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Batman (Bruce Wayne)
DC Comics
Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?):
DC Animated Universe
Abilities (This includes the character's skills):​

- Detective Work and Perception: SS
- Stealth: S
- Close Quarters Combat: A
- Engineering: A
- Disguise and Deception: B
- Parenting: C
- Survival Skills: C
- Batarangs (many variants)
- Grapple Gun
- Smoke Pellets
- Tracer Devices
- Bolas
- Taser
- Laser Cutter

Name: Mysterious Heroine X Alter (X Alter, Berserker)

Series: Fate (Grand Order)

Canon: Failed Chaldea summon. Specific moment is unclear as her memory has been affected by the summoning process.

Servants are significantly superior to your average human in most, if not all aspects. While this still rings true for X, her true strength was sealed as she was brought to this side of the multiverse. While usually Servants are immensely stronger the higher their parameters are, X's are more grounded. While still superhuman, she is far from her top shape. Capable of clearing 200 meters in a couple of seconds, and lifting a little over 11 metric tonnes with some effort to give some examples.
- Strength: A
- Endurance: B
- Agility: B
- Mana: A+ (Maximum magical energy output can be temporarily doubled)

Luck (C), while not as drastic in its increments, would be considered a rather average luck.

- Altereactor (A): By means of the rare element Alternium, energy of various things is transformed into mana. Mainly sugar. An Alternium crystal embedded within her Mana Conversion Altereactor Engine converts calories into magical energy.
- Mad Enhancement (C): the Class Skill that characterizes a Berserker, raising basic parameters and strengthens one's physical abilities in exchange of hindering mental capacities and/or in exchange for their sense of reason. In some cases, it also affects and/or seals away some techniques, Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms. In X's case, it's fading away for the most part, leaving just some stubbornness when it comes to completing missions.
- King's Invisible Hand (C): Dark teachings about how to be an emperor taught by the teacher Master Agravain. While reading the flow of battle, controlling equals from the shadows, the essence is in various wiles trying to bring out their capabilities to the utmost.
- Instant Shadowless Sword (C+): The ability to instantly identify "the best personal course of action" during combat. Because this Skill allows for the prediction of trajectory, it is possible to avoid attacks from firearms. This is X's personal and upgraded version of the Instinct Skill
- Chestnut Paste (EX): A mysterious item in which the six primitive powers "Desire (soul), Sugar content (power), Sales location (space), Cost price (reality), Production (time), Demand (mind)" have been kneaded. It grants infinity power to the one who has it, as to turn half of the universe into a confectionery factory with one fingertip, but it seems she doesn't know it well, if at all.

She also boasts a certain amount of special moves which stem from her Skills. She can move objects with her mind, blast red arcs of lightning, and is extremely aware of her surroundings due to a mysterious force she is attuned to.

Noble Phantasm:
- Cross-Calibur (EX): Through a spontaneous explosion of the Altereactor, a torrent of mana overflows Heroine X Alter and breaks through the critical point, allowing her to easily destroy the enemy she's targeting through a burst of powerful strikes with Necro-Calibur.

- Evil Holy Sword Necro-Calibur: A very powerful, yet not fully matured weapon consisting of a hilt that projects controlled energy beams that resemble a sword. The sword can be freely changed into a twin-blade or a chainsaw, though it sometimes malfunctions, so those modes are better used in bursts.
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Name: Kota Mizuhara

Series: Kono Oto Tomare: Sounds Of Life

Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): Episode 26, after the National Qualifier

Abilities (This includes the character's skills):
- Precise Fingers

Due to being a koto player, Kota has precise fingers that are good for certain tasks, as shown when he was building card towers with his friends.

- Hand Combat

Kota was a delinquent prior to joining the koto club, and due to this, he is rather skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can take on a small group of unarmed people, but if they are armed, it can be quite a different story unless he's armed.

- Knife Combat

Kota has a little bit of skill with a knife, but prefers hand to hand combat. He's more proficient with a dagger than any other weapon or knife.
Equipment: A knife. Literally just a knife..​

Name: Sonic the Hedgehog

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Canon: Composite, favoring pre-Genesis Wave Archie and IDW

Sonic's main ability is his incredible super speed (and his wealth of experience using it) allowing him to outrace missiles, jetplanes and even sound itself. He can potentially go faster, though usually this has to be spurred on by anger or another sort of desperation. Also, due to the absorption of several million power rings, created by the ambient magic of the universe, Sonic has gained a metaphysical durability and strength, allowing him to withstand or dish out blows he couldn't do before.

