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Name: Wolf/Sekiro

Series: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Canon: "Well... done... Sekiro..."


Immortal Oath: The blood of the Divine Heir flowing through Wolf's veins. The Dragon's Heritage grants immortality to those it is bestowed upon, either directly or through another. While less potent than his lord's inability to truly suffer wounds, Wolf retains the ability to revive himself innumerable times to fulfill his duty, whatever that may be. This is not without it's costs however, as the life force used to resurrect Wolf is finite. Should he possess no resurrective power or usable life energy upon death, the toll will be taken on his mind and spirit, steadily wearing away at him.

Combat Arts: Wolf is a highly capable warrior, skilled in the arts of samurai, monk and shinobi. He has learned many techniques throughout his journey and uses them to devastating effect. There are simple movements such as the spinning Whirlwind Slash, the staggering Praying Strikes and the agile Nightjar Reversal. But these abilities range into the supernatural as well, with the likes of Dragon Flash cutting distant foes with the wind, One Mind unleashing a storm of attacks at god-like speed after a moment of focus, and Sakura Dance lifting it's user into the air with extended swings that leave beautiful petals trailing after the blade. These are only a few of the many Combat Arts in his arsenal.

Shinobi Martial Arts: Though generally less direct than Combat Arts, often simple skill combinations, these techniques are no less useful. Many have met their ends unbalanced by the Mikiri Counter, a simple stomp on a weapon left vulnerable by a thrust, or the Anti-Air Deathblow, taking advantage of an airborne foe's inability to dodge. This isn't to say it is utterly lacking in eye catching moves, as Living Force's ability to envelop one's weapon in elemental energies would attest. Perhaps most useful is the Lightning Reversal technique, taking in electricity and sending it away in a wide swing or a projectile so long as one does not touch the ground.

Latent Skills: Innate abilities held by Wolf that are either always in effect or activate automatically where applicable. These can be incredibly potent, regardless of their scale. With Night Eye his eyes can adapt to see even in total darkness, Suppress Presence hides him well in stealth or plain sight, he can use the Mibu Breathing Technique to breathe underwater indefinitely and swim with speed more befitting a carp than a man, and Breath of Life replenishes his life force as he deals death to his enemies. Peculiarly enough, even his luck itself is bolstered by Virtuous Deed, mysteriously granting him additional currency and items wherever they may be found. Lastly, though one might attribute it to the Dragon Blood, he appears to benefit from any source of healing more than the average person.

Ninjutsu Techniques: Secret shinobi arts dealing in mystical powers. Bloodsmoke turns the spraying blood of a victim to smoke, allowing one to retake the element of surprise. Puppeteer manipulates the victim like a puppet, temporarily forcing one who should have fled this realm to remain for a time. Bestowal wreathes a blade in the victims blood, extending it's reach and empowering it's edge, forming a cursed sword. Each of these can be completely devastating on their own, yet their weakness lies in the requirement of a victim to utilize them with. For a shinobi there is often no lack of bodies to use, but when forced into a direct confrontation they will find such trickery less than effective. Wolf is also quite familiar with illusion techniques due to his father Owl and his mentor Lady Butterfly, though he rarely uses them.


Kusabimaru: A fine katana given by Kuro to his loyal retainer. It has served Wolf quite well against countless foes, remaining unbroken even in the face of demons and gods. It appears to hold no inherent supernatural abilities, but no tool is as reliable.

Shinobi Prosthetic: An artificial replica of a human arm fitted with a variety of mechanisms, apparently designed with modifications in mind. Wolf himself does not fully understand it, but is capable of making repairs, upgrades and modifications. A collection of weapons and tools are implanted, some with multiple forms that can all be swapped between despite easily exceeding the size of the arm itself when counted together. Most notable among them is the mobility enhancing Grapple Hook. The rest are as follows:
  • Shuriken Wheel: A tool that aids in the launching of shuriken. They can be sent normally or spinning, but either is effective against distant or airborne foes. Additionally, Phantom Kunai generating powerful illusory butterflies and even Coins can be loaded into the wheel. If blessed with lazulite, the shuriken can continue spinning at top speed even after impact, leaving a trail of blue light reminiscent of a shooting star.
  • Shinobi Axe of the Monkey: A powerful black iron axe meant to crush more than cut. While it's weight alone is sufficient for its purpose, the spring-load mechanism which strengthens it and the attached percussion hammer to create flame make it a terrifying weapon to behold. The lazulite blessed blade causes a powerful reverberation capable of dispelling enemy illusions.
  • Loaded Spear: Forged from the remains of Gyoubu's Broken Horn, a spear with a splendid shape that excelled at stripping foes of their armour. Though simple in use, this mighty weapon can be swung and thrust with enough force to generate shockwaves. A percussion hammer has been added to this as well, making it capable of consuming enemies in a fiery blaze.
  • Sabimaru: An ancient kodachi short sword, it's blade mottled with bluish rust. The blue rust poison is highly potent and eats into enemies defences, working especially well on the inhuman Okami it was forged to fight. Having been upgraded with transcendent lazulite, it's now unbreakable blade produces a poisonous mist with every swing.
  • Iron Fortress: A nigh-indestructible iron-ribbed umbrella fitted to the arm. It's tempered magnetic shaft and the blessings of Phoenix and Suzaku upon it make it the ultimate defence against blade, heat and spirit.
  • Robert's Firecrackers: Small explosives from across the sea. They can unleash a blinding flash to disorient people and greatly startle beasts. The tweaked compound black gunpowder emits purple smoke and delays the explosion slightly while magnifying it's intensity. Something about it briefly causes those affected by it to take slightly more damage until they recover.
  • Flame Vent: A flame barrel loaded onto the arm. It's primary use is to create a short-range blast of fire, but it is also able to maintain a continuous stream of flames and can be charged for a massive blast of flames and hot air, sending opponents flying. With the blessing of lazulite imparted on the barrel, holy fire can be called forth to terrorize and destroy apparitions and other spiritual beings. These blue flames are still effective against living beings, but do not burn the same.
  • Mist Raven: An aged feather from an elusive mist raven, fused with smaller crimson feathers. It can be used to disappear and displace like the mist before moving away in any direction and reappearing elsewhere, even past obstructions. Having been partially dyed red to resemble the Great Mist Raven, a god of the land, it can optionally leave a scorching trail in it's wake.
  • Divine Abduction: A large fan that commands the winds. By gathering and releasing a maelstrom of wind, it can easily and immediately turn even large and sturdy foes this way and that, often leaving them vulnerable to a quick deathblow. An illustrious golden vortex can also be used to extract additional items and money from others, to be considered "donations". Certain individuals, such as heretics can be spirited away, vanishing without a trace or even a chance to resist despite their unholy might.
  • Kingfisher: A slender finger fashioned into a whistle and reinforced with the Malcontent's ring. It's piercing sound can be heard freely or by specific targets and enrages beasts, making them unable to distinguish friend from foe. Taking a deep breath before performing a whistle allows for the sound to be delayed. Strangely, the sound also torments demons and apparition-type enemies, rendering them vulnerable in their stupor.

Mortal Blade: The Red Mortal Blade, named Gracious Gift of Tears. A crimson odachi capable of slaying the undying and immortal. Only those who themselves cannot die are capable of wielding this weapon, as it's curse takes the life of any who dares draw it in an instant. The powerful blade leaves deadly wounds and it's energies cannot be wholly blocked by physical means alone.

Kuro's Charm: A secret gift from Kuro to Wolf. This small charm grants a measure of protection to it's bearer, tempering the danger posed by that which assails them. Though it has long aided the Divine Heir's loyal shinobi, he would be no less capable without it.

Dancing Dragon Mask: A dragon's head dancing mask, restored by Wolf after he collected it's three pieces. It was once used in rituals by the Okami warrior women as they performed for the Divine Dragon. This act somehow left them brimming with vigour afterwards. It retains a form of that power even now, as Wolf may use it while resting to empower himself with the memory of his fallen foes.

Recovery Charm: A Dragonrot Recovery Charm created by Emma. With this charm, one can offer a droplet of the Dragon's Blood to restore all those afflicted with Dragonrot to health. It is good then that Wolf himself has been bestowed the Dragon Blood, as although it is less pure than the Divine Heir's own, it could still be useful to one skilled in the art of medicine.

Healing Gourd: A gourd filled with vitality-restoring medicine capable of healing grievous wounds. The seeds within have the strange property of continuously refilling the gourd to it's maximum capacity. Wolf is in possession of three other gourds of differing colours, each providing resistance and relief for a particular ailment. Green for poison, red for burning and purple for the deathly ailment of "terror".

