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  1. Hello all. This is my OC and Cannon request thread. Some of them (most of them) I do have ideas for. I am more then willing to work on ideas and settings.

    List of male roles I am look for someone to play

    Lord of a somewhat distant lands (Would like to see someone playing an older male for this since it will be a bit of an age play situation)
    An Anti-hero

    List of female roles I would be willing to play

    Former Queen
    Clanless Viking female
    Almost Feral woman
    Daughter of poor royalty
    Female Seerer
    An innocent type character
    A hero type character
    Elven archer

    Canon worlds (these can be oc x oc)

    Lord of the rings & The Hobbit (really craving) (looking for LoTR Style Elf, a ranger, rider of rohan or even better a Dúnedain))
    Star trek
    Harry Potter
    Fable (2 or 3)

    List of Cannon males I would love to play with

    J’onn J’onzz
    Auron (FF10)
    Albert Wesker
    Chris Redfeild
    Dean Winchester
    Remus Lupin
    Any role played by Karl Urban
    Bard the Bowmen
    Ben Finn (fable 3)
    Logan (fable 3)
    Magus (chrono trigger)
    Loki (Thor)

    Posting Sample

    She nodded her head softly hearing that the only time she would go hungry would be when all did. Knowing she would eat well tonight helped put her mind in a far better place then it had been. It was either the fact that her belly would be filled or the warm easy tone he used. Tender in it own special way. She felt his hand teasing against the small of her back that was soothing in its own special way. As she looked up into his eyes she could see a promise. One that she had not been expecting to see in his eyes. One that said when lean times came he promised to remain at her side. Slowly her lips took on a soft smile with out her knowing. She listened quietly talking about the complex leadership of their clan. She had never known anything close to this as in the clan she had known her people had been lead by her father. She noticed the way he turned back to her pulling her body up on his so much that her feet dangled free as once more she was able to enjoy the feeling on him kissing her once more. Once more her hands reached up brushing along the back on his neck as she kissed him back sweetly and passionately. Her mind had pieced together the unspoken and spoken words he had given her. She was more then just a conquest to him. He would protect her as he would the next beating of his heart. Some part of her even went so far as to think the connection he shared with her made him hers fully. She loved the way he kissed her when it wasn't with her hands being bound or when they had fought.

    She smiled into the kiss as his hands gripped and kneaded her ass through the furs. She heard him moan letting her know he enjoyed almost anyway their bodies made contact with each other. Her hands drifted up brushing through his hair as she enjoyed the open honest contact between them now that they where meeting each other on level ground. As his hands kneaded her shoulders she couldn't help but squirm and flinch slightly as he reached the spot that had been scraped by the oak bark. Her smile grew to a full and honest one as she looked over her handy work that was written all over his face and shoulders. “Aye, well you did earn most all of them,” she jumping as she felt the sharp smack on her ass. Her smile took on a slightly wicked look as he begged her not to kill the girl as she stayed there thinking over it for a while. “Aye, alright I'll do my best not to kill the lass, Bruises I cannot promise,”

    She moved up slightly seeing her pack and weapons laying just a little bit away happy and thankful he had grabbed them. As his hand ran down her face her eyes softened and closed enjoying the feeling. She liked the feeling of him touching her softly and gently. Her eyes only slightly opened as his hand ran down over her breasts before slipping his hands under the furs touching her skin with his hot hands. “I know you prefer my thusly,” she whispered looking up into his eyes. “And something tells me that you will have me in such a state again soon,” she whispered softly looking to where he nodded before looking up into his eyes. “I use to be like them until the gods and man decided to set me apart,” she said walking past him to her pack still keeping the fur wrapped around her. She quickly grabbed a tunic and some trousers and a pair of buck skin boots. Ones she kept for special occasions. Walking in front of him she tucked her clothes under her arm as she handed him one corner of the fur that wrapped around her waiting tell he took it. Grabbing her clothes she handed him other corner using him to hold up the furs so she could change in privacy. Slipping on her trousers she looked back up at him offering him a small smile knowing she was teasing him slightly but also thankful he was helping her. Slipping on her tunic she turned around her bottom resting against his hip as she slipped on her boots. “Its been so long since I've been in a settlement I can hardly remember the last,”
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.