Likewise, this makes Sonic an inherently magical being - anything that can cancel out magic will at least weaken Sonic.

Acrobatic Skills and Reflexes - SS
Wind Manipulation - A
Leadership - B
Hand-to-Hand Combat - C
Swordsmanship - C+
Guitar Playing - C+

Chip's Bracelet
Hyper-Friction-Resistant Shoes​
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Series: Naruto

Canon: The year after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War


Medical Ninjutsu: Techniques using chakra to heal injuries and perform surgery.

Chakra Level and Control: Her lineage gives her access to more chakra than many other shinobi in her world, and her expert control of it are the roots of her other abilities.

Physical Prowess: Without augmenting her body with chakra Tsunade is very strong and durable, surviving multiple mortal wounds long enough to heal herself.

Chakra Strike: By focusing her chakra into one precise burst, her physical attacks are augmented greatly to superhuman levels.

Strength of a Hundred Seal: The violet diamond on her forehead is actually a seal that stores chakra while Tsunade is not using it. When released it can be used to rapidly heal herself, others, or amplify other's techniques.

Creation Rebirth: A jutsu she invented to heal injuries no matter their severity by forcing cells to divide and thus repair near-instantly. This is done at the cost of shortening her natural lifespan, and so only uses it in the most dire of situations.

Transformation Jutsu: Though she is at least sixty years old, this allows her to appear to be only in her twenties or younger/older as she wishes. This is active even when asleep or unconscious, but does end when she is depleted of her chakra, at which point she reverts to her natural appearance.

Various Ninjutsu, Taijutsu(physical attacks), Genjutsu(Illusions).

Extensive knowledge of poisons and their antidotes

Normally she can use Summoning Jutsu to summon slugs to aid her in battle and healing, but this is null due to being out of her own universe.

Current Equipment:

Lightsaber(Green blade) , satchel of medical supplies.
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Name: The Doctor

Series: Doctor Who

Canon: Shortly after thwarting a Dalek invasion on New Year's Day 2019.

  • Regeneration: Time Lords can regenerate their entire body to prevent their own death from fatal injury. The process rearranges their brain resulting in a new personality and a new appearance.
    • Con: Being fatally wounded while regenerating can stop it and cause permanent death.
  • Alien Anatomy: Has two hearts(more with which to love and care), respiratory bypass system, and strength and endurance higher than a baseline human.
  • Telepathy: Limited to telepathy with individuals she can physically touch.
  • Intelligence: Time Lords naturally possess a high intellect and coupled with centuries of adventuring across space and time, The Doctor is a veritable genius in several fields.
  • Plot Armor: Has an uncanny ability to avoid being harmed even when faced with armed enemies and deadly obstacles, usually able to talk her way out or devise some plan (pre-emptively or totally improvised) to achieve her goals in a given situation.

The TARDIS: Not just another 'time machine' it also serves as The Doctor's only constant home through various adventures. While it lacks conventional weapons, it has proven to be a dangerous thing when tampered with, or when touched by a recently regenerated Doctor. Dimensional Engineering makes it much bigger on the inside, able to hold several people and many many supplies. It can travel most anywhere and be there at anytime, but tends to only take or drop The Doctor where The Doctor is most needed.

Sonic Screwdriver: A multipurpose tool and scanning device capable of emulating thousands of tools and scanners, while transmitting scanned data through high-burst optical feedback and telepathic impression. This one she made herself using materials found in a metalwork shop.

Psychic Paper: Capable of projecting official-seeming authorization to be wherever she happens to be. It appears as the most believable credentials the viewer will believe, not what she would want or prefer(It has given credentials for Inspector, Detective, Janitor etc.). Completely ineffectual on psychics, highly advanced races or sophisticated intelligences.

Dimensionally Transcendental Pockets: When given the opportunity, the pockets of her coat can hold many things that logically should be able to fit in said pockets together. Generally nothing more dangerous than a fork, spoon, rubber bands, treats, etc.
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Name:Princess Earth Queen Crown Princess Princess Azula

Series: Avatar the Last Airbender

Canon: One year after the comic Smoke and Shadow, Part Three (18 years old)


Firebending: Considered a prodigy of firebending who produces blue flames, the highest temperature to occur naturally in her world. She has the focus to produce:
Fire balls able to pulverize stone with their concussive force.
Condensed blades able to make fine cuts
Propel herself with jets of flame from her feet
Fire shields
Fire discs
Breathe fire from her mouth

Lightning Generation/Redirection: A sub-skill of firebending. She can create lighting of varied intensity from blinding flashes to compressed ball lightning. She also easily learned how to redirect lightning after learning it was possible.