Ceremonial Tanto: The blade known as Devoted Soul, a dagger with a stark white blade and hilt. It can convert one's vitality into spirit emblems, ethereal paper dolls representative of a departed soul's life force. Many supernatural abilities are performed with such energies and though one who's profession lies in taking lives is likely flush with them, it wouldn't do to run out.

Headless Spiritfall: Fallen, headless spirits of old heroes, corrupted and ruined. Ako grants incredible strength, Ungo grants supreme vitality, Gokan grants unyielding defence, Gachiin grants unparalleled concealment and Yashariku grants inhuman might at the cost of one's life force. Seizing their power is not without it's costs, but the benefits are undoubtedly worth the sacrifice.

Nightjar Monocular: A bamboo tube used to see distant objects. While shinobi aready have good vision, looking through this tube with one eye enables one to see even further.

Hidden Tooth: False tooth loaded with a secret shinobi drug, blue in color. Can be used repeatedly. Crush the blue nostrum between the back teeth to die as often as one pleases. Could be useful in certain situations. Surely an unnecessary reminder, but the first death is typically one's last.

Bell Demon: A demonic spirit that has accompanied Wolf for some time. It was sealed within the Iron Bell of Senpou Temple and would possess those who rung it. Though it strengthens ones enemies and confers hardship, it also provides slightly better spoils for overcoming these challenges. Once, it could be banished and forced to return to the bell, but worlds away it may simply become subdued with nowhere to go.

Homeward Idol: A small, palm-sized wooden Buddha. Wolf has owned this since his childhood and it shows in it's worn appearance. By praying to Buddha, one can be shown a path home. In other words, it returns Wolf to the last safe area he rested in.

Quick Items: Limited they may be, Wolf has many useful items on his person. A pill case full of medicinal Pellets, a droplet of Dragon's Blood, a Bundled Jizo Statue that restores resurrective power, various powders to treat differing ailments, Mibu Balloons of Wealth, Possession, Spirit and Soul to attract such things, blessed Divine Confetti to interact with apparitions and spirits, empowering Red Lumps, Ceramic Shards to be thrown, hardened clumps of Ash, small Oil jars, illusion-breaking Snap Seeds, deadly shinobi drugs known as Bite Down and even purses bulging with coin. Truly it is a wonder how so much is held on one's person, as even more is stored by the grace of Buddha elsewhere. Wolf may have deep pockets, but perhaps something else holds the answer to this riddle of space. Replenishing these outside of Ashina and even Japan is unlikely, so wisdom dictates they be used sparingly.
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Name: Catra

Series: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Canon: S5, right after transporting Glimmer off of Horde Prime's ship (basically right before she gets captured and brainwashed)

Abilities: Catra is surprisingly competent in combat given her status as an in-verse normie. She doesn't have any unique resistances or powers, barring enhanced vision/hearing and night sight (y'know, like a cat), but she's fast, agile, and quite strong. She generally outpaces the rest of the cast, who are able to evade laser fire on reaction, leap up falling rocks, and perform other superhuman feats of agility and speed. Her retractable claws and strength can go through several inches of metal, as well as deal blows strong enough to visibly impact monsters several times her size. Short of it is she's at least basic superhuman tier, if we wanna avoid nitty gritty scaling, which I do. She's talented enough at hand-to-hand and melee weapon combat to put her physical prowess to good use, though she's no expert (also seems better at hand-to-hand than weapon-based). CQC cat!

Provided a healthy enough state of mind, Catra's also quite cunning and deft in conversation, able to needle at mental weaknesses mid-fight or manipulate potential allies to her benefit. She's a proven albeit often cruel leader who identified and fixed several Horde weaknesses, bringing about most of their victories after many years of Hordak stalemating. Her ability to scheme and execute plans was the main reason the Horde could keep up and even overcome the much greater raw power of the princesses.

And, of course, she handles abandonment issues like a champ! Promise!

Equipment: emotional baggage
Name: Jotaro Kujo

Series: JoJo's Bizarre Adventures

Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): After the events that occurred in Morioh in Part 4

Abilities (This includes the character's skills):

[Star Platinum: The World] - A powerful Stand with superhuman strength, senses, accuracy, stamina and speed but suffers from lack range, only being able to move within 2-3 meters of Jotaro. The Stand also possesses the ability to stop time, but due to neglect from Jotaro over the years, the ability had degraded from the maximum of five seconds, but was raised back to only two seconds. And unlike Dio's The World, Jotaro cannot repeat use the ability, requiring a few seconds between usage.

"Weiss is best girl" ~ In evaluation of Weiss. Zwei the puppy, 2018​
Name: Weiss Schnee (why-ss sh-nee)
Huntress License No.: 63600-32812-80617
Nicknames: Ice Queen, Princess, Snow Angel, Snowflake, Nice Weiss
Series: RWBY
Canon: Around Volume 5
Birthday: May 15
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 18
Height: 5'3"
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue

Aura. This is the manifestation of one's soul.It provides many beneficial effects for Weiss, such as enhancing her senses, healing her wounds, and giving her the ability to trigger Dust and use her Semblance
A Semblance is a manifestation of one's personal power projected thanks to their Aura. Usually, it is unique to each person, but in Weiss's case, her Semblance is hereditary in her family.
Using her Semblance, she can create glyphs that can be used in many different ways and have varying sizes. On their own, they can accelerate things in any direction, be used as platforms to stand on or jump higher and farther at many different angles, launch things into the air, fire beams that chain enemies in place, soften landings, let her or others run up walls, block attacks, make her move forward faster when multiple are in a line, push things back, or lift and throw objects. She can also stab through them with Myrtenaster while remaining on them or move around already existing glyphs.

Weiss can also imbue her glyphs with Dust to give them different effects.
Ice Dust: Blue Dust that creates ice
v Fire icy homing beams that explode upon contact
v A frozen energy ball, shards of ice or chunks of ice
v Create a dome of ice capable of trapping enemies
v Coats things in ice
v Launch a sword of ice
v Release a wave of frozen energy that freezes enemies
v Send out a line of ice crystals from the ground
v Create a fist of ice that grabs enemies before rolling around as a ball with them in it
v Freeze things
v Call up a set of crystals
Fire Dust: Red Dust that creates fire
v Launches fireballs that she can direct or send out in a fiery wave
Wind Dust: White Dust that creates wind
v Can release a gust of wind to blow enemies back
Hard-Light Dust: Cyan Dust that creates solidified light (the rarest kind of Dust)
v Can fire homing beams
Lightning Dust: Yellow Dust that creates lightning
v Perform Time Dilation to speed up her actions drastically for a short period of time. Can be granted towards allies.
Gravity Dust: Purple Dust that manipulates gravity
v Launch things forward
v Manipulate the movement of things on top of her glyphs
v Repel physical attacks
v Push things away
v Lift things into the air
v Keep things stuck together
v Slow things falling down
v Bounce off her glyphs
v Exert pulling forces, which are strong enough to let her keep her footing in even the most extreme conditions and versatile enough to pull herself away from attacks

Summoning. Perhaps Weiss' most deadly technique with her Semblence. This allows her to summon copies of foes she had previously defeated in battle to fight alongside her. She has defeated a host of enemies, but there are only 3 currently she can summon. She can summon them as small as a few inches tall or their full height. Or she can summon them in a much smaller state and then they can grow to proper size. Weiss can also teleport them through her Glyphs, or summon just parts of them at any time. The summoned creatures will obey all commands Weiss gives (verbal or otherwise), but they can also make their own decisions and actions. But Weiss always has a sense of where they are and what they are doing.
v Boarbatusk. A boar like creature. It can ram into enemies, ensnare them in its tusks and perform a spinning charge attack.
v Queen Lancer. With an appearance similar to a giant hornet. It can fly (Weiss often uses it as her mount), shoot sharp scales as projectiles and launch its stringer out dozens of feet with the stinger still tethered to the Lancer.
v Armas Gigas. It appears as a suit of armor with a broadsword. It will fight with either its sword or armored fists. Despite its size and the fact it is heavily armored, it does move much faster than it should seem to.


