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  1. I am seeking a partner for one-on-one play in either a canon universe (Touhou Project adored for this) or some form of original setting. A few things to help you figure out if you want to play with me or not:

    1) At no point will I use pictures of real people for a character. I've nothing against those that do, but I much prefer using something drawn. I do not own any of the pictures I use, also. I wish I could draw.

    2) Post size. Post size, post size, post size. Put your hand on your screen, if you're not using a phone or something tiny. If a post extends past the length of a normal human hand on the screen, I'm likely not going to be capable of writing it. That is to say, I'm an amateur when it comes to roleplay.

    3) I like romance. Romance is good. There will never, ever be smut in any degree when you are playing with me, though. Ever.

    4) I forgot what I was initially going to say for this point, so I'll just point out that I know many anime for canon play -- not so much with the games. But as I said, I do enjoy original settings as well. Just... no sci-fi. Please. Beyond that, I'm okay with any genre.

    Alright... that's all I can think of to say.
  2. Do you have any specific ideas you want to do?
  3. That, I do not. I came into this open to coming up with something in tandem with someone.
  4. Hello,

    What anime do you enjoy? ^_^

    Also, are you open to doubling?
  5. Many. From Kill la Kill and Nobunagun, all the way to slice of life series like Nichijou, Yuru Yuri, Non Non Biyori, and Daily Lives of High School Boys. There aren't a big number of series I don't at least have some knowledge of.

    And I am. Double, triple, sextuple and so on.
  6. I'll bump this up just once.
  7. Do you prefer Cannon pairings or Original pairings in a Cannon verse? I'm open for anything. However, I try my best to make Cannon, 'In-Character'. (I'm not perfect, but it's the thought that counts right?)

    Other than that, I adore Original plot lines.
  8. When it comes to pairings, I am very open as far as Original characters and Canon characters go. Whether OC/Canon, or Canon/Canon, or even OC/OC, it all goes.
  9. Do you dab in Yaoi? Or just strictly M/F or F/F?
  10. I am willing to deal in F/F, M/F, M/M, and anything in-between.
  11. Coolios. I have a few ideas right off the bat. May we take this to PM? (If you have ideas yourself, that's fine. We can exchange if you're interested.)
  12. To PM it is.
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