Tactical and Martial Intelligence:A studious girl who utilized the vast resources of the Fire Nation to learn military tactics gained over a century of warfare. Her greatest tactical accomplishment is staging a coup with only two other companions to conquer the Earth Kingdom for the Fire Nation.

She has also been skilled enough to learn and adapt the martial skills of her opponents for herself. If it is able to surprise her, she deems it worth putting into her skillset.

Unarmed Combat/Agility:She is capable of disarming skilled fighters without her firebending; avoid other bending attacks with only jumps and reflexive dodges; running up walls;perform mid-air twirls and other acrobatic feats.


Shuriken and daggers are her only consistent forms of weaponry.

Name: Commander John Shepard

Series: Mass Effect

- Saved the Rachni Queen
- Romanced Ashley
- Saved the Council
- Romanced Tali
- Destroyed the Collector Base
- Garrus, Zaaed, Kasumi and Thane died in the Suicide Mission
- Cured the Genophage
- Made peace between quarians and geth
- Chose to destroy all artificial life

Paragon alignment, with obvious hints of Renegade

Commander Shepard's ability to lead borders on the supernatural. He is able to turn teams of inexperienced soldiers, incompatible personalities and groups of differencing ideologies into an effective crew in a relatively small time. He also has a seemingly preternatural sense of when to break into a conversation, for good or ill. Doing so almost universally surprises targets and generally allows him to shift attitudes in a positive direction, or get in the first shot.

Gunfighting: S
Hand-to-Hand Combat: B
Piloting: D
Medical Skills: D
Technical Skills: C
Headbutting: A
Oration and Mediating: S

M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle - the standard issue Systems Alliance primary rifle. Manufactured in 2186.
M-6 Carnifex Heavy Pistol - sidearm with some surprising kick. The gun that decided the fate of the galaxy.
N7 Crusader - next generation shotgun with a reputation. Reaper War legend.
N7 Black Widow - High-powered sniper rifle. For your eyes only.

N7 Onyx Armor - power armor for humanity's best and brightest. Equipped with kinetic barriers.
Omni-Tool - Handles technical issues for Shepard. Interfaces with whatever tech it's presented with, a door key and energy sword in one.
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Name: Johnny Joestar, JoJo, Joe Kid, Jonathan Joestar

Series: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Canon: The Green Tombstone (Part One)


Dark Determination: A sinister ability given its name by the gunslinger Ringo Roadagain, it allows those who possess it to almost completely put aside their sense of morality in pursuit of their desires. Those under the influence of the phenomenon experience a combination of increased fearlessness and ruthlessness that aids them in achieving their goal without question. When active, it manifests as a fiery aura in the eyes of its user. In Johnny's case, it's a shining bright blue. In a way, it grants a purity to the user's actions, allowing them to act without hesitation or guilt, striking swift and true.

Horsemanship: Johnny's long career has led him to be a brilliant rider, frequently achieving first and second place victories in most races. His skill is enough to compete at the highest level against the worlds greatest jockeys in the Steel Ball Run. He can accurately estimate a mount's limits in endurance, strength and speed, letting him push even an old horse to keep up with and surpass younger, more powerful equines safely.

Cunning: With a sharp wit and a perceptive eye, Johnny frequently demonstrates clever use of his abilities and surroundings to overcome superior foes. He can puzzle out bizarre abilities and intuit a persons intentions with startling accuracy. Though not a genius by any means, he's quick to pick up new skills of all kinds and quicker to put them in practice against threats to himself and his allies.

Precision: When using Tusk and other ranged weaponry, Johnny has proven to excel at hitting small and/or moving targets with deadly accuracy, even if firing from odd angles and abnormal perspectives. This talent extends to unusual projectiles such as rocks or his own spinning nails. Even before gaining that ability, he quickly acquired competence with a firearm until he discarded it in favour of his nail bullets.

Spin: The Spin is a supernatural skill developed and refined by the Zeppeli family for generations in their pursuit of infinity. It is a miraculous force, capable of healing just as well as harming, or creating as easily as destroying. It defies logic and common sense, performing such feats as hardening skin, altering both age and appearance, precisely shaping matter, deflecting supernatural attacks or even influencing the human mind. Despite its impressive repertoire of applications, it is not an invincible technique. Without the opportunity to create some kind of rotation, it cannot be accessed. And furthermore it has clear limits in potency, as though it could allow Johnny to briefly move his legs it could not come remotely close to healing them on its own. It can be strengthened through harnessing the Golden Rectangle, but its true power lies in the ingenuity of the user. Johnny himself is as of yet inexperienced in its use, lacking the knowledge to use most of its utility or support capabilities. However, his Stand has great synergy with its principles, allowing him to wield it to devastating effect offensively.