Myrtenaster (mer-ten-aster). Weiss' main weapon. It is a Multi Action Dust Rapier (MADR), created by the Schnee Dust Company. It is approximately the size of a standard raprier. At the center of the hilt, though, it has a revolving chamber imbedded. This chamber can hold 6 vials of Dust, which can be initiated out onto the blade through the Dust exhaust port. The revolving chamber is constantly stocked with Red (fire), Cyan (hard-light), Violet (gravity), White (wind), Yellow (lightning) and Blue (ice) Dust vials. As Dust is shot from the revolving chamber, it embues Myrtenaster with differing abilities. The hammer that activates the charge to eject Dust is powered by Weiss' Aura.

When Dust is used with Myrtenaster:
Ice Dust
v Sends out a line of ice crystals from the ground
v Create a wide set of ice crystals that can trap enemies
v Cover the ground with a slippery sheet of ice
v Leave a trail of ice crystals behind her as she rushes forward
v Make a dome of ice around herself for protection
v Release a wave of frozen energy around herself capable of freezing enemies over
v Let out a blast offrozen energy
v Propel herself through the air while attacking with frozen energy
v Create a slide of ice
v Surround herself with ice crystals to prevent enemies from getting close
v Form an ice mist that acts like a barrier
v Raise up an ice wall
v Create a set of ice crystals on the ground
v Freeze water
v Give different effects to her Semblence
Fire Dust
v Create a brief barrier when defending to parry attacks
v Blast out a line of flames
v Send out a fiery wave
v Create tiny flames to light things on fire
v Give different effects to her Semblence
Lightning Dust
v Amplify the power of one of her strikes
v Give different effects to her Semblence
Wind Dust
v Create a whirlwind capable of matching sound-based attacks
v Give different effects to her Semblence
Earth Dust
v Amplify the power of one of her strikes
v Bring up chunks of earth to defend against attacks
Gravity Dust
v Give different effects to her Semblence
Hard-Light Dust
v Create a barrier
v Release shock wave to launch enemies into the air
v Give different effects to her Semblence

Weiss has a pouch of Dust vials, 2 of each type in addition to what is already loaded into Myrtenaster.Each vial is capable of 10 uses of Dust.


Ø Using her Semblence drains her Aura. Because she uses her Semblence so often during a fight, she is known to tire out fast.
Ø Taking damage reduces her Aura, which will prevent her from using her Semblence and other advantages her Aura would give.
Ø Dust is finite, and there are only six chambers in Myrtenaster's revolver. Which means she can't put all 7 types of Dust in at once.
Glyphs are very versatile but can be broken when dealing with a strong enough force.
Ø Summons can also be very powerful, but the stronger ones do require time to bring out. Which can leave her defenses open. Her summons are also not all powerful and can be defeated.
ØCan be something of a spoilt brat at times, as having been given anything and everything she would ever need or want in life.

Swordsman: A
Singing: S
Intelligence: B
Cooking: Negative Attribute Points
Organization: S
Military Knowledge: C
Hand to Hand (sans Dust): C

Fave ice cream: blueberry frozen yogurt
If given the choice between fighting one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses, she would rather fight one horse-sized duck

Name: Doctor Morgan Yu

Series: Prey (2017)

Canon: Sometime after Project Cobalt

Innate Qualities:

Enhanced Physiology: In her human form, Morgan Yu is better in nearly every way than a baseline human. This includes:
Enhanced Strength: Sufficient to lift a ton of weight with effort, tear open unpowered steel doors, hit things really hard.​
Enhanced Stamina: Morgan doesn't need to sleep, though she's capable of it. A minute of rest is usually sufficient to recover from an hour of hard, sustained effort. Her body can sustain quite a bit of damage while remaining functional. Ingesting calories also amplifies her healing factor. A good sandwich and a bottle of water will let her heal a stab wound in a matter of minutes.​
Enhanced Mobility: Morgan can sustain a 30 mile per hour sprint for hours and peaks at 45 mph for short bursts. Her reflexes are several times better than baseline humanity, though not remotely good enough to dodge bullets.​

Psionic Aptitude: While most of her specific Typhon abilities create non-psionic effects, the mental processes that trigger and generate those effects are functionally psionic. Psi-disruption can't cancel out Typhon effects but can prevent her from initiating them. She is theoretically capable of learning additional psionic abilities she encounters given the opportunity to collect and study data.

Typhon Powers:
Between Morgan's imitative nature and specific applications of Neuromodding technology, she has a wide range of powers and abilities owing to the Typhon. Travel between universes and encountering psi-disrupter technology has left her unable to access her Energy or Telepathy abilities, leaving her only with Morph accessible.

The categories include:
Kinetic Blast: Hurl a ball of kinetic concussive force up to 300 yards away, capable of a 7 yard radius explosion. Detonation hurls objects away from the blast point with incredible force.
Lift Field: Manipulate gravity to create a column of upward force. She can lift (or launch) objects or targets into the air up to 12 yards, which can be sustained to trap them for up to 15 seconds or released to drop them with crushing force.
Electrostatic Blast: Hurl an electromagnetic pulse up to 300 yards away, capable of frying or switching off everything electronic in a 5 yard radius. Taser effect optional on biological beings.
Electrostatic Absorption: Ignore low wattage, resist high wattage and use what spills over to fuel Typhon powers. Virtually immune to electrical-based stunning effects.
Superthermal: Project waves of plasma like a flamethrower, up to 50 yards. Create pockets of superheated plasma that can hang suspended until triggered, detonating in an eruption 5.5 yards in radius.
Thermal Absorption: Ignore heat, resist incendiary effects and use what spills over to fuel Typhon powers.

Mimic Matter: Her core Typhon ability, Morgan can take the form of a nearby object. Details include:​
The object can be as small as a paperclip or as large as a tank or bus.​
If the object has moving mechanical parts, those parts function normally if someone 'uses' her, and she's also capable of manipulating them herself.​
All mimicked objects appear capable of independent movement, though (i.e. if she turns into a coffee cup, the cup is capable of jumping from the floor onto a desk or able to roll itself under a nightstand or around an obstacle).​
Morgan can maintain the transformed shape indefinitely.​
Damage done to the transformed object doesn't translate into damage done to her.​
She generally needs a nearby object to mimic to use this ability, but she can routinely take the form of any object or person she's had the opportunity to look at.​
Regeneration: When Morgan is wounded, the psychoactive exotic matter she's composed of can 'reset' some of the damage done, activating within a few seconds of a blow. Minor injuries can be completely dismissed while greater injuries will mend less, requiring additional 'natural' healing time to fully repair.​
Phantom Shift: Short-distance teleportation, crossing 12 yards in a literal second. This effect leaves a phantom decoy behind, Picard Maneuver style, lasting half a minute unless disrupted.​
Phantom Genesis: Create Phantoms out of corpses. These Phantoms appear to be made up of the same semi-solid shadowy purplish exotic matter she is in her natural state. These phantoms will often 'speak' phrases or sentences used by the corpse they came from but otherwise exhibit only animal cunning. They are completely loyal to Morgan when created and have no shelf life.​

Backlash: Create a shield that can absorb 3 attacks. Direct melee attacks are rebounded kinetically, and a strong enough punch against her can send the attacker flying from the force of their own reflected blow.​
Psychoshock: Damage the mind and body of a target, while disrupting psi abilities for half a minute at a time.​
Mindjack: Take control of biological enemies, can compel them to rush and suicide detonate. Using this power on a target who is already under compulsion results in the disruption of that foreign control.​
Machine Mind: Cyberjack machines, forcing computers and robots to be loyal and follow her mental wishes as if they were programmed to do so. By default, the use of this power renders the affected machine unable to recognize proper authorization codes.​
Remote Manipulation: Lift objects and push buttons up to 90 yards away.​

Skills and Abilities:

Science: Naturally a prodigy in the field of science, Neuromods and downloaded memories have given Dr. Morgan Yu a breathtaking understanding of the academic arts. Specific abilities include:
Physician: Dr. Yu holds an M.D. and PhD in Neuroscience and is one of the foremost experts on the human brain alive. She's quite capable of diagnosing and rendering medical treatment for most human ailments. She's also the authority on Typhon physiology, giving her some limited proficiency in dealing with the anatomy of other species.​
Hacking: She's proficient at gaining access to, and bypassing, computers and their security systems. This includes electronic locks, but not physical locks. It also includes various mechanical systems including robotics.​

Engineering: Morgan Yu is a master at dissembling technology, analyzing it to create blueprints and then repairing damage or fabricating new, similar devices. Specific engineering abilities include:
Repair: Skilled at repairing mechanical and electronic items of all kinds, including robots and machines, Assuming she has the materials on hand, she can even upgrade and reinforce machines to enhance functionality and improve durability.​
Gunsmith: She's capable of building, repairing and modifying firearms and energy weapons.​
Suit Modification: Able to maintain and upgrade exoskeletons, power armor and space suit functionality.​
Dismantle: Morgan's a master at salvaging useful components from broken equipment.​

Security: Due to a variety of Neuromod enhancements, Morgan Yu possesses the tactical ability of a seasoned soldier. Specific security abilities include:
Ability to use pistols, shotguns and a variety of firearms with excellent accuracy.​
Proficient in the use of a wrench to smash aliens to death.​
Can sprint making virtually no noise at all and has extensive knowledge and experience at sneaking, infiltration, etc.​


PPN-8 Personal Defense Sidearm: The TranStar PPN-8 Pistol is the standard issue weapon for all TranStar security personnel. Small, fast, and quiet, this pistol provides satisfactory damage while maintaining a degree of stealth. It has a magazine capacity of 27 and an effective range of about 35 yards.

