her neck and she kept her eyes down, sliding into a booth and sat down. She reached in her pocket and started to pull out a small piece of paper and only then did she look up and notice someone. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you." She mumbled, putting it back. "I'm sorry." She mumbled again and started to stand.
  3. "Oh hi there there. You don't have to leave. I don't mind the company. Sometime sitting alone is boring." she said as her slice of cake that she ordered finally got to her table. Tia looked up at her then down at her cake. "Would you like a piece? I don't mind sharing" she offered the slid a fork over to the other girl then cut some of the cake and her piece on a napkin and slid it over to her.
  4. Jae paused, then sat back down. "Okay, Thanks. Oh, by the way, you can call me Jae." She smiled a little, taking off a pair of sunglasses she'd been wearing, even though it was cloudy outside. Then, she took the fork, taking a small bite out of the cake given to her.
  5. Tia ate her cake quickly and order one of he new crepes that they had on the menu. "So Jae what brings you here to this part of town?" she asked since she figured she pass the time with conversation before her crepe was ready.
  6. "I am visiting a...uh....I guess you could call him a friend, for part of my job." She gave a small smile. "It's really complicated, they don't give all the information." She shrugged.
  7. "That's a bit strange though, isn't it?" she said then smiled as her crepe was brought to her. "Thanks Paulie" "Don't mention it Tia. You're always an honored guest." he replied then waked back behind the counter and into the kitchen. Tia took a small whiff of the crepe in font of her then took a small bite and practically melted from the taste.
  8. Nodding, Jae ordered a small water. "It can be at times. Like now, I've got to find someone without knowing their name. It can get confusing, but eventually everything works." She smiled at the person who brought her water and took a sip.
  9. "That makes sense but you do realize that you don't know my name. Considering we just met and all so think your job just got a little bit easier just by you sitting here. Don't you agree?" Tia pointed out with a smile then took another bite of her crepe and squeaked with joy at how delicious it was.
  10. After a thought, Jae nodded. "You're right." She laughed a little. "What is your name, by the way, if you don't mind me asking."
  11. Tia smiled, took another bite of her crepe then smiled. "My name's Tia and if you don't see me again it's because I've died and gone to heaven from how delicious this crepe is."
  12. Jae laughed at her comment. "Well that sounds like a pretty nice way to die, Tia. Nice to meet you." She paused for a second, watching as another person walked in. Then, she turned back to Tia. "Hey, what do you do best, like, hobby stuff. If it's not to..personal for a new stranger to ask..." Jae gave smile.
  13. Tia put the bit of crepe she had left in her mouth then swallowed. "Hmm..hobbies..does eating sweets count as a hobby or would it be better to say a part time taste tester for this cafe?" she asked, not knowing which would be better for whatever she needed it for.
  14. "Either works." She smiled. "Anything else?" Jae seemed generally curious, as she usually is, and finished her water.
  15. "Well...I practice swordmanship and assassination techniques. Why do you need to know this if I may be so bold as to ask why" Tia said, feeling a bit uneasy about wanting to tell others about what she does.
  16. Jae nodded. "I was just curious. I like to know people's strengths so that if I ever come to face with them at a bad time, I know how they could help." She gave a smile as innocent as a child's, as if this was a regular question. "Not a lot of people have skills like that you know."
  17. Tia raised an eyebrow at this and shrugged. "Well alright. I guess that makes sense and you have a point but I'm not like most people." she said with a smile.
  18. Jae gave a slight nod, as if her point was proven. She started to say something when her phone buzzed. "I'm so sorry, I've got to take this, only a few minutes." She pushed a small button on the blue tooth in her ear and stood up, walking over to the window and looking out. She mumbled a 'yes, I'm there.' and 'really? That's all the way across down.' After a little bit she continued. 'We'll meet tomorrow. I see your sign now. No, don't. Tomorrow.' She nodded and waved to a person not seen easily, then came back and sat down, turning of the blue tooth. "Sorry, a friend of mine calling about the job." She gave an apologetic smile.
  19. "It's alright. Your job seems to deal with something different than what I assumed but I won't pry since everyone is entitled t their own secrets, especially when it has to do with one's job." Tia replies with a smile then drinks her water and stretches out while looking at Jae. "So what were you going to say before your little phone call?" she asked intrigued.
  20. Thinking back for a second, Jae remembered. "Oh, I was going to ask how old you where. You look around the middle school high school age, but there's been plenty of times when I'm wrong." She gave a friendly smile, for she was just being friendly. "If you don't mind telling."
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