Tusk - ACT1: A sentient, pink, axolotl-like spirit given life by the Saint's Corpse to act as the hidden guardian of the Left Arm. It grants Johnny the ability to imbue his nails with the Spin, displaying stars on his hands while active. They can spin themselves at a high velocity and be shot like bullets up to an effective range of ten meters, losing power at further distances. The nails have incredible cutting power, capable of slicing through rock, cutting limbs clean off, or carving a tree into a humanoid shape within seconds. However, they do not possess sufficient power to cut through metal in this state. Once shot, the nails will quickly grow back. In addition, they have a number of close-range uses while on his fingers. When he puts the nails against the ground, their rotating movement can rapidly carry Johnny away from his current position. He can also use his nails as short-range cutting weapons. The spinning nails emit a faint buzzing sound, similar to that of a wasp.


Slow Dancer: An 11-year-old appaloosa and the horse that Johnny Joestar rides. Though Slow Dancer is old, it does not lack in stamina. It is smart and highly responsive, quick to understand Johnny's intentions. When separated from its rider, it can easily track him by scent to find its way back. Slow Dancer could be considered somewhat lucky, as it rarely happens to suffer injury despite the extraordinary situations it often finds itself in.

Wheelchair: A simple, foldable wheelchair used by Johnny to move around on his own. Being a paraplegic, this and his horse are the only dignified methods of travel he has access to. Ordinarily stored in his saddlebags.

Saint's Corpse - Left Arm: Part of an utterly unique relic existing in only one world, all that remains of a particular Saint unsurpassed in holiness. Upon coming in contact with a worthy individual, it will merge with them and bestow a miraculous power considered by some to be a Cursed Ability. The ghost of that blessed person seems to linger within the pieces of his body, rarely manifesting before it's bearers to provide guidance and share wisdom. His mere appearance alone can be enough to cause otherwise self-serving egomaniacs to be filled with divine purpose, though still affected by their own biases and beliefs. It can adapt to new powers and unique circumstances to develop the abilities of its bearers to new heights, perhaps in accordance with the will of that Saint. As more parts are assembled, its true potential may be realized. Now cast adrift beyond its world of origin, could such a thing ever come to pass?


Darth Malgus, True Warrior of the Sith

Series: Star Wars

Canon: Legends, Era of the Old Republic

Abilities: Malgus is well-versed in the Dark Side of the Force, able to best even some of the greatest of Jedi. One of the most powerful Sith duelists of his time, and of all known eras. This grants him exceptionally strong supernatural powers, like telekinesis, lightning-based attacks, and more. Even more, Malgus has a few cybernetic implants and an incredible physique, leaving him a very well-rounded warrior - cunning, versed in the esoteric, and a physical threat.

Swordfighting: S
Force Aptitude: A+
Naval Strategy: B
Hand-to-Hand Combat: C

Darth Malgus's armor is thick and resistant to damage. Though a lightsaber could cut straight through it, errant blaster fire or minor explosives will struggle to breach it entirely. His respirator mask, after having his face and lungs damaged during the Battle of Alderaan is essential to his continued living.
Malgus also has a lightsaber, modified and maintained throughout years of usage. Two axe-like blades rest on the hilt, emphasizing his role as a warrior more than certain models, which are sleek, gilded and represent wealth or status.

Given his position of power in the Sith Empire, Malgus is capable of mustering squads of Sith Troopers, fellow Sith acolytes and more, depending on how much access to the Empire he has.
1677496560353.pngName: Sylas "The Unshackled" of Dregbourne

Series: League of Legends

Canon: After the arrival of the Dauntless Vanguard post the assassination of Jarvan III


Superhuman Characteristics - Humans, specifically Demacians, are capable innately of super human feats through training and genetics. Think captain America without the infinite stamina, though their durability is outstanding.

Mage - The 3rd class and criminals of the Demacian arcanophobic people. For this reason Sylas had been imprisoned for a majority of his life in the country's highest security prison.

Magic Sense - Sylas can innately sense magic through sight and tell what sort of magic it is and how it can be used, though the knowledge doesn't translate to immediate aptness with it depending on the complexity of the arcana.

Magic Copying - Sylas, upon touch, can copy the magic of someone he touches for a limited amount of time.