S4 Tactical Shotgun: The S4 is a standard pump-action shotgun with a tube magazine that holds 10 rounds. It features an ammunition counter on the side, reasonable close to medium range effectiveness and excellent stopping power.

RSV-77 Neuroelectric Disrupter: This Throne Tactical handheld electroshock weapon immobilizes both humans and machines with a short range electric current. Its effects last for no less than 7 seconds and can induce unconsciousness in targets inexperienced with its properties. It's effective out to a range of 15 yards, can fire ten times before requiring 2 seconds to recharge back to full.

GLOO Cannon (Gelifoam Lattice Organism Obstructor): A bulky but portable cannon that fires gelifoam, a quickly hardening, flame retardant, non-conductive, glue-like foam that expands as it hardens. It can fire 42 times before requiring a reload and has an effective range of 18 yards.

Wrench: The Hephaestus "Heffy" Twist & LOOP Handle Wrench is standard issue for all maintenance personnel employed in TranStar facilities. Good for liberal application of percussive maintenance and mechanical agitation.

Transtar Uniform: A form-fitting full environmental suit that, by default, leaves only the head exposed. It's capable of enveloping the wearer's head in a fabricated glass helmet in a matter of a literal second. It's not only space-worthy but includes reinforcement that makes it effective armor that's reasonably easy to repair. The suit contains anchor points which can support affixed weapon placements. It's also highly modular, with additional functionality available on a plug-and-play basis. Morgan's current chipset configuration includes:
The Artax Propulsion System: A zero g propulsion device that allows maneuverability in space while functioning as a limited jumppack in atmosphere via the Artax Propulsion Gen 1 and Gen 2 chipset upgrades.​
Beam, Radiation, EMP, Thermal and Grounding Shielding: Reduces damage from a variety of sources including lasers, heat, electricity, radiation and EMP attacks.​

Psychoscope: A highly advanced piece of neural imaging technology, capable of real-time tracking and analysis of neural activation patterns. It's affixed to the interior of her suit's rim-seal line and features a retractable single-tube sensor with twin eyepieces that fits over a circular lens. This system tags and automatically tracks target locations and their neural activity. Theoretically, analysis of psychoscope data can allow Morgan to devise a Neuromod or internal method for replicating psionic and mind-based powers. Wearing it makes the user immune to most mental attacks or effects that alter the brain or its perceptions in anyway. Like the Transtar Uniform, it's a modular device with the following chipsets included:
Mimic Detection Gen 2: Allows for the identification of disguised, shapechanged mimics. May allow her to perceive other shapechangers on a case by case basis.​
Nullwave Shielding: Additional reinforcement of the psychostrope's base psi-defense, making it nigh impossible to read Morgan's mind, affect her perceptions or shut down her own psi-triggered Typhon abilities.​

Name: Ahsoka Tano

Series: Star Wars (Clone Wars, Rebels, the Mandalorian)

Canon: Around the time of the Mandalorian

Jedi Abilities:
Ahsoka is a well-trained Jedi with decades of experience combined with powerful Force Sensitivity. This gives her access to a range of powers including a variety of physical enhancements, telekinetic and telepathic ability, thought manipulation and defense, supernatural awareness of her surroundings, limited precognition and clairvoyance as well as others. Her use of the Force tends to be defensive in battle and used for empathy and understanding outside of battle.

Racial Abilities:
Togruta Montrals give Ahsoka advanced visuospatial awareness via ultrasonic echolocation of her surroundings. This allows her to 'see' in the dark. It also let's her track proximity and movement of objects around her, giving her 360 degree spatial perception and giving her a limited ability to 'see' around walls and corners.

Lightsabers - S: One of the finest Jedi swordfighters of her day. Not generally considered among the ranks of Jedi swordmasters only because she hadn't mastered every form. Ironically, her approach to lightsaber training is most inspired by Count Dooku, who likewise believed specializing to achieve utter mastery in few forms was preferable to broad mastery in all. Her greatest strengths lie in battling groups, close quarter combat and acrobatic counterattacks. During military engagements, she focuses on defending her troops and countering elite officers. In one on one combat, she favors the use of stealth, surprise attacks and hit-and-run guerilla tactics as she's come to regard dueling as inefficient towards achieving victory.​
Form I (Shii-Cho) - B: Proficient, as all Jedi with the traditional training are. She's had more recent practice with it as an adult, having returned to its use as a method of meditation during private training.
Form II (Makashi) - C: Proficient, if not practiced. The entirety of her training was done with a view to learning how Makashi practitioners fight, like Count Dooku.
Form III (Soresu) - C: Proficient, if not practiced. Soresu is mostly a source of techniques to support her Shien Form's defensive strategy and to master blaster deflection in order to protect her troops.
Form IV (Ataru) - A: Master. Her primary fighting style early in her Jedi career and still utilized for its emphasis on acrobatics, high velocity attacks and powerful blows delivered from every direction.
Form V (Shien) - SS: Specialized mastery, Ahsoka's main fighting style for decades now. Sublime at blaster deflection and rigorous defense, setting up lightning fast counterattacks. Better at groups than single combat. She's also highly practiced with the Djem So variant, owing to years of practice with Anakin and more years of training spent preparing to fight Darth Vader.
Form VI (Niman) - B: Experienced. Her teacher Anakin insisted she study and practice Niman in hopes of making her more thoughtful in combat. She also made a focused study of the Jar'Kai variant, mostly to defeat Asajj Ventress. These days, most of its value lies in understanding its strengths and limits so she could better fight practitioners using it.
Form VII (Vaapad) - D: Academic study only.​
Other Weapons - A: Proficient with blasters, very capable with a variety of melee weapons and she's a particularly good unarmed combatant, her use of the Force making her a supernatural martial artist.
Military Skills - A: Trained as a Jedi in the basics, Ahsoka spent literally years in combat operations, planning and executing strategy, coordinating logistics and giving and following orders. She's an excellent tactician and understands how to plan and run a war across a variety of theaters.
Piloting - A: Naturally talented and able to operate and pilot a wide range of spaceships, personal craft, and even animal mounts.
Mechanic - B: An expert at the maintenance and repair of all manner of vehicles, droids and machines, largely from learning under the mechanical prodigy that was Anakin Skywalker.
Social Skills - B: Ahsoka received the diplomatic training all Jedi learn growing up. As an adult, she's excellent at negotiation, persuasion and understanding others.
Criminal Skills - A: As one of the Empire's Most Wanted, Ahsoka spent two decades as a Jedi insurgent and eventual Fulcrum spymaster for the Rebellion. She's an expert codebreaker, lock-picker, underworld networker and investigator. Stealth is her greatest insurgent skill.​


A pair of white-bladed lightsabers. Constructed during the rebellion out of scrap metal, she eventually refashioned the exterior for a smoother, more decorative look. Both lightsabers bear kyber crystals taken from a Sith double-bladed lightsaber and purified, turning their tainted red color to a pure incandescent white.

Jedi utility belt: Includes holsters for her lightsabers, survival ration capsules, a Hush-98 comlink, a firecord grappling hook with launcher, a holoprojector, a holomap, an A99 aquata breather, a Jedi beacon transceiver, a glowrod and tools for repairing her lightsabers.

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Name: The Fugitive Doctor

Series: Doctor Who

Canon: "You're gonna love this."

Abilities: Regeneration

Equipment: "Smart enough not to need cute little gizmos".​

: Klein Moretti, currently in the guise Gehrman Sparrow

Series: Lord of the Mysteries

Canon: End of Volume 3, chapter 732
Marionettist - Klein can see and manipulate spiritual threads connected to the soul of living things within 100 meters. By manipulating the Threads, he can gain control over a being's body. This can be done at a range of approximately 10 meters. It takes a five seconds to gain initial control, at which point the Spirit Body Threads can be used to slow the body and dull the mind of the target. After two and a half minutes, full control can be achieved. At this point, the target is effectively dead, reduced to a Marionette of the controller. This process can be interrupted with sharp pain, whether mental or physical. Any Marionettes retain the abilities they retain the abilities they had in life, but are completely mindless and fully under the control of the Marionettist. A Marionettist can control up to 3, and they must remain within 200 meters or control will be lost.

Faceless - Klein can freely mold his body and flesh to perfectly mimic a person's ever physical feature, with certain restrictions. Height, mass, and general body proportions cannot be too different from the base. Physical gender cannot be changed, though certain features can still be mimicked to appear so.

Magician - A number of minor spells that can be cast at high speeds, without the need for chanting. They are as follows:
  1. Damage Transfer - moving wounds from one part of the body to another, which can be used to mitigate grievous injury.
  2. Flame Jump - travel between two sparks or flames between 100 meters.
  3. Air Bullet - a fast projectile made of air that strikes with similar power to a sniper rifle.
  4. Paper Figurine Substitute - switch places with a prepared figurine to avoid attacks.
  5. Flame Controlling - minor flame manipulation within 200 meters, capable of igniting small objects or creating a small flame.
  6. Illusion Creation - minor illusions with colors, sounds, and smells that were close to reality.
  7. Underwater Breathing - the creation of a thin, invisible air pipe up to 10 meters long, allowing for free breathing underwater.
  8. Bone Softening - the softening of bones handcuffs, ropes, and other bindings.
  9. Paper Weaponry - temporarily turn paper into a sharp and dangerous weapon.
Clown - Supernatural speed, agility, and coordination. Enhanced strength. Able to intuitively predict the actions of others based on their body language.

Seer - Strong proficiency with various forms of divination and spirit vision. Able to communicate with the spirit world, using coins, pendulums, dowsing rods, dreams, tarot cards, and other mediums to gain information from the spirit world such as the location of a person or the favorability of certain actions.

Strong resistance against mental attacks and insanity.

Scholarship - A
Marksmanship - B
Melee - C
Acting - SS
Mysticism - A
Tracking and counter-tracking - A

Death Knell: A long, iron-black high-caliber revolver. It can be imbued with spirituality to fire in three different ways. First, it can fire a precise shot into a weak point of the target. Second, by cocking the gun, it can fire a shot that would deal damage as if it hit a weak point. If it hits an actual weak point, the damage caused is magnified significantly. Finally, it can multiply the number of shots fired by the gun, providing an attack akin to a shotgun for a significant amount of spirituality. However, there is a downside to using this weapon: the user will gain a random weakness for several hours, such as the fear of cats or the fear of fire.

Purification Rounds: 50 magical bullets imbued with the holy energy of the sun. Effective against spirits, undead, evil creatures, and demons.

Paper figurines: Cutouts vaguely in the shape of a human.

Pendulum - a divination medium made of citrine.

Matchbox - a box of ordinary matches.
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Series: James Bond -- 007

Canon: After 'You Only Live Twice'

Abilities: Good with pistols, long ranged weapons, stealth assignments, CQC, and being a good spy for her majesty's government.

Equipment: While that is always changing, one thing he always makes sure to carry is a Walter PPK​


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Name: Arthur Drake

Series: Rihakuverse
Canon: The Gardens of Enoch: Terrascape Academy


Ordinalism - The study of the Ordinal Spiral, a series of Ordinal Forms whose component spells are famous for their speed, convenience, balance of effects, clear efficiency and (relative) ease of execution. Ordinalism can be taught to most any sentient mind, and for this reason, it is the primary active casting art practiced in the Terrascape. Advancement in the Ordinal Spiral accelerates the user's mental speed and makes them keen-witted.

One of the Ordinal Spiral's foremost principles is that of mutual exclusivity - once an Ordinal is learned, the Ordinalist may choose to learn a single of two Forms available to that Ordinal, but must forever abandon any learning of the other Form. He may choose instead to study a Specialist Form of a previous Form he'd learned, too.

Arthur's knowledge of the Ordinal Spiral is minimal. His Ordinal Chart follows as such:

1. The First Ordinal, Seeker/Shield

Seeker - The user fires, typically from an appendage, a focused missile of magical force. Though relatively slow (10-200+ mph depending on skill), the missile is quite powerful and highly responsive to the caster's guidance. The Seeker spell is easy to cast and even practitioners of moderate skill can maintain multiple Seekers to home in on an enemy. Most importantly, the Seeker spell can be combined with a number of other spells, allowing the user to exert fine control and continuous guidance over a number of higher Ordinals.

2. The Second Ordinal, Conjure/Construct

Conjure - The user retrieves an item from, or deposits an item to, an extradimensional storage space. Virtually all parameters (speed, size of space, etc) improve with skill. Minds capable of perceiving a Spirit (almost all animals) cannot be deposited. Despite the spell's simplicity, it's extremely useful for obvious reasons.

3. The Third Ordinal, Elements/Examine

Elements - The seven elements are Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, Wood, and Gamma Radiation. Users are discouraged from choosing Gamma Radiation as their element. The user chooses one Element when selecting this Form. The user may launch an explosive orb of the element, affecting a large radius, or raise a barrier of the element. In addition, they are highly resistant to harm from their chosen element. A skilled practitioner can shape their element to a degree somewhat approaching the versatility of the Construct Spell. Each purchase of a Specialist Form grants an additional Element, on top of the standard bonuses of a Specialist Form.

Arthur's chosen Element is Air.

Vitalism - The second of the magics taught at Terrascape. The art of replacing one's organs with artifacts of persistent power, and of cultivating the full potential of those artifacts. It is the primary source of magical healing and passive augmentation. Although Arthur possesses theoretical knowledge of this art, he's not attained anything of note in its practice.

Conjoinery - Arthur Drake is a Conjoiner, a kind of specialized magician that combined his psyche with a Spirit. He shares a part of his mind with a Spirit, as it makes use of his faculties of volition, agency, perception, and decision-making to further its objectives. In return, he can use the Spirit's advice and powers as his own. Arthur's Spirit is called the Strategist.

The Strategist requests that its hosts place themselves in a position where they can inflict a devastating betrayal on someone who trusts them. The "potential energy" of the knife poised to fall generates power for it. The deeper the host's bond with the victim, the better. The more potential targets, the better. The Strategist does not require the host to actually betray anyone, and seems generally indifferent to the act, though it can be persuaded sometimes to reward treason with power. The Strategist is otherwise fairly quiet, though its rare comments are incisive and penetrating.

Arthur's Conjoiner Powers:

Right Hand of God - Arthur's hand may be released to fight on its own with superhuman skill. Its presence renders him immune to divination and mental influence.

He possesses the ability to Swear Fealty to an individual in exchange for a host of benefits.

Requirements for Fealty
*Arthur must have a significant amount of unspent Depth (magical resource) to permanently invest in the relationship.
*The individual must agree to accept his service.
*The individual must be Arthur's technical superior in a hierarchical relationship. Mentor and student, King and noble, Consul and praetor, etc.
*To maintain Fealty, Arthur must interact with the individual in the context of that relationship on a semi-regular basis (at least one meeting every few days), though he is under no especial obligation to follow their instructions.
*Fealty will be broken if the individual dies or if they exert an effort of will to break the agreement, with Arthur's consent. If Arthur does not consent, they will lose the benefits of Fealty and he will not.

Benefits of Fealty
*The Mentor's raw magical power is increased as long as the relationship remains amicable. This begins as a ~1% bonus and increases to 10% over the course of a few months, to a maximum of 20% for a years-long relationship.
*Arthur's learning speed improves by 20% for skills his Mentor knows, or logical extensions thereof.
*Arthur receives a power that is either complementary to his Mentor's abilities, or metaphorically associated with them in some way.
*Arthur receives a power that can be used to counter some portion of his Mentor's abilities or is metaphorically opposed to them in some way.
*All Benefits last only for the duration of Fealty.

- An extremely elegant and durable Governance uniform.
- A number of koines (currency of Terrascape Academy.)
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Name: Sevestre Albright

Series: Final Fantasy XIV

Canon: Post-Heavensward

-Astromancy (Attack Spells)
Based on the Sharlayan studies of the constellations, they use magic that is themed on stars to bring about certain effects. Offensive spells include the single-target Malefic, and the multi-hitting Gravity (which hits everything within 5 yards of the main target).