Petricite Shackle and Chains - A stone that innately absorbs magic, after being given the research notes of Durendal, an architect of old, the mage rebel managed to figure out how to stop the shackles from imprisoning him and instead storing the power he steals. Literally turning his shackles into the weapons he uses now, very poetic one could say.
Name: Kanna Kamui

Series: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): Hm...the manga is serialized so there aren't many big events in Kanna's life. I'd say during her little New York escapade.

Abilities (This includes the character's skills):
Dragon abilities: As a dragon, Kanna is little, but powerful. She carries magic, but usually only uses it to shapeshift to human form and back. For defense, she relies more on her electricity, which she either takes from the air or drains from power systems. She's demonstrated the ability to fire lightning in mighty blasts, and a simple static shock can send somebody flying backwards.

Kanna has the same superhuman strength as other dragons, but peters out faster due to her young age. She can fly at the same speed as a jet plane in dragon form, able to cross the ocean in just a few hours.

Equipment: She rarely carries anything.

Anna Marie Darkholme
Also Known As: Rogue, Skunk Hair, Southern Belle, Mississippi Queen
Series: X-Men (Marvel Comics)
Canon: Approximately 1989
Place of Birth: Ackerman, Mississippi
Age: 22 (Born 08/26)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135lbs
Hair: Auburn with white streak
Eyes: Green

Bio (Cliff Notes version):
-Born Anna Marie to Owen and Priscilla
-Lived in a 'back to nature' commune
-Mother disappeared when Rogue was around 7
-Was considered 'rebellious' against her family, now just her father and aunt.
-Gained the nickname 'Rogue' for this reason
-Lived within the commune, despite being physically and mentally abused (tortured in some case) by her family
-Finally ran away from home when she was 14
-Caused a boy she loved to pass away when her powers activated
-Found and effectively adopted by Raven Darkholme and her Partner Irene Adler
-Trained to use her powers
-Absorbed the essence of Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)
-Defeated the Avengers, then went off radar for a year or so
-Approached and joined the X-Men
-Current member of the X-Men, based in the Australian Outback.

Abilities: Rogue was born as part of the species Homo Sapien Superior. Or mutants as they are more commonly known on her world. This mutation has given her an innate power:
Tactile Essence Absorption. Through skin to skin contact, Rogue will absorb aspects of another person. When she touches the skin of another person, that person will lose consciousness. The amount of time they are unconsciousness depends mostly on how long she is in contact with the other. She does absorb the powers of whomever she touches, and she can have multiple powers absorbed at the same time. The upper limit of this 'stacking' is unknown. Along with powers, Rogue also absorbs memories and personality traits of those she absorbs. If the target has noticeably different physical attributes, Rogue's body adapts to them. Example: Rogue will have blue skin when she absorbs Nightcrawler's abilities.
Her other abilities are not part of her natural mutant abilities. Early in her career she was sent after an ex-Avenger named Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel. This was one of her very first confrontations with an actual metahuman. She ended up (unintentionally) absorbing Ms. Marvel's powers and some of her personality traits. This gave her near invulnerability, flight and super strength.
She is able to fly at a peak speed of 500 mph. Under optimum she can lift up to approximately 50 tons. Her invulnerability protects her from projectile weapons and bladed weapons as well as most energy weapons.
Equipment: Communicator tuned to the other communicators used by her team, but can be tuned for a number of other frequencies and means. A make-up compact and a couple sticks of lipstick. Small bag of beef jerky. A pair of folded up ruby quartz glasses.
Kokushibo, the first of the Upper Moons used to go by Michikatsu Tsugikuni when he was a mortal. But that was more than 500 years ago.

Demon Slayer

After choosing to not regenerate, dying at the hands of the Hashiras.


Demon -
Demons like Kokushibo gain few useful attributes after abandoning their humanity.

They do not tire, they gain ridiculous regenerative powers where even the lowest tier of demon can regenerate a head in seconds.

Demons can only be killed by sunlight, or sunlight infused weaponry which literally turns them to ashes and being decapitated. Kokushibo can choose to abandon his humanity further to regenerate after his head being cut off, but it is not in his nature to do so as he found it when he did it once that he became a disgusting monster, electing to just die instead.

However, stronger demons like Kokushibo (where only the progenitor of all Demons is arguably stronger than him) gain other attributes besides improved regenerative ability, speed, strength and reaction speed.

A demon art.

Oh and also, Demons need to consume blood but they can absorb entire bodies. The more people they eat and the higher quality, the stronger they become. They go a bit berserk if they are not fed however.