-Astromancy (Healing Spells)
The greater part of Astromancy is the healing spells. These are also themed on stars and constellations, and generally heal people using different spells for certain results. There exist simple healing spells for single-target and Area of Effect, which do exactly that. Then there are

-Astromancy (Support)
Astromancy also has some few abilities that are less predictable. Lightspeed can temporarily allow the Astrologian to instantly cast spells that require a few seconds of focus. Combust sends destructive energy within a target to wear them down from the inside. Sy Bastet can create an aesthetic bond with another person to further heal them when casting spells. So on and so forth.

The main focus of the Astrologian techniques are centered around Sharlayan Tarot Cards. Originally used as something to entertain children, several decades of study have allowed Astrologians to not only divine fate and fortune, but also implement some of those energies to enhance themselves and their allies. It is made more powerful with the inclusion of the minor arcana, allowing the King arcana to enhance one's physical strength, or the Queen arcana to enhance one's magical potency.

-(limited) Time Stop
Sevestre has incorporated forbidden magic into that of Astromancy and Divination. The result is the ability to Stop Time for a moment. He does this by using a spare deck's cards as focuses. The less cards being charged, the shorter the Time Stop lasts. No cards has it so that the Time Stop ends in around a second after being cast. Full-power has it last less than 10 seconds.

-Sharlayan Divining Deck
-Planisphere/Star Globe
-Mind-enhancing Robes
-Spare Divining Decks
"I will walk the path left behind by those who guided me."
Honkai Impact 3rd - Herrscher of Flamescion Kiana.png
Name: Kiana Kaslana, the Herrscher of Flamescion

Series: Honkai Impact 3rd

Canon: Main Story; Post-Chapter 25, having awakened her true powers and defeated the Legion Herrscher.

-Valkyrie Combat Training
Raised from a young age to combat the Honkai, Kiana has memorized and training a variety of fighting styles over the years. Originally primarily applied via the "Kaslana Gun Kata" taught by her father, Siegfried, Kiana's skills have long since branched out, starting with the Edge of Taixuan taught to her by her former class monitor, Fu Hua, allowing her to grow as a fighter thanks to her teachings in her dreams, eventually growing in a more combined arms type fighting style where she would mix gun fighting and lance-wielding together for a time, before culminating in a melee focused fighting style using a flaming greatsword like her mentor and teacher, Murata Himeko.

-Herrscher Pyromancy - Gem of Haste
Her main and strongest power granted by the Gem of Haste accepting her as its bearer, Kiana has great mastery over fire reminiscent of her mentor in her final moments, empowering her attacks with raging flames symbolic of her ever burning hope for the future, searing her foes with its scorching heat with waves of flame, explosions and projectiles. As a Herrscher, Kiana has developed curious traits due to inheriting the Gem of Haste, namely that she no longer needs sunscreen to protect her from sunburn, nor is she as susceptible to fire-aspected attacks anymore.

-Ultimate Move - The Blade Supreme, Rekindled
Augmenting her blade to increase its length and imbuing it with the strongest flames she can muster, Kiana unleashes a mighty swing of the greatsword, releasing the flame and causing a brief, yet severe tear in spacetime, that collapses in an instant, stoking the released flames into a massive explosion, dealing heavy fire damage to all enemies within its radius.

-Herrscher of Flamescion/Gem of Haste
Though linked to her control over fire, what distinguishes Kiana from the Herrscher of Flame from the Previous Era, is her ability to resonate with and control the powers of several other Herrscher Cores at once as if they were her own, without needing to possess or even be in proximity of the Cores themselves, as a result of her resonance with the Gem of Haste and the deep bond she shares with her friends who bear some of these Cores. This includes:

-Herrscher Core: Reason - Unable to use currently, core locked.
The power of the Herrscher of Reason allows Kiana to rapidly manufacture and utilize constructs to augment her weapon, attack and impair enemies, or to increase her defense. She may also use the techniques of the current Herrscher of Reason, Bronya Zaychik, to summon a large array of cannons that fire a barrage of lasers at opponents, and theoretically summon the motorcycle Bronya uses for transportation and vehicular combat with enemies. Technically, the creative ability of the Herrscher of Reason is limitless, hindered only by the mechanical understanding of the user, but even then, their mind can fill in the gaps in order to produce a functional, if imperfect replica, of what they desire. This core belongs to Bronya Zaychik, the current Herrscher of Reason.

-Herrscher Core: Sentience - Unable to use currently, core locked.
The power of the Herrscher of Sentience is mastery of tangible illusions to confuse and impair enemies, as well as to empower the user or even tamper with and alter the memories of the weak minded as needed. These illusions are so tangible and convincing to the mind that they are capable of doing harm and are indistinguishable from reality itself. This core belongs to Fu Hua and her other self, the Herrscher of Sentience.

-Herrscher Core: Void
The power of the Herrscher of the Void is control over spacetime itself, causing reality to bend to the user's whim. Kiana uses this power to rip open portals to another plane of existence, letting her teleport short distances at will, or much longer distances after a long period of concentration. This also lets her create small platforms under her feet in order to seemingly walk on or leap off of the air. Kiana can summon a barrage of small portals as a defensive technique to catch incoming projectiles and either deposit them safely behind her, or return them to senders via another set of portals. Rending a localized area of spacetime itself lets Kiana create miniature singularities for the purpose of gathering her enemies together, just with the snap of her fingers. Unlike the other listed cores, which remain with their respective owners, the Void Core is within Kiana's body and belongs to her after it was claimed from Sirin, the original Herrscher of the Void and her "other half."

-Gem of Serenity - Passive, unrelated to previous entries.
A lesser Herrscher Core that provides Kiana with the power of increased healing and resilience, being a Gem belonging to the Herrscher of Death that allowed them to control Life and Death itself once upon a time.

-Everlasting Flames - Domain of Incandescence
Kiana's new weapon, born from the ashes of her mentor's original blade and representative of her journey thus far, the Everlasting Flames is a large greatsword embedded with several Gems in the base of the weapon, each one representing a power of the Herrscher of Flamescion and the bonds she shares with her friends. The largest center crystal representing the Gem of Haste (Flame), while the three lesser gems represent Fu Hua (Sentience), Sirin (Void) and Bronya (Reason). Even without tapping into the power of Reason, Kiana can augment her weapon on the fly for her ultimate move, but any further changes beyond extending the blade's length would require the power of Reason.

Domain of Indancescence is an extension of Everlasting Flames, taking the form of dual pistols similar to her old weapons, but are typically used by being thrown out as little drones that shoot fire projectiles at enemies for a short time before detonating a fire explosion and returning to Kiana. They can however be used as Kiana once wielded them, should she choose to do so.

Though Himeko's original blade has since been laid to rest with its master, Everlasting Flames remains at Kiana's beck and call to honour her mentor's legacy, to fight for all that is beautiful in the world.

"Now it's my turn. You've no problem with that, right?"
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Name: Fives Hargreeves


Canon: Right as the Universe resets, or pretty much at the end of Season 3

-Spacetime Manipulation:
Fives can manipulate space and time, which allows him to teleport through space and time, travel, and even manipulate time. However, likely due to how he has been plopped into a different universe, his time-powers are much more constricted.

-Teleportation: Fives can teleport him and others alongside him short and far distances. As he is contained in the body of his 13-year old self, rapidly teleporting consecutively tired him out fast. He can additionally teleport objects without physical contact, shown when he teleported out a robber's gun with a stapler.

-Chronokinesis (Limited): With the setbacks of being stuck as a 58-year old inside a 13-year olds body alongside having changed universes, Fives time travel is a lot less impressive nowadays. He can reliably jump back or forward a minute in time without suffering extreme fatigue among other side effects. Any more than that would likely kill him, and it takes a lot of energy to jump.

-Master Assassin: Fives was skilled in hand-hand combat amongst other things even as a child, and temporally joining the Temps Commission made him one of the Assassins and fighters within the Commission itself.

-Genius Level Intellect: Fives is a very intelligent person, mainly in tactical and scientific knowledge

Equipment: None at the moment.​
"Mark my words; vengeance will be mine!"
Genshin Impact - Eula's Wish Art.png
Name: Eula Lawrence, The Spindrift Knight

Series: Genshin Impact

Canon: After meeting the Traveler, establishing a friendship with them and after the in-game events Shadows Amidst Snowstorms and Of Drink A-Dreaming.

-Favonius Bladework - Edel:
A Knights of Favonius reinforced fighting style originally based on a dance-like battle art first perpetuated by the infamous Lawrence family, Eula's bladework is as graceful as it is devastating, even with a large greatsword in her hands she wields it with speed and grace, as if the weapon weighed far less than it appeared, yet this only belies the sheer impact of her strikes.

-Cryomancy (Cryo Vision)
As a Cryo Vision Bearer, Eula is capable of creating and manipulating the element of Cryo to her will and integrating it into her fighting style. In practice Eula typically prefers to use Cryo in a practical manner, usually by imbuing her sword strikes with the element before striking, though even then her sheer strength typically suffices on its own. Interestingly, one of her most powerful abilities is the Lightfall Sword (Explained below) that outputs Physical damage despite being formed from Cryo. If she wishes, she can use her Cryo powers in more fantastical manners like any other Vision bearer, but it's not often that she needs to. On the more mundane side of things, her Vision makes her incredibly resistant to the cold, to the point of not shivering during blizzards or even taking baths in frozen lakes.

-Skill - Icetide Vortex:
One of Eula's quintessential techniques with two distinct forms to it. The first being a simple, swift slash empowered by Cryo, that deals decent damage. Upon hitting an enemy with Icetide Vortex in this form, Eula will gain an effect called 'Grimheart' that can stack up to two times (Represented by her mantle glowing for the first stack, increased glow and snowflake trail at the second stack) that each grant Eula increased defense and makes her harder to stagger/interrupt.
The second form requires Eula to brace for a few moments, before lashing forward and striking all foes in front of her with AoE Cryo Damage, consuming any accumulated Grimheart stacks. Without any stacks, it stops there, but with Grimheart stacks, this attack gains new effects: When consumed, these stacks will cause nearby foes to become more vulnerable to both Physical and Cryo Damage, the latter flowing well into the second effect, wherein each consumed Grimheart stack will be converted into an 'Icewhirl Brand', dealing Cryo Damage to nearby enemies. The former is aided by Eula gaining a brief increase to Physical Damage when consuming Grimheart stacks.

-Ultimate Skill - Glacial Illumination:
Eula brandishes her greatsword, imbuing it with Cryo and unleashing a powerful slash that deals a good amount of Cryo Damage to nearby opponents and creating a Lightfall Sword that lasts for a few seconds. Enough time for Eula to fit in a few more attacks, which will serve to charge up the Lightfall Sword's Damage when it expires. Once it expires, the Lightfall Sword will hit the ground and explode violently, dealing heavy AoE Physical Damage. The Lightfall Sword will deal maximum damage at 30 stacks and thanks to a passive talent, it will emerge with 5 in the bank already, where each basic attack will add one charge, Icetide will add 3 and charged Icetide will add 5. A charged Icetide with 2 Grimheart Stacks in the bank will add 10 charges.

-Passive - Roiling Rime:
If 2 stacks of Grimheart are consumed when using a charged Icetide Vortex, a Shattered Lightfall Sword will be created and immediately explode, dealing half the damage of an uncharged Lightfall Sword to nearby opponents.

-Passive - Wellspring of War-Lust:
Upon executing Glacial Illumination, Eula will be ready to use another Icetide Vortex and gains one stack of Grimheart.

-Passive - The Obstinacy of One's Inferiors:
All Lightfall Swords will deal increased damage to foes below half health.

-Expert Cook:
Thanks to a rather rigorous teaching regime from her family, Eula is a fantastic cook, capable of whipping up very high quality dishes regardless of the ingredients provided or what food's even made. Even field rations made by Eula are comparable to high-class restaurant dishes.

-Greatsword - Song of Broken Pines:
Eula's personal greatsword. A very powerful weapon that boosts the wielder's Physical Damage and provides another very useful effect. As well as flat out increasing the wielder's attack power on top of the prior bonus, the Song of Broken Pines will grant the wielder 'Sigils of Whispers' with every regular and charged attack landed. Once four Sigils are gathered, they will all be immediately consumed, granting all nearby allies the 'Millennial Movement: Banner-Hymn' effect for a short time, increasing allies' attack speed and damage significantly. After triggering the effect, Eula cannot trigger it again for 3 combat posts.

"'Descendant of a depraved dynasty' isn't the most flattering reputation to have..."
Name: Yachiru Retsu Unohana
Series: Bleach
Canon: Right as she was killed by Kenpachi Zaraki

Enhanced Shinigami Physiology: After being abducted to this world her spiritual form was made physical and severely weakened her, but this state still easily upstages base humans.
  • Enhanced Strength, Reflexes and Durability: The ex-captain can lift a car that ran her over after she saw it approaching and chose to let it happen to have an easy analogy for her physicality.
  • Spirit Hybrid: Unohana can see ghosts and sprits invisible to the normal mortal eye. To carry this pseudo-spirit state her lets do spirit like things, like "step" on the air to float above the ground.

Kido Practioner: Kido is basically Shinigami Sorcery which involves reciting extended incantations to cast Hado (Destructive Spells) Bakudo (Support abilities to restrict movement or create barriers) and Kaido (Healing). Unohana specializes in the latter department. These spells are rated by 1 to 99, 1 being piss easy and 99 being the hardest taking the most of the person. This also includes Shunpo, which is a short distance quick movement hat looks like teleporting to the normal eye.

Master Swordsman: As a captain of the soul society she already has a beyond mortal comprehension of the sword but (spoilers for the final arc of bleach ahead stop reading now if you care) As the second oldest captain and ex-Kenpachi title holder she clearly was the strongest sword fighter in soul society before she sacrificed herself to make the current Kenpachi reach his true potential.

Minazuki: Her zanpakuto is an expression of her inner self, making it a stronger sword at the cost of it being damaged literally damaging her. It also has two different abilities.

  • Shikai: Upon activating simpler base ability the blade of her sword turns into slime and detaches from it's hilt before transforming into a large manta ray like creature. The creature can fly and swallow people to coat them in it's healing stomach acids, however it cannot be used for fighting.
  • Bankai: Spoilers for the final arc of bleach ahead. As an anthesis to her Shikai her Bankai makes her sword turn into a red stream of blood coloured viscos acid that melts flesh to the bone in seconds, leaving behind a shorter blade. Using this ability she continuously killed and revived (With healing spells) one of the strongest combatants in the show until he was strong enough to kill her.


Standard Captain Uniform.


Name: Moon Knight

Series: Marvel

Canon: Marvel Comics

Abilities: Moon Knight possesses expert fighting abilities, weapons expertise, and impressive athletics, all of which is expanded by the power of Khonshu. He can take a bullet, or be hit by a car, and still keep walking, as his body regenerates in a matter of minutes to repair the damage. He is not without weakness, however, as the healing takes energy, and tire him out if he takes too much.

Equipment: His suit is buffed with a thick layer of armor to help protect from attacks, and can summon Crescent Darts to throw at enemies, a pair of Truncheons for hand to hand, a grappling hook gun, a variety of special darts to throw, a taser gun, and his cape can reform into a glider that supports his weight.​

Name: Ryuga Banjo
Series: Kamen Rider Build
Canon: After the movie finale, but not into the Zio nonsense​

Abilities (This includes the character's skills): Banjo was a professional boxer in his career prior to a lot of nonsense, and that capability only shines brighter in his time-fighting. Even with his bare hands, he's capable of standing up to other Riders just with punches and crack stone walls. And equally capable of taking harder hits back. And with transforming, that gap doesn't just get closed, it widens in his favor.
Human Determination and a little bit of alien DNA: A result of the experiments he's been put under, Ryuga Banjo...is questionably human, especially after being possessed once by one of the said aliens. And said aliens are tuned specially to harness fullbottles, but lacked the ability to grow their hazard level as a human.

So being a mix of both, Ryuga Banjo is ridiculous in this growth, which matches his own growth in strength. In the middle of a fight, Banjo is known to grow as the battle goes on, and if he gets pissed off, his hazard level spikes with that rage.

With the use of his equipment, Banjo is capable of turning into a kamen rider, two forms specifically with one being a stronger, albeit more explosive (as in friendly fire hazard).
The first, being Great Cross-Z, the form that's taken when transformed via the Great Cross-Z Dragon. This form is typically his base form and increases his strength and durability in a fight safely to the degree he can smash down walls with his regular blows (and take similar blows as well), and with the use of a finisher by cranking the device, capable of smashing armored vehicles in one go (Like tanks and the like, not demolishing a battleship).
The other is Cross-Z Blizzard. This form is done in the same driver, but uses the Blizzard Knuckle and its specific fullbottle. Said fullbottle was originally a different type of transformation item, but was destroyed and turned into what's needed to trigger the Blizzard Knuckle's full power.