Demon Art/Breathing Technique

Kokushibo once was himself a demon slayer, armed with a breathing technique that allowed humans to keep up with the monstrous demons and even overcome them. He was only second to his oldest brother, though his older brother and the progenitor of breathing styles is on an entire different planet level of strength.

His mastery over the breathing style of his own creation, Moon Breathing, resulted in him gaining the following effects.

A slayer mark: A scar that appears once a mortal pushes their body beyond, it vastly increases their ability but it also means they live no longer than 25. Kokushibo bypassed this by becoming a demon.

The transparent world: This allows him to see the muscles, blood flow, and joint movement of his opponents. He can accurately predict and anticipate the movements and attacks of his opponents with this ability. He was also able to identify that Muichiro was his descendant, immediately discern that Genya consumed demons to gain strength, as well as tell the strength of Muichiro, Sanemi, and Gyomei with one look, even being able to tell that the latter two's physical body and techniques are at their peak.

Basically juiced up X-ray.

Moon breathing has 16 forms, which are kind of stances/attacks he can utilise with different uses. Here they are if you are interested.

  • First Form: Dark Moon, Evening Palace (壱いちノ型かた 闇やみ月づき・宵よいの宮みや Ichi no kata: Yamidzuki - Yoi no Miya) - Kokushibo draws his sword and slashes swiftly in a singular horizontal motion in a crescent shape, creating numerous chaotic crescent blades. This technique is extremely reminiscent of Iaijutsu.
  • Second Form: Pearl Flower Moongazing (弐にノ型かた 珠しゅ華かの弄ろう月げつ Ni no kata: Shuka no Rōgetsu) - Kokushibo performs several crescent-shaped slashes that defend him from incoming attacks, sending a barrage of crescent blades.
  • Third Form: Loathsome Moon, Chains (参さんノ型かた 厭えん忌き月づき・銷つがり San no kata: Enkidzuki - Tsugari) - Kokushibo swings his sword rapidly in two gigantic crescent slashes, from which a storm of smaller crescents spread, causing huge destruction in a small area.
  • Fifth Form: Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy (伍ごノ型かた 月げっ魄ぱく災さい渦か Go no kata: Geppaku Saika)- Kokushibo makes multiple curved slashes layered over one another, creating a rising vortex of sword slashes and crescent moon blades.
  • Sixth Form: Perpetual Night, Lonely Moon - Incessant (陸ろくノ型かた 常とこ夜よ孤こ月げつ・無む間けん Roku no kata: Tokoyo Kogetsu - Muken) - Kokushibo releases a wild barrage of crescent-shaped slashes several meters in front of him. This technique was powerful enough to overwhelm Sanemi Shinazugawa and so long-ranged that it slices up the surrounding pillars.
  • Seventh Form: Mirror of Misfortune, Moonlit (漆しちノ型かた 厄やっ鏡きょう・月づき映ばえ Shichi no kata: Yakkyō - Dzukibae) - Kokushibo swings the gigantic version of his sword in a powerful frontal crescent-shaped slash that creates powerful multi-directional long-ranged slashes in the ground.
  • Eighth Form: Moon-Dragon Ringtail (捌はちノ型かた 月げつ龍りゆう輪りん尾び Hachi no kata: Getsuryū Rinbi)- Kokushibo uses the gigantic version of his sword and creates a singular gigantic crescent-shaped slash that slowly decreases in size, creating dozens of crescent moon blades.
  • Ninth Form: Waning Moonswaths (玖くノ型かた 降くだり月づき・連れん面めん Ku no kata: Kudaridzuki - Renmen) - Kokushibo creates a stream of long-ranged crescent-shaped vertical and horizontal slashes along with numerous crescent moon blades with the gigantic version of his sword.
  • Tenth Form: Drilling Slashes, Moon Through Bamboo Leaves (拾じゅうノ型かた 穿せん面めん斬ざん・蘿ら月げつ Jū no kata: Senmenzan - Ragetsu) - Kokushibo creates a long-ranged triple-layered slash twister full of crescent moon blades with the gigantic version of his sword.
  • Fourteenth Form: Catastrophe, Tenman Crescent Moon (拾じゅう肆しノ型かた 兇きょう変へん・天てん満まん繊せん月げつ Jū Shi no kata: Kyōhen - Tenman Sengetsu) - Kokushibo uses the gigantic version of his sword and creates a chaotic vortex of powerful extremely long-ranged omni-directional slashes that destroys whatever is caught up within its attack radius.
  • Sixteenth Form: Moonbow, Half Moon (拾じゅう陸ろくノ型かた 月虹げっこう・片かた割われ月づき Jū Roku no kata: Gekkō - Katawaredzuki) - Kokushibo creates a barrage of downward crescent slashes from an extremely long and wide range, resulting in a powerful six-fold slash crashing down on his opponents; the attack itself is powerful enough to create several miniature craters where the slashes have landed.