This form is stronger than his base form, capable of pulling off those tank-busting blows regularly using the knuckle duster to punch...And while I would describe how his finishers are well above that level, I'm putting a nerf on that degree due to use being hilariously bad for him, allies, and everybody nearby due to this form's chill.

Just being in this form makes him uncomfortably cold and having light frostbites afterward, actually pulling off a finisher might end up with him losing a limb or two.

For now, at least. He might end up increasing his Hazard level to a safer degree later to access those another time.

Build Driver: A belt device that allows the user to transform with the use of either two Fullbottles or a device made to slot into it. Once slotted in, cranking it processes the nebula gas inside to form the armor of the Rider and complete the transformation. It does expel a lot of nebula gas into the surrounding in the process, but in the transition to the multiverse, the effects of spent nebula gas in this fashion is much less toxic compared to refined stuff. (Still bad to breathe in, but it's less like taking a blast of radiation and more on the level of walking into a room where somebody regularly smoked after being aired out. Mostly harmless, but you can tell it was bad once)
Great Dragon Fullbottle: This is a small hand-held canister that contains purified and processed nebula gas, a material that allows the user to transform...as for what, that purely depends on the method of use and the level of resistance one has to its effects. Varying from death from exposure, turning into a mindless monster, or in Banjo's case, transforming into a Kamen Rider. This one is an evolved version that allows him to transform into a Kamen Rider.
Great Cross-Z Dragon: This little guy is Banjo's partner and the primary tool he uses to transform as while he lacked the hazard level on a base level to transform, he did possess ridiculous synergy with the Dragon type fullbottle, and this guy lets him put it to full use in transforming. He's capable of flight and breathing blasts of cold air, but neither is that combat effective besides simply getting to Banjo in the heat of a fight.
Blizzard Knuckle: Now this...is where I shift from canon a bit, and instead of obtaining and using the Magma Knuckle to go to a new form, Banjo got the Blizzard Knuckle, which besides being capable of being used as a knuckleduster, also allows Banjo to turn into Cross-Z Blizzard.
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Ruby Rose
Student License No.: 63600-34572-12560
Nicknames: Pipsqueak, Miss Hero, Little Red, Kiddo
Series: RWBY
Canon: After the Fall of Beacon

Birthday: October 31
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
Hair: Black with red tips
Eyes: Silver

Aura. This is the manifestation of one's soul.It provides many beneficial effects for Ruby, such as enhancing her senses, healing her wounds, and giving her the ability to use her Semblance.
A Semblance is a manifestation of one's personal power projected thanks to their Aura. Ruby's Semblance, Petal Burst (also called Speed), allows her to dash with an inhuman speed in whatever direction she chooses, often leaving trails of rose petals in her wake. However, this is, of course, at the cost of Aura so Ruby can't rely on it for very long. In her early days at Beacon Academy, Ruby is shown to be capable of creating powerful tailwinds with her Semblance; if she gathers enough momentum, the resulting turbulence is capable of lifting people and objects off the ground. Ruby can also grab hold of other people or objects and carry them off at high speeds with her Semblance.
Silver Eyes. Through her mother, Summer, Ruby comes from a line of legendary warriors who possessed powerful abilities related to their Silver Eyes, said to be an extremely rare trait. Those born with silver eyes have the ability to unleash waves of an unknown energy. But it is believed to be connected to the very creation of Remnant, to the God of Light itself.

High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe (HCSS) known as Crescent Rose. Ruby's weapon, a large Scythe/High-Caliber Sniper Rifle hybrid that she wields with expert proficiency. The Crescent Rose possesses a converting frame, allowing Ruby to transform from a compact storage mode, a rifle mode, and an expanded scythe mode. The weapon's rifle mode takes the form of a medium-length, bolt-action rifle. In this form, the absence of the scythe makes for more effective use of the rifle component. In its fully expanded scythe mode, Crescent Rose makes for a deadly mid-to-close-range bladed melee weapon. This form also doubles as a long-barrel sniper rifle for long-range shots without giving up the melee capabilities of the scythe. The Crescent Rose's rifle has a massive recoil, but instead of compensating for it, Ruby harnesses it to enhance her mobility in combat, firing shots to propel herself short distances, simultaneously attacking and evading opponents, and using it to launch herself through the air. In melee combat, Ruby can fire a shot immediately before a swing, using the recoil to increase the force and speed of her attack. She can also embed the scythe's blade into the ground to prevent the weapon's recoil from throwing off her aim with the sniper rifle component, allowing for rapid, accurate shots. If needed, the bottom of the shaft can unfold to add more cutting power in a close-range fight while also rotating the barrel of the rifle, enabling the recoil to rotate Ruby instead of launching her forward, increasing the slicing power drastically.
Dust Ammunition: Crescent Rose is able to use different kinds of Dust ammunition.
Fire Dust: Shoots fire from the muzzle of Crescent Rose.
Ice Dust: Allows Ruby to fire ice projectiles from Crescent Rose capable of encasing foes in ice.
Gravity Dust: Increases the recoil effect when firing the Crescent Rose, propelling Ruby at increased speeds.
Electric Dust: Fires an electric projectile that briefly paralyzes the target. The discharge from this type of round can also create chain lightning which spreads to surrounding targets.
Magazines of Dust (Fire, Ice, Gravity and Electric). Each magazine has 15 rounds.
Scroll. Remnant's version of a smart phone. Can make calls, text, monitor Aura levels among other things.

Can't fight Humans or Faunus as well as Grimm
Is even more handicapped when not using Crescent Rose
Has no conscious control over her Silver Eyes ability
Can be impulsive in a fight
Has trouble meeting new people, to the point of social awkwardness
Semblence is powered by her Aura, which can run out if she uses her Semblence to much during a fight

Marksmanship: A
Baking: C
Close quarters combat:
With Crescent Rose: A
Without Crescent Rose: C
Leadership Skills: B
Agility/Balance: A
Speed: A
Kung Fu Ninja Slayer Ultimate Death Battle: B
Video games that aren't Kung Fu Ninja Slayer Ultimate Death Battle : D

Practicing fighting
Reading comic books
Playing video games: Favorite is Kung Fu Ninja Slayer Ultimate Death Battle
Having friends
Playing games with friends
Weapons (knows she is a weapon dork)
Like all kinds of sweets, but loves strawberries most of all

Name: Magnus Chase

Series: Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard/ Camp Half-Blood Chronicles

Canon: After Book Two, The Hammer of Thor


Magnus Chase

-Enhanced Strength, Agility, and Durability: Due to how Magnus has become an einhajar, he can now pull of stunts like a 30-foot jump, easily punch throught a wall, and survivor for a couple minutes in an acidic puddle.

-Son of Frey: As a demigod, Magnus is must more resistant to temperature changes, and can easily walk through flames. However, he isn't immune to extremes, and he would succumb to a blizzard, but at a much slower rate than a normal human.

- Limited Telepathy: Magnus is capable of reading the minds of animal or plants. However, can't say anything with his mind, just listen in.

-Alf Sedar: As a son of Frey, Magnus can utilize Alf Sedar, otherwise known as "Elf Magic" While he has a few abilities because of this, his main ones are healing, which allows himself to heal much faster than a normal person, and heal others. However, if the damage done to person is severe enough, Magnus can get a glimpse of their memories. Another way he uses this is with what is called "Peace of Frey" in which Magnus disarms everyone in his vicinity, leaving only him with a weapon. However, he can't control it so that it only hits enmities, it would effect everyone in the vicinity.

Equipment: Sumarbrander, or as he calls himself nowadays, Jack. The legendary blade on the god Frey, said to be the sharpest in the nine worlds. While Jack is bound to Magnus, and whatever he does will take effect on Magnus stamina (Example; Jack slaying a giant will make Magnus feel like he has personally slain a giant, and it will drain him of energy) While Jack is capable of cutting through the fabric of reality to reach from one "world" to the next, this ability seems to have been lost considering him and Magnus are in a whole new world.

He can be best described as a "paradoxial blade" a "weapon that wasn't designed to be a weapon" a sword that is best used if "you let it go"

Additonally, Jack can be somewhat… flirtatious when it comes to other sharp armaments of the opposite gender. Although how he can tell gender is a mystery.

P.S: Don't get him to sing pop songs. For your ears, don't.​