Flesh Katana:
As a former Demon Slayer and user of a Breathing Style, Kokushibo wields a demonically modified version of a Nichirin Sword. As suggested by its appearance, the weapon is created from his own flesh and blood, and due to his body's immense durability and hardness, its blade is as sharp, if not more so, as a regular Nichirin Sword. His sword is blood-red, with veins and his eyes all around the blade and even the hilt. However, it is unknown whether those eyes can be used to extend his vision. His katana's tsuba is circular with 4 slight indentations, a center with 3 eyes and several black veins and a golden border. He also carries a sword sheath at his waist that has the same fleshy appearance as his katana. According to the second databook, Kokushibo named his weapon Kyokokukamusari (虛きょ哭こく神かむ去さり Kyokokukamusari, lit. "Hollow Cry of the Godless").

Name: Julius Euclius, Jules, The Finest of Knights, Rainbow Spirit Knight

Series: Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World

Canon: Arc 3 ~ The Fulfillment of the Contract | Arc 4 ~ The Everlasting Contract


Divine Protection of Gathering Spirits: A special blessing bestowed upon him by the world and held since birth. It enables the user to perceive, communicate with, and be naturally likeable to Spirits. Be they natural or artificial, great or small, spirits are drawn towards him in a way. Nonetheless, he must still work hard if he wishes to gain their trust.

Spirit Affinity: Julius has a rare innate gift to form contracts with spirits. Very few people have any aptitude for the spiritual arts whatsoever, with most being unable to so much as perceive them, let alone form contracts. Among the knights of Lugnica, Julius is the only one with this potential. In his case, this affinity is fairly high, allowing him to draw out a considerable amount of power from any contracted spirits.

Spirit User: Julius is contracted with six Spirits. Their names and elements are as follows: Ia - Fire, Kua - Water, Aro - Wind, Iku - Earth, In - Yang, and Nes - Yin. Though only lesser spirits, their connection with Julius goes back well over a decade and the skill and coordination between spirit and user is exceptional.

Spirit Arts: Julius is able to use Spirit Magic with any of his six Spirits which afford him a variety of specialties from simple elemental spells for offence to support like healing, physical enhancement, sharing senses and more. Julius can combine two or more spirits in order to get himself and his friends out of tough situations as well. Some of the more basic elemental spells include fireballs, water barriers, blades of wind and spears of earth all of varying power. Furthermore, with Yang and Yin magic, focused beams of searing light and disorienting clouds of unnatural darkness are also available. Even if they're lacking in some of the more advanced magics, the versatility offered by these Spirits has always been of immense value to Julius.

Magic Swordplay: Julius is highly skilled with a sword as he has reached near the peak of his own swordsmanship, which can rise higher through the use of his contracted spirits to further augment or enhance his technique. With Clarista, he can imbue his weapon with the power of his Spirits, increasing its cutting power immensely. According to him, at the highest level of this ability he can cut almost everything with his sword, no matter the toughness. Clauzeria can be used to emit a variety of multicoloured attacks, taking the form of a shockwave, a focused energy beam, or unleashed in an omnidirectional blast meant to blow away everything around him. The light from these blasts is capable of blocking and deflecting magic as well. Finally, his secret move is Cranvel, calling upon all six of his Spirits to multiply his strength, speed and overall power several times over. Visibly, this appears as his body being wreathed in multicoloured light, as though swallowed alive by a rainbow. Though developed long ago, he struggles with its use due to a lack of experience with it.

Immense Power: Julius is among the strongest individuals in the Kingdom, and it shows in his raw physical abilities as well as his martial prowess. Through harsh training and many years of experience, Julius has earned the title of Finest Knight. His strength, durability and speed are all well beyond what ordinary men can keep up with, able to break the sound barrier, shatter stone and metal, as well as endure significant injury mostly unimpeded. In matters of swordsmanship, it is said that his skill has reached such a level that he always follows the most optimal path to strike or deflect in combat. As with many of the more powerful beings in his world, his battle aura can take on an almost physical presence to intimidate enemies or reassure allies. Similarly, he can somewhat perceive others' intentions and general power level, such as if an individual wishes to kill him or if the warrior he just met is so far beyond him that it might be suicidal to face that person in combat.

Intelligence: Julius is knowledgeable on many topics, from warfare, to history, civil affairs and magic. Though his extensive education is more due to his status as nobility, his mind is quick and adaptable too. He can learn rapidly even in the midst of combat, whether to overcome a superior opponent, or masterfully adjust to battling a foe from dozens of angles all while in a third person view similar to a video game, despite having little to no experience doing so.


Heirloom Sword: A blade from his family, finely crafted and often more than enough to stand up to whatever conflicts he brings it into. Unless faced with an enemy of tremendous power, there would be little need to fear it breaking even in heated combat. It has no special qualities, but it's very reliable.

Spirit Crystals: Six colourful stones serving as a place for his Spirits to reside when not materialized. They aren't really anything unusual, but they are certainly convenient. As the contract is between Julius and his Spirits, these are not necessary for their continued existence, but no one would be happy to lose their home.

Lugnican Knight Uniform: Well-fitted and comfortable while remaining decently effective at protection. It isn't exactly conventional armour, but it's light and stylish. For Julius, it's natural to proudly display the mantle of Knighthood to ally and enemy alike.
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Name: Kurosaki Ichigo
Series: Bleach
Canon: Post-Canon (sometime after defeating Ywhach)

  • Spiritual Awareness and Interaction: can see, speak with, and touch ghosts.
  • Shunpo: A special technique that increases the speed of the user by staggering amounts. He doesn't have the proper techniques associated with it, but his proficiency has put him on par with one of the top Shunpo-users in the Soul Society.
  • Getsuga Tensho: Basically a large energy slash. It can also take the form of an energy beam that varies in size depending on which blade Ichigo is using to perform the technique.
  • Getsuga Jujisho: Basically an energy Cross-Slash.
  • Bankai: Ichigo's blades combines into one sword again, but layered. The outer blade makes it resemble a Khyber knife, while the inner blade is his Bankai's original form. It's special ability is called "Tensa Zangetsu"
  • Tensa Zangetsu: An for the sword that gives it access to power that's strong enough to bypass the durability of a god-like being (particularly, Ywhach). It cannot negate death-reversing abilities such as The Almighty.
  • Merged Hollow Transformation: After balancing out his inner Quincy and Hollow, Ichigo has gained a powerful new form, the transformation of which occurs after the balance is disrupted. This transformation is similar to the form he took when his inner hollow took over while fighting Ulquiorra, but with more control. This form enhances his abilities further, and gives him access to the Gran Rey Cero-Getsuga Tensho combination, which fuses the two attacks into one.
  • Blut Vene: A defensive Quincy technique from his mother. It can block and resist attacks that could cause severe wounds, and even stop the bleeding from wounds that have already been inflicted.


  • Substitute Shinigami Badge: A pendant that identifies Ichigo as a Substitute Shinigami. It once had the ability to separate his soul from his body, but lost its power after Ichigo temporarily lost his Shinigami abilities.
  • Kido Protection Charm: A gift from his dad. It has the ability to form a barrier against weak spiritual threats.
  • Oken Clothing: A garb of great defensive ability. Gifted from the Soul King's Royal Guard, it can withstand the friction of being crashed through all 72 of the Soul Society's barriers.
  • Zanpakuto (Reforged Zangetsu): This particular sword belongs to Ichigo and has several forms. Its new Shikai form splits it into two blades that Ichigo has to dual-wield. The Bankai Form is more reminiscent of its previous Shikai appearance, but also combines Ichigo's Quincy and Hollow powers.

Name: Nolan Grayson, Omni-Man

Series: Invincible, both TV and comic series
Super Strength (can lift and destroy small cars)
Superhuman Durability (can trade blows with someone as strong as himself, as if they were professional human martial athletes)
Super Speed (30 MPH in full sprint, high combat speed)

Hand-To-Hand Combat: A
Deception: B
At Peak
- FTL Flight
- Island-Busting Strength
- Equivalently Scaled Durability

Hand-To-Hand Combat: A
Deception: B
Scientific Prowess: C

Super-Suit (extremely high quality, designed to withstand the stresses Omni-Man can place upon it)
Name: Todo Aoi

Series: JJK

Canon: Pre-Shibuya Arc


-Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant

-Superior Strength, Endurance, and Agility due to great amounts of Cursed Energy

- A 530,000 IQ Great intellect.

-Boogie Woogie, a Cursed Technique that allows Todo to swap anything within his range, aslong as it has cursed energy. I additon, he can use a common binding vow called revealing one's hand, enabling him to boost his CT's power.

-Black Flash, a phenomena that happens when CE is applied 0.00000002 seconds after a physical strike, enabling an attack to deal 2.5 times the power.